When Angels Cry

Emma Moel

Wow this turned out dark. Probably the most chilling and gripping story I've yet written. I couldn't believe how, well... horrible (in a good way!) the ending turned out to be! I shocked myself! =P Oh and by the way, the changes in the font shows who's point-of-view it is from in that part. I think that by the second paragraph you'll know who is who.


Ruth Petroff

though i'm reluctant to, i am going to post this to get feedback on it. it's part of a story i'm writing that is not finished yet. dependant on how it turns out (if at all), you'll perhaps see more of this story posted. please let me know how to improve this piece...

On a Golden Horn

Kathleen Savage

This is about my character Calle, this takes place later in the story but I decided to re write this part. Well in this her friend Rama, a gryphen has just passed away and she wants to visit him one last time.


Pamela Lehmann

People can see the Pyllare, the power within every plant, animal, and person. People can see the Pyllare even with their eyes closed, so few ever open their eyes. But Nevin Sylesta is different. He does not contain the Pyllare. He can not see the Pyllare. And then he meets one like himself. (Another quote story! The quote was 'Let's commit suicide together.' The quote was given to me by my sister. I don't think this quote was ever in a story.)

Chapter 5

Guangyi Chua

Chapter 5 to The Last Guardian, End of Part 1

Coya 2

Erik Jensen

The second version was rejected because the map I included was too big. Anyway, this is the second version and I included a map to clarify the journey. 2,200 words, approximately 6 pages.

Through the Looking Glass... (poem)

P. Abrell

Iambic pentameter. Blank verse. About a certain strange natural phenomenon: mirrors.

Oh! The Creatures You'll See! - Poem

V.K Alfieri

This is another tribute to the excellent children's poet and author, Dr. Seuss, aka Theodore Seuss Leosig. It is based on his poem/picture book Oh! The Places You'll Go! And as closely as possible follows the rhythm and rhymes of it. If you compare the two you'll find it's very close to the original's rhyme and rhythm. Enjoy! *a snoo is a creature i made up for the purposes of the poem, much like a mouse, but blue and with a shorter ears, it sneezes a lot, because of its proximity to the dusty ground, to which it is ironically allergic.

The Night 9 (Broken Wings)

Brandon Lee

Evil lives in men even though we cannot see it all the time

The Strength of the Heart

Alexandra Maccabee

Ok, this is about an Elf-girl who is soo different, that she is sterotyped to be bad. Yeah, I made her look really bad and all that good stuff, but that is just me. She is really a good person inside! I promise you! This story isn't even closed to being finished. This is just the begining of it. Yes, I know, I mixed a LOT of idea in here. Modern, historical, fantasy...I was in a weird mood when I started to write this. :pWhen I changed something, I earased all the comments. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. And I thank you all again for them. They were wonderful and helpful. HUGS!


Sarah Taylor

An impersonation of Spring.

Portray- Chapter 1: The Anthem of Shaping

Miss Tubbs

Imagine a world which conditions its constituants through mind-control through childhood. This is a story of one such world, the Anthem Academy, set in the theological future where all students are conditioned from before the age of four to the day they turn thirteen. The Anthem of Shaping conforms, informs, and commands its listeners to Concentrate. See. Portray. It is in this world that the students become the most talented duplicators of amazing images- yet fail to create their own. Leave me cupcakes and comments!


M Mmmmm

(subtitle: 'What would an Angel say, the devil wants to know') I get frustrated at times with those who think they are so much more than I...those who believe they know the sum of me, when they know nothing in reality...

What Do You Feel?-Confession

Stephanie Maynard

Hmmm,yep I'm up to part eight of my Morta series (and it's still coming along)For any of you who are confused about what happened, Morta used some highly complex and deadly blood magic on her angel to save his life and render him in a sate of coma. This is after she sends his presumed 'corpse' away in secert. (You don't wanna know what her father was planning for the body)


Emily Kirsch

I'm not quite sure what to say about this one. It was written for Nicole Cardiff--a picture of hers inspired this. I'm sure it's not what she had in mind... but it's what came to me.

The Mirror

Kimberley Painter

hmm...what can i say! I was thinking of ideas for a piece of writing..took me a while but i did it! Inspiration of David Eddings...may his book, which i can't find :( rest in piece! *sob* i like this though..but criticise as much as you like, i could use some!!


Kimberley Painter

Another piece of 'i'm bored so lets write something' piece..not great..just ok...i hope! Well what do you think?? Too repetive??

Can You See It?

Diana Moon' Schmuckal

A follower with something to follow, and who ran to the end of time to reach it....


Mary Parker

this is just a jumble of thoughts that happen to rhyme that can be interpreted as me.


Michael Juli

What if you could see the begining and end of all things?