Poem; death of a seer

Amanda Rosberg Olsson

I Never write poems, but here is a very rare exeption.

Magic's Shadows Chapters 1-2

Queen Carpenter

Yay! I'm going to rewrite this someday, but I had to take a break from it. It was all tangles and knots, and not a thing I could do with it. Plus, I'm one of the crazy obsessive ones who goes sleepless nights writing stories, and I had to get away from it for awhile. But i still love this thing. So here's the rough draft. Needs a lot of grammatical, etc. work, but i'd like to get comments/suggestions on plot/characters and stuff. The plot is copywrited, btw. Did it first thing, since I dreamt it all. :)

Fighting the Unknown_06

A seer seeks Kyrena from a dream

Godhunter Part XI: Chances

Jake Diebolt

The Godhunter and Imril have reached the shores of the Bast Sea. While the Godhunter plans his next move against the Sky Lords, Arin and the Dirge move ever closer, the seer Casia guiding them. I apologize for the lateness of this one. Computer crash and schoolwork formed an unholy alliance against my once-a-month timetable.

All lies

Miriam Plachta

I decided to take a brief break from my novel to try being experimental and came up with this: as the title indicates, every bit of dialogue in this piece is a lie. And by 'a brief break from my novel' I meant 'something that won't really be included in the novel, but takes place in my world and describes a scene that could very possibly have happened between two of my characters.' Yes, this is a glimpse into Devotin and Siovel's history. (Siovel, by the way, is introduced in the as yet unposted chapter 9.) I think I may have way overdone this, but then, it is just an experiment.

Sight and Song: Chapter 1 (part 2)

Miriam Plachta

'...someday you will know more than us all, and I promise it will bring you no comfort.'

A mysterious Road

Corrina Stonewall

Like all my stories, I hate this title! The html formatting kinda sucks, cause I don't really think that 'nethermind' website helps! That or I'm very slow...lol

Symaira: Chapter eight

Sarah Kerr

Killing two birds with one stone, Luca and Dyian sneak into the palace with Diego's help. There Bethane tells of alarming discoveries that can only confirm their fears

Beyond the Seas

This poem precedes the prologue of my first novel, which is in progress. Further elaboration on the Racon is found in my story/scene 'A Not-So-Soft Moonlit Night.'

The Fallen Moon Part 14

Jake Diebolt

In the windswept shadow of the Fallen Moon, two forces prepare for battle.Broon the Immortal marshals his cavalry against the Gifted horde of the Apostle...but the Apostle has no intention of playing fair. With the Seer blinded by his wards, he seeks to end the battle before it begins...This is the second-to-last part in the Fallen Moon series, not including the epilogue. Almost finished! I'll try and post the last two parts more quickly.

The Fallen Moon Part 8

Jake Diebolt

One month after the burning of Estel Harbor, the Rebellion is stretched to the limit defending Sorrowdale and Saint's Landing from the Gifted mutants. Sylva and Gregg, ragged and tired, return to Sorrowdale with grim news.And deep in the heart of the Moon, a much-changed Rost Grimhand meets his Lord for the first time...

The Fallen Moon Part 5

Jake Diebolt

Sorrowdale itself has come under attack by agents of the Moon Lord; but the soldiers of the Rebellion, alongside the Women's Council, hope to catch the Acolytes by surprise...Meanwhile, Broon the Immortal crosses the Fields of Glass, seeking counsel from the Sundered Goddess...and perhaps, something else.

The Fallen Moon Part 6

Jake Diebolt

Sorrowdale is in grief yet again, suffering the losses of their sons and daughters in war with G'rell.  Amidst the pain and sorrow, Sylva Grimhand must come to terms with who and what she is - the Daughter of Lesfyth, a Seer - and with the nature of the young Captain, Gregg, a potential ally with reasons to hold her in distrust...Meanwhile, Rost Grimhand continues his harrowing journey across the northern wastes, to his final, terrifying destination: the Fallen Moon.

The Seers- 02

Sihe Lioz

The second chapter in the seers stories.

The Seer's tale

Natalie (Gerie Aren)

Seer speaking about some secrets of his job:)


Cullen Groves

An exploration of prescience.

Touched by fate

Jen OCarroll

A brief exerpt from my Sister races project explaining the origin of their Lord's seer-like abilities and the role Fate plays within the Sister races pantheon.

The DreamSeer -- Ch. 3

Kathrine Keathley

The third chapter, and we meet a new character! I don't really know how much of a role he will play, but I like him, so we'll see...

This is me

Katie Maree

Caer Falken

Christopher R Regan

After the cataclysm, Crystalmyst is a realm of chaos. Starshadow, Loquitor and Kittarina set out to search the land and discover things which will chart the future.