The Mark

Mia McCauley

Aslanna takes up an ambitious assassination contract which doesn't go as she origionally planned. Those of you reading who may have read of the most famous of Dark elf rangers will think I modeled Aslanna after him, but I promise this is entirely coincidental. All of my RP characters have violet eyes. And dark elves in the current RP (Non TSR related)I play can see both in daylight and the dark. I actually didn't read any of *his* storys till long after I wrote this one.

Midnight and Amber Chpt 3a

Sandra Wagner

Babes in the Woods- Meeting up again with Landros and Adrick, as well as her newest friends, Rog and Keltree to rescue a group of missing children

Midnight and Amber Chpt 8b

Sandra Wagner

Chapter 8: The Warren continued. The price of Power... or... 'Gotcha'

The Fall

Tyson Livingston

This is a short story (possibly an intro to a longer one), about what happens when the good guys fail. When the great evil is not stopped and begins to walk all over the forces of light.

Midnight and Amber CH3c

Sandra Wagner

Babes in the Wood- part 3: The children are found and rescued, but at what cost?

Midnight and Amber Chpt 3b

Sandra Wagner

Babes in the woods, part 2. A ship, a hurricane, a mysterious islandand a forest full of bad guys.....

Midnight and Amber Chpt 8a

Sandra Wagner

Chapter 8: The Warren. Things get very interesting as the Lord Mayor puts Landros's idea to work. Meanwhile, Landros finds out he actually a general of an underground (literally) army or short stature and invisible status. Later, Lark discovers where all the monsters are coming from and pays the ultimate price muwahahaha!

Midnight and Amber Chpt 4

Sandra Wagner

The Long Way Home: The return to Portswain and the trouble in between! Will Landros come to his senses? Will Keltree survive? Read on!

Midnight and Amber CH5b

Sandra Wagner

Conversations continued....

Midnight and Amber Chpt 2b

Sandra Wagner

The continuation of chapter 2 (sorry, it was too long by 'that' much!)

Midnight and Amber Chpt 7b

Sandra Wagner

Chapter 7: Politics and Shadow Plays part 2. We see how Keltree fares, a little more anti-gypsy trouble with a Chimera and a bar fight and... all ending in a rainy night....

Prologue pt 1&2

Jennie Seay

2/2 With the help of the Pallas Ring I've worked on the Prologue, so I am happy to post this new (longer) version. Much longer, actually, since I put in the chunks I cut out when I originally posted this on Elfwood. Hope it isn't too long. It's called Prologue because it's the prologue to the novel I'm working on. (HA! I'm so clever.) The first chapter takes place about 15 years after the prologue. This sets up the background action, so to speak. I will have a third part to add to this, so stay tuned.

Dogs Trained to Kill

Benjamin Hayward

Litterally this story did not take me a year to write, but from the time I first sat down to write it to when I finished the short story over a year had passed. Once I finally finished the story I submitted it as a D&D story to Dragon Magazine for publication. Mind you I didn't expect it to be excepted and it wasn't, but as a quote that I keep hearing goes 'You always miss 100% of the shots you don't take.' Thats referring to basketball and perticipation, but it fits in nicely in this situation. Anyways, have fun reading my first major short story I ever wrote. And now I'll get on with writing the second one. Hopefully it will be excepted to Dragon Magazine, but you might hope the oppisite because if its gets rejected it goes up here and you would get to read it for free :P

The Restoration: 1

Emilie Finn

This story scared me when I wrote it. What to do when your favorite heroine becomes the villan? The events take place twelve years after The Eve of Meladrin. Continued in installment 2.


Tricia Martin

This is a small snippet from a bigger story I'm working on to go along with an RPG which I've made some characters for already- see art gallery. I did this for my fiction writing class and workshopped it there already. I've made a few changes per their suggestions and am now 'workshopping' it here. I'm curious to see how total strangers react so please give comments- good bad and ugly just so long as they're useful. Nijojo has a picture in my gallery though she's the only one mentioned here that does SO FAR.

The first wanderer chronicle, part one

Ben leslie

this story is the first chapter to a story in the making of when the wanderer is first recognised as a great warrior.

Pain of War

Joshua Pizzey

Castle Amaron is under seige. Will everyone survive?

Midnight and Amber Chpt 2a

Sandra Wagner

Island in the Mist: Lark rescues a young man and his sister from monstrous things in the streets while going home one night. She finally makes it home, only to find herself summoned to the Magistrates before dawn. To her surprise she is being asked to go on a 'mission' with several other 'freelancers', at least one of which, Rue, she knows. Things are dark and disturbing on the island and Lark finds more than her life in danger!

Midnight and Amber Chpt 6a

Sandra Wagner

Segue: (for lack of better title. If you guys can think of a better one, please do so!) Landros gets her back to the Tree after her ordeal with the now cleansed ring. Then it's moving day for the wagon and the world is rife with anti-gypsy idiots and strangely beligerent old gypsy women. Either way the war will not hold for love and the subterfuge deepens

Midnight and Amber Chpt 9b

Sandra Wagner

again, just rearranging for fit, nothing new Chapter 9: Kin continued. Even if you've read this one, please scroll down towards the end. I have added a long lost scene!!