Jason Pretorius

This is a poem about one of the characters that i am yet to develope in my story. He has just become a master with the long sword.


S. Doner-Pond

A timeless study of self, one that I'll wager has been done by anyone who has ever held steel in their fist.

The War Machine -- Section 1

Brittany Zayas

This is Section 1 of a 3-Section story that was originally meant to be a short story. It was inspired by a line in Stephen Crane's 'The Red Badge of Courage', where he describes the War as a machine that spits out dead men. That got my sick mind thinking, and this is the product of the thought. It's mostly a 'dark future' sort of story that takes place in a Factory, and focuses on a Worker named Mi'an who is fascinated/sickened by the War Machine, an actual Machine that men enter in hopes of being a hero, then fall out dead ten seconds later. It's not technically an anti-war story, but someone could take it that way I guess. It really isn't any sort of political thing...There is a point I'm trying to get across however, and if one reads the entire story, one will probably see it. (I hope it isn't too violent for Elfwood.)

Imitations of life

Bianca Ruff

I've often been intrigued with the notion of duel existence, and it once occured to me, that for every decision I pass up, another version of me, is likely taking, this poem was a result of that process, and there's a pic in my Loth gallery to go with it.

Foundation of Soldiery Pt. II Arrogance and Pain

Chadd Las Casas

Krell and Gendor learn swiftly the dangers of overestimating your weapon and underestimating the warrior spirit.

Mirrored Self

Nicole Frack

This describes a girl who looks into a mirror or some other reflective device and sees that she is not as pure in heart as she would like to think....she has a dark side, and it wants to take over...9/1/03

Rather strange...

Annie Poirier

Woohoo, ok, um, well, I don't really have anything against Texans but this is another result of classroom boredom...

Self Portrait

S. Bowen

Written at that lapse in mental thought, at first just a response to an e-mail. Till I realized it could be rather close.. or it could just be what I want people to think of me. *He smirks darkly..* Dare to Dance with the Devil?

Traveler: Prologue

Ashley Adderley

Damian Bethel is the captain of his Soccer team and the star in every girls eye in King's College All Age School. However, what happens when he crosses paths with Cassandra Cadman, a very mysterious girl who wears black skull gloves since the first day she transferred. With mysterious strength and even more clever ways to get close to him what does she want? All he knows is that after meeting her the first night, it isn't anything good. google_protectAndRun("render_ads.js::google_render_ad", google_handleError, google_render_ad);

The Crown of Saddire

Sarah Eckstein

Ansem of Cia, knight under the crown of Aveen and Captain of the Yellow Phoenixes of Kation, is content with his life of guarding the small town to which he was assigned. This mission was to be like any other: secretly transport an item of great power as quickly and as safely as possible. But fate has seen to other plans, and the once proud knight is forced into step down a tunnel of fate from which there is no return...

Self Portrait in Words: Despair

Katherine 'dys' VanHoorn

This is my self portrait in words. You people who don't believe this haven't seen me most days in RL. I'll write another one that's the happier side soon.

First - prologue

Laura Soret

How I´ve wondered why a soul would only choose to reside in a body made of flesh and not in one of metal, if a human body is just as much a machine as any robot´s? This is my first take on AI, please be gentle! I can only tell you more will be coming.

Mirror Wall

Jason Kong

It is the story of a mirror, of self, and of the end of it all.

Magic Mirror

sammy sims

Elfwood rejected this poem at first...but I've rewritten it since then and now my original message is clarified. The girl in this poem is not human. She is an imp...her beauty is within...with her magic. In this poem, she again struggles with the mirror's image of her. It isn't what she sees when she closes her eyes...inside she is beautiful. the mirror lies in many ways. If only she could accept herself...

Inner Reflections

Lydia Fleming

I was attempting to get out of a very long bout of writer's block when I came across a web site that had ideas for getting something started... I decided to try just writing in a different style. This was the result... It's kinda disturbing and probably doesn't belong on Elfwood because it doesn't deal with fantasy a whole lot, but read it and feel free to tell me what you think.


Charlene Longwell

I came up with this story/draft because I was tired of dreaming.

Just So Perfect

Eric Hopkins

A person is thrilled beyond reason at his accessing of a higher spiritual plane.

Heart's Cathedral (poems)

Esther Buhrman

Discoveries of peace, true self and silence...Heart's Cathedral was inspired by Enigma's 'Prism of Light'.

The Internal Universe -- 1997

Josh Natzke

I wrote this poem for my 6th grade english class. It was one of those things where nothing was coming, and then suddenly there it was. I rather like it.

Self Portrait in Words: Hope

Katherine 'dys' VanHoorn

THis is the hopeful side of my Self-Portrait in words prose peices. Not fiction in the slightest but possibly fantasy... copyright me