The Serpent's Coil - Prologue

Mike Theodorsson

This is the lament of the black sorcerer, and also the prologue to my story 'The Serpent's Coil'.

The Chaos To Come

Sebastian Schrodt

A world creted by two gods clashing in a battle for the very existence of life itself, one a god of light, the other of dark. They struggle with the people on the land to use them for domination.


Nathaniel Weaver

This is a story I wrote in 8th grade. My teacher liked it and so did I. I'd like some advice because writing isn't my strongpoint.

The Sixth Day

sarah tasker

Okay, this is my interpretation of the first chapter of the biblical book of Genesis, only instead of Eve being the first woman, i chose to have Lilith (Adam's supposed first wife) be there at the creation. It is only the first six days of the universe, and is fairly short (2 pages on microsoft word). It is the prologue of what i hope will evolve into a longer story centering around Lilith and her life in the Garden and outside of it. i am and athiest, and this is strictly an exploration of the Garden of Eden story. the first bible story had always interested me, though i do not personally think that it had happened--it's possible, but not very probablye in my case. i don't mean to step on the toes of anyone who is profoundly religious.  this is not meant to be offensive in any way to any person. if you don't like things of this nature, or are uncomfortable with them, feel free to never ever have to read it. i will not be offended. thank you for your consideration. :)oh, and yes, i wrote "the sixth dat" somewhere by accident, but as i am unsure where exactly i wrote it wrong, i cannot properly fix it. be assured, it is supposed to say "the sixth day".

Leviathan: The Living Legend 4

Nathanael Eisner

Leviathan’s decisions lead to their ultimate conclusion.

Leviathan: The Living Legend 3

Nathanael Eisner

With his name now known, a plan is developed. But, is it worth it?

Through the Windows of His Eyes

Stephanie Maynard

Well,yet another Morta Drakon instalment. For those wondering, this takes place shortly after 'Serpent's Lethel Kiss' and a few weeks before 'Demoness' Song' It's actully thanks to two lines in this poem that this poem series ever got started. Those to lines added with my character Morta, and presto! Morta had become my muse. The entire Morta collection was me trying to put those two lines into a completed poem. Funny old world ;) Hmmm, I just realized I need to give this beautiful angel of Morta's a name. Ideas anyone?

The Progeny of Gods: Chapter 5

Aaron Miner

Kares is a very historic city, the hub of thousands of years of history, and the heart of Orthodox Deiam for many of those years. Many sources, including the staunch atheist Karl Wyrdman, hail it as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. However, even a rose has thorns, and none are more aware of this than Father Miachellan. A doctor, priest and scholar at the Arsudei Heshin, he is among the few struggling to fulfil the medical needs of the hundreds of sick and dying turned out by the recent strike at Eden, Inc. However, he soon learns that the cities troubles are more widespread, and, indeed, closer to home than he had imagined.

The Serpent of Fire

Garon Whited

Wherein a shaman tells of the passions of the gods.

Teeth of Iachon - 2/2

Jess Hyslop

And we conclude the water-logged tale (this part's quite a bit shorter than the first, you'll be pleased to know): Jedd and Alren set off a-whalin', and everything goes rather horribly pear-shaped (we're talking really deformed pears here!)By the way, I apologise for the Shinian accent throughout this story - I tried my best not to make it too... well, I tried my best, anyway.Aaaand another thing! I'd be really grateful if anyone could help me out here: When writing this (both parts, not just this one) I realised that I refer to the visual an awful, awful lot. By this I mean that I'm constantly writing 'He glanced over and saw...' and 'He looked at Alren, who...' and 'A brief glimpse told him...' It reads ok, but does anyone have any tips as to how I can cut this kind of thing down? I know I should concentrate on bringing all five of the senses into play, but I find it very difficult! Any help?Ooh, before I forget to do this and the story is rejected: the foriegn (made-up) sentence roughly translates as: Where are you from? Not Shina.


Amy Williams

The tremulous voice of the city as understood by a girl who has tasted every flavor of rain. Insane or painfully observant? A young woman's struggle with reality, dogma, beauty, destruction, love and the possibility of living. Brilliant.... Written 2001.


Michael Jones

A piece directly inspired by ( ) "Descending". Its a story full of emotion and struggle between heaven and hell, and even better yet symbolism and metaphors; is there really a sea serpent? ;) This might possibly be one of my best pieces. Enjoy! 

Prologue: Escape from the Black Serpent

Laura Engler

One of my biggest faults is that I'm easily dejected. About two years ago (perhaps even more), I had an entirely different prologue for the first book in my big fantasy epic, Serpent in a Cage. I showed it to a friend of mine who's opinion, at the time, meant quite a lot. He didn't like it, and ever since then, I haven't been able to touch the thing. Until now. His biggest complaint was that there wasn't enough action in it, so I tried to approach the story with a more active beginning, although such things have always been hard for me. It was quite a challenge, a long time running, but I've finally completely something I'm satisfied with. Naturally, though, my satisfaction means little, as I'm sometimes too hard on myself, others not hard enough. This is where you come in. I'm desperate for guidance and construction critism on this one. Is it a good prologue? Does it capture your attention, do you find it interesting? Does it spark questions and make you want to read more? Or should I take this back to the figurative drawing board once more? Please. I desperately implore your imput.

Tornadorn Chapter 3 (Part 2)

Scarper Shone

The second part of Chapter 3. Does Jalla's escape attempt work? What's next?I have my friends permission to write this and she has mine.

Essence of the Moon

Mai Zhang

In which there a rather nice ending.


Deborah Cullins Smith

Part of the Herscher Project # 18, I took an urban legend about a serpent-like monster, who took three lives in Lake Erie, and... well.... They say truth is stranger than fiction! What if...

Thieves Tale Ch.2

Xander Brown

Chapter two. Enjoy.

Teeth of Iachon - 1/2

Jess Hyslop

The first of my stories to be set in my world of the Shylearth - a land I created a long time ago, but never got round to writing about... until now, that is! I do have a map drawn out, but it's too big for my scanner, so I'm afraid I can't show you... which is a shame, cause it's a damn good map, if I say so myself! And just one more small point: despite the title, the characters never so much as see the Teeth of Iachon (being a series of spiked rock stacks stretching across the mouth of Blood Bay)in this story. It probably would have been nice and poetic if they did... Ok, to the story - a salty sea tale for ye to enjoy: A young sheep-farmer bores of his tedious, sheep-filled life, and sets out on his own, seeking Change and Adventure. Arriving in the land of Shina, he meets an impressive Captain of a whaler, befriends a young fisherman, and is accosted somewhat rudely by a loony old man bearing the rather improbable name of Pickles...

Grim Pickings CH 2

Kasai Kannuki

Chapter 2 of Grim Pickings: A man, a dream, a terror.

A Serpents Dream

Cheyanne Na

Drawn on Iscribble, syle is Disney influence. ~Cheyanne T