Lady Marin's Story

Emilie Finn

This story introduces a new set of characters from a coastal village in a country to the far west of Lauralia. I call it my Louisa May Alcott story, because it's written very much in a 19th century style. Part two is in my Other Works section. (Don't ask me why this one qualifies as fantasy and part two doesn't...)

Calesta-Chapter 2

Amanda Wells

This is a story that I'm writing with my friend Christina Brescia. You can see her website hereand she has given me permission to put the story here on Elfwood. This story has not been edited in too much detail yet, so it's still kind of rough. Any comments/criticisms are very welcome though!

The Initiation

Niels Rasmussen

Some Masters go the great lenghts for their favourite pupils!

Only An Idiot Would Hate This Story

Meghan Brownjohn

Larissa wrote that on this story after I crumpled it up and threw it in the garbage. This is another story she rescued and kept, and I realized I liked after all. But I have a horrible habit of leaving cliffhangers....argh...

Little Monster: Part 2

Sarah Bevon

Well, i actually fininshed writing this about two months ago, but then it took forever to type, and even longer to put up. So, here it is.

The beheading

Frances Gibbs

An account of a dream I beheld on 22/03/2002. Although it has been spruced up a little, all of the actual events are what I dreamt. enjoy! :)

Tears that Redeem: Chapter 2

Jamie Brewer

Second draft (uploaded 6-19-01). Make sure you've read the prologue and chapter 1 before continuing here. And critique appreciated as allways.


S. Strand

After the civil war of Kayalana, the son of the lost crown prince takes up the crown. The overthrown tyrant is spared by a young king reluctant to sentence his last living relative to death. After the fighting has died down and the kingdom is slowly getting back on its feet, the former monarch is released from the dungeons to live in the palace as a pale shadow of his former, powerful self. And chosen by the king to be his servant is a young, carefree boy named Akari...

The Legend of the Fire Stone

Anna Panda' Simmons

This is a story I wrote in seventh grade for some assignment or other. It was originally called 'Through the Eye of the Dragon.' It's probably the longest thing I'll put up here.

Heir - Prologue: An Arrogant Prince

Teagen May

The prologue to my Heir story, this takes place ten years before the first chapter. The map used in this story was drawn by yours truly!


Charlene Longwell

A noblewoman tries to have a little peace to herself when she runs into trouble.

Karellan's Mishap

Jessica Jordan

Woo! Prelude to another story I've yet to finish. Hmm. Yup, updated again.

Nyhas: Fall, Rise, Fall

Skye 'Zhe' Haggerty

The shortened story of Nyhas, servant of the Void.

Mysticor: Redemption Chapter 1: Froykell

Christina DeCamp

Chapter One is completely re-written. Same basic thing happens. Froykell takes over. It's just better now. Ignore the strange indentation (or lack thereof). I blame Word. And I refuse to fight with it any longer.

Flawless Reflection

C. Chard

Um, this is just some completely random excerpt/short story that will mostlikely never be finished. I was really depressed when I wrote this...thus the lack of joy in the story. It's an itty bitty part of what I'm hoping will become a multi-chapter story of a girl who gets trapped in a parralel universe...yeah. Don't worry, it's not actually that lame. Oh well, I still like it.

Lorntie in the Loch

Milo McGregor

Disclaimer: This poem is based on an old Scottish folktale I first read about in the late Katherine Briggs' 'The Vanishing People.' I've added a bit of sardonic flavor, and I hope you enjoy.

The pain of the vampire

Martin Hauser

This is a poem about the thoughts of a vampire in the servant of the unknown masters ( hehe, i thought just about some higher force, but didn't classify it) who wishes to be released from his eternal pain. Inspired by a dark day outside and a fascination for vampires.

Castle Below the Sky

Rochelle Watts

This is actually an older piece that I refound in an old writing folder. It started out as trying to show passage of time by alternating between spring and winter. I ended up really liking the last paragraph since it kept the ending vague.


Anne Wight

The story of a servant girl.

The Vampire Song

Heidi Jersey

The Dreamgivers give Stefan a lot more than a dream...