The Seven Spheres, Chapter 1

Kyle Arthur

This is the first chapter of the story. The story of a quest to reclaim 7 magical spheres and prevent a corrupted old wizrd from taking them.

The Seventh Swan

Carrie Hirsch

This poem was inspired by the fairytale commonly entitled 'The Swan Princes'. It takes many incarnations, depending on the author and land of origin, but my favorite has always been the Celtic version. In the Celtic telling, seven sons and one daughter are born to a king. Their mother dies, and the king remarries, but his second wife is jealous of the king's children, and she uses her magic to turn the seven sons into swans. They are able to regain their human form only at night. Their sister attempts to break the spell, but to do so, she must weave coats for them, made of nettles, and put one coat on each swan. During this time, she must remain totally silent, and tell no one of what has happened to her brothers, or they will all die. The sister suffers many hardships, but she manages to finish all but one of the coats. One is missing one sleeve, and when the last brother is returned to human form, the arm that wasn't covered by a sleeve remains as a swan's wing.

The Seven Sisters of the Fountain

Bella Feine

When we first moved to France, my mother met this crazy american lady, and she invited us one evrning to go to a donkey farm. I thought that it would be boring as heck, but got dragged along. After being stuffed full of goats cheese and homemade bread, this french story teller came out infront of everyone. then he told something along the linesw of this, although his was a lot better I'm sure, because I lost the plot about twice and didn't understand the majority of the words...still it was a magical story, and hearing it told under the stars is an experience like no other...

The Greed-Stone

Patrick Assassin' Dronne

What would happen if the seven deadly sins were contained in stones that could then exert their power upon those around them?

Chapter 7

Robyn of Chaos) Reich

Well, this is where things finally start movingl. I'm so sorry it took me so long to get here, but I'm here now, and everything is on track.


AC Bamblett

A short, extemporaneous tale of one woman's search through lives to find completion and learn the value of merely living.

Chapter 7: Child of the Storm

Caitlin Schneider

Many questions are now being asked as Zachary's road to recovery begins...

The Seven

Tamara Radosevic

I was always fascinated ba the sentence 'for the grater good'. Here is a story how I imagine the sentence came to be.

Forever Shadow: Chapter V: The Darkman

Siegfried Baumann

The fifth chapter of my book Forever Shadow. Please enjoy and leave some comments. Check out my SF&F page for some illustrations. Leave lot's of constructive criticism please.

Fade to Black 7

Tansy H. Pye

Well here it is, hot off the press, quite literally! I have just finished it... This library is brilliant! I have set my self a goal of one chapter a week till it is finished. Things are definately changing in Christie's world. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Seven Deadly Poems

Sephie Boisvert

The Seven Deadly Sins represent the demonic council that reigns over Hell. I rather like these, even though I'm hopeless when it comes to writing good poetry...


Melanie McLaughlin

The journey to heaven for a small boy is difficult and challenging. Letting go of the past and realizing his future is even harder. This is my first fiction short story. Please leave comments and suggestions. I love getting 'constructive' critisism!

Seven Chosen

William Sun' Baker

This is chapter one which I have edited...tell me if you see any more problems or suggestions please...also if you read this story you must leave a comment or don't read it at all...

Preface of Seven Chosen

William Sun' Baker

It is the preface...The rest will be editted once again and uploaded soon.

Prologue of Carulian

Iris Houten

Long ago a Great Spirit created a world named Carulian. A land where the Good and the Evil are going to be born...a land where the four Elementals self have to come. In other words: a land full of war and battles...

Prince of Wolves: Chpt 7-8

Jennifer A. Menzi

CHAPTER SUMMARIES: CHAPTER SEVEN: Thomas drinks the Werewolf’s Instinct and gets transformed into a six foot tall wolf. The only problem is his Instinct awakens –and it isn’t afraid to cause pain for Heather. After Thomas comes to, more trouble arises. In all the stress, he’d forgotten to tell Kim and Billy that dinner was off and now the two girls are at his front door waiting. CHAPTER EIGHT: Heather goes to the door for Thomas and gives an excuse as to why dinner’s canceled. As Billy and Kim are leaving the house in Billy’s car, Billy gets an unexpected call from her lab used for Lycanthropy research. The story then switches back to Derous who is having some conflicts of his own. ….sorry if the summaries are short. There are a lot of spoilers and I don’t want to give them away!

Queen of Wrath -- Chapter 1

Tor Linvell

Okay guys, this is to my next book :) after "The Emperor" this is the story of the character Iren Braginski/Braginskaya.I hope you guys like, because i will be posting hte link to the orignal story :) The link to the Emperor can be found and purchased This book can also be found on Kindle on the next link:

Shattered Destiny Chapter Seven (the thin line)

william albrecht

Chapter 7 of 'Shattered Destiny'...a continuation of the prologue.

Genesis revisited

Oliver Nothers

Right now as I have written this, the people are preparing for this christian festival called Christmas... well, being a pagan, I tend to have a Yul (midwinter) festival just three days before that... I've been discussing with people about religious themes because of that, and - just on the way through - this came to mind and I simply had to smile... so I wrote it down. Hope you like it.

Eloraine Chronicles #1: Holy Fire

Dorothy Freeman-Wittig

This is the rough rough rough draft of the book the fueled all my stories: the Eloraine Chronicles book one. In it are the exploits of Sean, Raithlyn, and Dorian as well as an introduction to the World of the Seven Nations.