Loth Excuse Story 2

Yves Jacques

Story written on the fly to explain the presence of a portrait of my boyfriend in my Loth gallery.


Avery Ashlyn' Thompson

At the peek of his reign over the galaxy, Lord Tarsik is met with an unpleasant surprise when a new slave girl is brought to him.

Godlike : Stolen Thunder

Amanda Rosberg Olsson

This is about a young nobleman/mercenary who meets a young sorceress who awakens an earlier dormant power in the mercenary's sword. This is alo part of a larger storyline I call 'Godlike.'

Short Beginning

Emma Ådahl

So, well, what sex is it already? -cough- ... These fellers came into my head this month (september) and wouldn't leave me alone until wrote something about them down. Hopefully more information and/or story to follow this piece.

The Time Traveler and the Machine

Carol McFarlane

This short story is a Dialogue, and should be read as such. It is part of a larger story I am writing, but have no fear, it was made to be read by itself. It is my furturistic vision of consciousness, love and sex. It is also a representation of how I feel about my husband.

I Told Her

Daniel Bejan

It happened to you too, am I right?

A Hero's Fire: Prologue

Shannon Sconce

A once peaceful planet ruled by an evil spiritual force, a slave race wants their freedom and there is only one way to take back the planet that was rightfully theirs...to follow one man on his quest to become one with a secret flame that burns within his very soul and gives him the power to fight the darkness! (Very sci-fi :-))

The Affairs of Wizards

Graeme Smith

I've always been fascinated by the idea of love between different species, so I wrote this story about a romance in which the lovers are a human female and a male who belongs to a nonhuman race called almeers.   The story is set in a city in a fairly typical fantasy world.  The human female is a poor little rich girl who has just come out of a bad relationship.  The almeer is an apprentice wizard.   I guess you could call it an "almeer meets girl" story. :)

Deception -Give Yourself to Me-

Erin Ruiz

Um, this is Sano. Or, how I picture Sano's messed up mind. This is sick and I know it! >_< Especially since this is, like, a male vocal . . . If you're a girl, never try to get inside the mind of a boy or else something like this'll be produced!


Keith Chamley

A poem about time and her mysteries I hope you like it even though i wrote it in a rush (again i'd like to ask everybody who reads this to comment no matter what your going to say even if your just want to say 'I read your poem')

Intro to Deyrk (The Innocence of Pain)

J.M. Jakobsen

An introduction to a main character from my one-day series, 'The Innocence of Pain.'

Lilith's Rising

Amandah Giarratano

This is a story about three vampires on the run from a clan known as the 'Brood of Lilith' and searching for a person named Virgo Dragonriddle.What Virgo Dragonriddle is and isn't, no one seems to know. Lilith is searching for Virgo Dragonriddle because she had many questions on what she is that only he could answer. On the search, she meets up with two former members of the 'Brood of Lilith', Alexis and Tristen, who are being pursued by the members for certain reasons. In English class, we had to write a story in first person, something I've never before. This is my try at it, and I liked the how plot line I had going so I decided to contuine on with it. ^.^

GoodNight Kiss


This is actually not the completed story as the storie is not completed yet =) i'm going to get some of my completed stories published I hope

Raunchy Sex With Multiple Partners

Richard 'WolvenBlood' O'Keeffe


Thieves.inc Chapter 3

Dewald Malan

The story goes on...

The Universal Poem

Bobby England II

This is a poem to which was indirectly created when i listened to a song by The Doors called 'Go Insane.' Its about the things a person can find inside their minds, horrifying things they did not even know were there. But mostly it is about the most powerful force in the universe (hence the name). That force is the human mind's capability for irrational fear.

(As Yet Untitled)

Megan McCarthy

a work-in-progress about... weird telepathical people... I rather like it, personally... even though I don't really know exactly where it's gonna go... I don't know if it's fantasy or sci-fi, either... but I'm pretty sure it's sci-fi.

Eternal Nights


This is only the first chapter of the story eternal nights that I wrote

Thieves.inc Chapter 1

Dewald Malan

This is the story of Stanly Theodore Martell an alcoholic who turns his life around.

Heir to an Ancient Throne Chapter 1

Paull Beardow

Almost seven hundred years ago, the intervention of the Guardian of Forever caused history to divide, and the River of Happenings to fork. Since then, his power has steadily declined, and the world’s fate is slowly slipping into the stream of darkness. In the land of Beretra , the barrier that separates the worlds of light and darkness is weakening. The magical purpose of the Rune Throne is dismissed as myth and the true bloodline of the Fisherman King sits upon it no longer. To regain his power, and prolong the very existence of everything, the Guardian must find the true descendant of the Fisherman King. The time has come for the world to decide which fork it takes. In the eternal battle between light and dark, the pieces brought into play are a gamekeeper, a poacher and a prince who has been missing for thirteen years. As the prince seeks to gain back the throne which should have been his, he brings about a war between both his own countrymen and against the tribes of Vyr, who hold an age-old enmity against the royalty of Beretra. The true blood of the Fisherman King will pay for the Guardian of Forever’s transgression, and the world will be set upon the path that will eventually lead to the day of judgement.