Battle Ready Guild

Jen French

The story of how a young girl beats the odds, excelling in swordsmenship and battle, becoming one of the greatest warriors the world has ever known.

Transition ~part one~

Jacki Austin

This is now Transitions part one and part two combined. I have also edited it some as well.

Passion in Blood

Kira Wolfhawke~ Sams

A little more sensual and a little more descriptive but vampiric all the same. I had help with this one. It's obvious.

Under A Blue Moon- chapter 2

emma hutchinson

Chapter two, another introduction. These have apposable thumbs! There is some serious irony name wise as the story develops.So enter the brothers.

The Wind and Rain Lullaby (Part I)

Morgan Grover

 UPDATED: 04/11/10I had this story on my shelf once before, so you may remember it if you visit my page often.This story has been flittering around in my head for a bit now. I read an anthology called "The Green Man" a while back (which I HIGHLY recommend) and after finishing it I had a desire to offer my own thoughts / fiction on the topic. And this is that story, or the first of three parts to the story. This is the second update. Those of you who may have read it before will notice the gammar & errors have been fixed up, and I have added a bit. I also decided to take a saga dialog route, which I think will be more interesting within the story. This means that there are no quotes around speech.I have since realized, upon finishing this work, that if I do not sit down and focus on one piece and just write it, it will probably never get done, or taper off in quality. You may notice that with this 3-part story. After writing this part, I went back and edited it, then wrote some of the second, did some editing, fixed the first, more tweaking.... By the time I reached the third part I was tired of it.So, in the end, I decided to post all three parts. I may return to it sometime, but the real goal was a writing exercise for ideas and style, so enjoy what you will. As always, I love to hear your thoughts. I will likely return to this piece after a break, a long break.

The Dark Princess Teaser

Ember Ruzell

Luxaire: sister, fighter, leader . . .protector?

Black Dark ch1 page1

nikaury Mossen

it's about a black who's friend had died. and she wants to kill her killer.

The Princess in the Birdcage Chapter 2.htm

Lars August

  Princess Cara's life suddenly changed when she went from being a happy and wealthy princess to an enslaved "pet" to an evil sorcerer. She must deal with the humiliation of being put on display by her wicked master wearing very revealing attire that barely covers her and must now learn to adapt to a life in a birdcage...literally.

Strange Folk

Lance Greenlee

They were strange folk, no doubt.  Still, they seemed good people, willing to share a meal and a roof with a traveler. They had slowed their truck down as they passed him on a dirt road between two farms, way off the highway.  He remembered there had been horses in the field to the left, fenced in with barbed wire strung between ancient posts.  On the right had been a high hedgerow.  In the back of the truck were their daughters, enchantingly beautiful and holding out their eager hands to help him aboard.   

Key to the City (prologue)

Graeme Smith

This is a series of six character-introducing vignettes that could serve as the prologue for a fantasy novel I'm thinking of writing.  The characters include Slang (a reptile man barbarian), Hurok (an orc healer), Black Flower Melody (a human martial artist), Denvil (an almeer wizard), Zorf (a zeetvah warrior), and Querial the Fair (an elf archer).

The Affairs of Wizards

Graeme Smith

I've always been fascinated by the idea of love between different species, so I wrote this story about a romance in which the lovers are a human female and a male who belongs to a nonhuman race called almeers.   The story is set in a city in a fairly typical fantasy world.  The human female is a poor little rich girl who has just come out of a bad relationship.  The almeer is an apprentice wizard.   I guess you could call it an "almeer meets girl" story. :)


J.M. Jakobsen

What would it be like to suddenly find yourself in a new and twisted reality?

Intro to Deyrk (The Innocence of Pain)

J.M. Jakobsen

An introduction to a main character from my one-day series, 'The Innocence of Pain.'

Tricky Damnation

Jennifer Meadows

A recollection...of sorts...

a short poem

Megan McCarthy

Well... it's not actually fantasy/sci-fi in nature, exactly, but... but if you use your imagination... I think that it COULD be... and anyway, it was written about someone who is somewhat fantastical in nature, anyway, so maybe it counts after all... *grin*

Story to be named part 1

blaine wiese

I'm working on a short story. I pasted a sample of it to get feedback mostly. I would like help with the Dialouge grammar becuase it is a weak suit of mine . And any other constructive critisim would be lovely.

Project Life (unoffical book name) prologue

Candace Bergmann

 story of a girl named Naveah racing through life as one of the damned forced to reconnect with her past and save the vampire race. the story begins in the 1800's when Navaeh was still mortal.


Edward Evans

Primer for a group of stories with spiritual content and alien beings. 

Bumping in the Night


 I was listening to Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson while I came up with a rather interesting but dirty thought that evolved onto paper and I decided it would be nice to see it on here :)  Just in time for Halloween >:]

A forest, braids and berries

Silje Fjørtoft

This short-story is about a person meeting a mysterious woman; a creature never seen before. A forest. Friendship, or is it love? Only the reader knows. Interpretation. Based upon and inspired by a creature I drew some time ago.