Unlocked - II

Emily Kirsch

A continuation, apparently, of the first chapter. I love how this one's coming along! Hardly anyone's read it... comments and critiques are always welcomed.

Three Dreams

Stephanie Forrest

No, I didn't really have these dreams. And for the life of me I can't remember why I wrote this, but I thought it was an interesting contrast to some of the other things I have posted so here it is.


Katrin Otto

This is a poemI wrote about an NPC in our Vampire campaign. He´s an Elder who got so much used to hiding his true self with shadows that he barely is able to feel anything now. The only one who can break through this mask is his beloved childe.

Raising SoulStealerDei

L. Davids

A short story involving my own FFRP character Tristis and my husband's FFRP character SoulStealerDei, this is an incident that happened quite awhile back in which Tris felt somewhat obligated to restore her lover/nemesis after his body was destroyed saving her life. More stories about SoulStealerDei can be found at http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/libr/b/i/bitterashes/bitterashes.html Hmm, for some reason I lost my Mod's Choice star... Darnit.

The Mark of The Dragon Chronicles: Chapter One

Maggie Flametail' Marsh

This is part of the first chapter of the book I have in the works...will finish it as soon as possible!

Chapter Three-Arrival

Brandon Powell

The third installment of Shadows of War

Chapter Five- Father Nature

Brandon Powell

This is the fifth installment of Shadows of War

Adelaide's Guard

Matthew Herbert

Don't go into the woods at night. Especially if you're a beautiful young maiden.


Alyssa Blair

Its a kinda strange story...it's my short story for school so there's not fighting...its just about this girl who guards this giant Norse tree thing that supposedly holds the whole Norse world. . . I shoulda put the wolf in it but instead there's a big pretty bird... (p.s-I spelled the name wrong too..) And beware the somewhat sappy ending...its the best way to rope teachers

The Gothic Forest (poem)

Charlene Longwell

It is about a forest.


f. hiromitsu

i have no other title for it... it's kinda a stupid title... eh. oh well. poem! em.... inspired after reading the first two books of the OTORI TALES. those good books man!

Sleeping At Midnight

John Rivenworth' Yoakum

A boy deals with his fears of the dark.

Black Faith

Kelly Dragon' Newell

Can you find yours?

Shadowsinger - Chapter Five

Cara of the Universe' Jackson

chapter five

Into Thin Air

Cara of the Universe' Jackson

A short story, very different from my usual bent. *shrugs* kinda melancholy...

Chapter 6: The Song of Blood and Names

Henrik Lerdahl

The Grand Finale, the Great Climax: After the terrible disaster has struck, and all his plans have shown their ultimate consequences, Murkha makes a final gambit to save himself, his world and his companion. But will the desperate plans of a single over-proud magician be enough to stop the incarnation of the Nameless? And even worse: What will happen if he should succeed? EDIT: I have been informed that the small line included in a magical formula needs to be translated. It's in Sylvan (self-made lingo), and reads roughly like this: 'We give pattern to they who have no pattern. I dance sorcery on them and upon their life' More or less. For more info on Sylvan, don't hesitate to ask.

Night Falling

Michael Juli

Into the Darkness - Chapter 7

Matthew W Stewart

The story keeps up with the theme from the last chapter, adding more interest to the story in general I'd say. The reader learns who the dark stranger was, and what has become of Rollins.

Prologue to In The Shadows

Amy Chambers

Ive always liked prologues, they can leave you on such cliffs. Anyway, this is the introduction for my first story (yes! There will be more...), In The Shadows. It didn't really take me long to finish, but hey, I like writing. So read and enjoy! Oh! And comment, please?

The Shadows of Xavier

Nicolei Arnold

Most everyone believes that they are protected by a guardian angel, but it's different when it comes to this man. Xavier has six shadows that guard his life with tooth and nail.