Kate Inquisition

A vision of evil, entwined in darkness and so forth.....

Romeo and Juliet

Carmel Shachar

Well, this is probably how one of the greatest love story of all time happened. For realists. Yes it belongs in Elfwood. Not strictly magical but when you think about it this story has a lot to do with surreal and paranormal occurances.

The First Calling of Sage (poem)

Chris Martens

A poem written in Shakespearean English dedicated to the three people closest to me.


Kate Inquisition

This is a short poem from the point of view of Hamlet, or possibly anyone else who was entranced by Ophelia. It was inspired of Waterhouse's rendition's of her, and posesses a fantasy theme. (5-4-03)

What You Will

Elizabeth Fitzgerald

A short piece for WoodWorks new competition- take your favourite Shakespeare scene and put a sci-fi fantasy twist. Winner is by popular vote, so if you like it I suggest you head on over. Make sure you check out the other entries though. Sarah Hogan has a very good entry in which I would highly recommend!

Brave New World

Louise Boucher

This story was written for my A level coursework and is based on The Tempest by Shakespeare. It contiunues the story after the characters have left the island but is close to its source and not very easy if you don't know the play. I have tried to make the world a very bleak place in which the innocent characters of Miranda and Caliban can not survive. The distructive nature of society and power is also an issue in The Citadel and this is the story where I first explored it. Origonally this story had an accompanying essay and anyone who wants to read it can do so from my journal entry. You can discuss the story in that entry as well.

The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark (Act I)

Jeff Lin

That Shakespeare fellow, he could really spin a good tale. Unfortunately, all that Middle English (or whatever English it was that he wrote in) and iambic pentameter sometimes makes it difficult for modern readers to understand just what the hell he was talking about. Thus, millions of students have turned to those ubiquitous Cliff's Notes in order to better understand the bard's words, thereby further dumbing down the intellectual level in our schools. Well, I'm here to dumb it down even further. So I present, written in common prose, with only a few details and events changed here and there, Act I (subsequent acts to follow) of arguably Shakespeare's greatest play, Hamlet. As a side note, I understand that Hamlet is not really 'fantasy' in the popular sense of the word. But it takes place in a medieval setting, and has a ghost. So I figure that's close enough.

The Ways of Old Magic

Nadia Rundlett

Three witches, millenia old, are tiring of their boring life in the modern world until the youngest stirs them to revive their old hobbies.

The Neo-Renaissance

Mark Sherry

English Assignment - Write a short story that uses as many of these words as possible. This one uses them all. A glossery is provided at the bottom for everybody who doesn't know their Elizabethan slang :). Got it back with an A+. Performed better than grade expectations on all things except dialogue. Well, since it IS an enriched english class...

A Midsummer's Nightmare

Allyson Yearry

An alternate ending to 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' by Shakespeare, of course. I acutally wasn't a big fan of the original version, much too light-hearted and silly for my taste. So, here's a lovely (yet tragic) alternate ending! Hope you enjoy it, and leave comments! (I apologize if the format turns out a little strange-looking, I did my best to keep the format decent, but converting it from a DOC to an HTML file may have messed a few things up.. ^_^; )

The Tempest

Elizabeth Fitzgerald

As suggested by the title, this piece was inspired by William Shakespeare's play of the same name. It's an older piece which came to me in the middle of the night and wouldn't leave me alone until I had written it down. I think it's probably my best rhyming poem to date.

The Fall of the Faery

Kate Inquisition

The Fall of the Faery was meant to be about a treacherous Faery, but I couldn’t seem to write that. It turned out that the faerie was more of the victim. Shakespeare’s Ophelia was a model character for this. The faerie falls in love with someone who tricks her into being with him, and in the end, the Faerie queen takes her wings, and thus, her magik. (5-18-03)

Residue (poem of sorts)

E. Hanna

For the original text which inspired this work, see And old William thought he'd squeezed the last drop of pathos out of that little paragraph: well I was arrogant enough to try for more. Plus a little ironic humour, what I think was Hamlet's greatest atribute.

Frogs in the Rye

Mike Tierney

A rather dark parody of Shakespeare's sonnet 71.

Come, Seeling Night (pt 1)

Kelsi Dick

Lol the first working title of this thing was 'Great Shakes.' Ha ha. Don't you just love horribly corny puns? Recently my friend (with whom the story was begun) decided to pick it back up again, so you may soon be seeing more of this tale!

The torment of Seclusion

Kate Inquisition

This was my final project for English class. I had to create a renaissance diary of a non-famous person living during that time period, and include important events, and so on. I liked the one I did, and found it to be appropriate for this website, so here it is. It is the diary of a Hermit, the grandson of sir Bedwyr, King Arthur’s war Lord, who isolated himself after Arthur’s death. Of course in the project itself, it includes pictures of this infamous Kail, leaves, flowers, and so forth, I would have scanned them for this, but unfortunately, my scanner was not fixed before the time this was due, so perhaps you can just create a mental image. I collaborated on this project with Ashley Burdo, She did all the great artwork it had, and I did most of the writing. And if I may add, I did not think it to be complete unless there was some type of fantasy creature in it. I wanted to add a Centaur, but I didn’t find an opportunity, however fortunately, I was able to adjoin the presence of a dragon, or at least what this Hermit thought was a dragon (Hey, it had to be realistic). I’m not too happy with the constant mentioning of Shakespeare and queen Elizabeth, and the character development portrays him as being rather narrow minded and opinionated, but what was you expect from a hermit? I do like, however, how the creation of Romeo and Juliet was tied in with this hermit’s relationship with his deceased lover or wife, Kail. (6.1.03)


Rick Strehlow

Just a little pondering on the meaning of life. I wrote this in under half an hour. It's a Shakespearean sonnet, complete with the appropriate iambic pentametre, rhyme scheme, and division of ideas.

The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark (Act II)

Jeff Lin

Whew, this is harder than I thought! It's not easy bastardizing famous passages!

What's in a Name? -II-

Christina Nichols

The second chapter is very short.

What's in a Name

Christina Nichols

This is a story that started out as a fanfic for Gundam Wing, but it ended up being able to stand on its own, so I started to rewrite it. This will be one of the only futuristic stories I may ever write, but it seems to be starting out alright.