SHIFTERS: The Immortal Diaries-ch3

Brian Pennington

...chapter three....


Kelsie Elizabeth

A question suddenly came to me- What if a shape-shifter, in all their countless lives, lost their identity? April 2003 1 1/2 pgs

Shapeshifters - 4

Ben Brannan

The fourth chapter in my story. When we left off, Blade and Esani had been captured by some unknown being and left to rot in a jail cell. How will they get out... ? 2,826 words, 5 pages.

Chapter 3...

Maureen Wolff

Akeena is introduced and she is following the black robe clan to rescue her father...

PlanetSide: Tzhagane (3)

V. Lehkonen

The third chapter for the PlanetSide project I and Matt started! Well, actually it's the end of the second chapter, only finished. They were better as separate chapters. The illustration was drawn by me and here's the bigger version of the picture. Update (2007-04-29): Some typos... yeah. If you find any strange uncomprehensible things, tell me! The weird words are explained in my dictionary file.

PlanetSide: Tzhagane (1)

V. Lehkonen

This story began when Matt Summers said 'good morning' to me, and I replied with 'good evening'. That is, this is my first part of the PlanetSide project. This part of the story is mainly finished, but I might add some more detail later. Update (2004/02/04): I added some more detail and corrections. The next chapter is next to this one. Update (2004/05/05): Some MORE detail and I made Kale and Theri go deeper into the dead kid issue. Update (2004/12/13): Some serious editing, detail and... yeah. Update (2007-04-29): Some typos... yeah. The Tzhagane are a telepathic, androgynous species I thought up. Originally most of them didn't have wings, but in the mountain area they live in the nature favoured the winged ones, so now most of them have wings. These tzhaganes are technologically quite advanced. Enjoy the awesome pronouns! I'm sure you can rhyme them with the plural third person. They will sound weird first but you should get used to it. For the still confused: ey = he/she eir = her/his eirs = hers/his em = her/him emself = herself/himself Please, tell me if there's anything, even tiny things, that might need correction. (I know there's one sentence that's particularly awful. I'm really taking suggestions on how to make that more readable.) The weird words are explained in my dictionary file.

The Eyes of Fate-Akyea

Karen Cruz

This is the story about another semi-side character, Akyea. She is based off of my sister, who is just as much a pain, but can be helpful when she wants to be. By the way, Akyea is a shape-shifter.

Rirhe's Beginning

Cori R. Trout

A sort of origin for Rirhe, what happened before he is (er . . .will be) introduced in the comic to be 'Shifting Times.'

Paranomral- Chapter 2

Erika Neumann

Amara makes herself known that she's a force to be reckoned with, but will a familiar stranger destroy what she has made? I would love more songs for my story to relate to. It would be very awsome to get some ideas too.

Paranormal-Chapter 3

Erika Neumann

Amara gets in more trouble then she expects.

Bring Back the Sun: Breathless

Mai Zhang

He was Dei Luna’s wayward son, rapturous at dusk but grave in the sun.

The Forbidden Children: Chapter 1

Samantha Fortier

This is set years after the prolouge. You learn more about Sydor and a few surprising things happen. Edited 2/27/06

SHIFTERS: The Immortal Diaries-ch2

Brian Pennington

Chapter two of the immortals...

Comment Zone

R.E. Kankaanpää

The dreadful Comment Zone! If you have comments, though, then you have nothing to be afraid of. If you haven't... well, best hope someone gives you one soon. Updated on June 19th! 2005!

Paranormal- Chapter 1

Erika Neumann

A story about a sixteen-year-old girl, who has yet to find herself, as she guides her family to safety. Besides that i like 2 hav songs that portray my stories i feel it gives them backround, so when i write stories feel free to put songs that would go good with this story!

Dredars prophecy ch.2

John Howes

this chapter is mostly informative... it tells you small bits of information some of which don't even matter. the others however are very important.

PlanetSide: Tzhagane (2)

V. Lehkonen

The second chapter for the PlanetSide project I and Matt started! Update (2004/05/05): Added some more stuff to the end, but it's still unfinished... Update (2004/12/13): Took the 'unfinished' part away and made it into its own chapter, and added the scene. Update (2007-04-29): Some typos... yeah. Tell me if you find any weird things or mistakes! The weird words are explained in my dictionary file.

Unusual Attractions

Emily Faerber

Inspired by a dream I had. Sexual theme, but nothing graphic.

Rain and Ice part 4

Kimberly Whitmer

This is the part that comes after the once mysteriously missing part 3.

Shapeshifters - 3

Ben Brannan

Until now I've completely ignored the requests for more Shapeshifters. But finally I have decided to put up what I have... I won't pretend I remember this story, and I won't pretend I'll write more. I doubt I will, but one can always hope. 2,588 words, 5 pages.