True Identity Chapter 2

Ashley Blanton

This is the second chapter of my story. A lot of revealing happens here, and you see the true identity of the main characters.

SHIFTERS: The Immortal Diaries-ch3

Brian Pennington

...chapter three....

To serve and protect

Anne Vea

What if the tales are true and the human race share this planet with other creatures of a more dark and mysterious nature? would they step up to do their duty if this planet was in peril or would they look the other way? Of course not! Enjoy.

One Scene

Anna Hildebrandt

Ok, I kinda jumped the gun on this one. This story is nowhere close to finished. I wanted your thoughts more than anything. Thats why I posted this section so soon(I have other sections written but I have not put them up). The main character (who has no name yet) is part of a race of shapeshifters called the Ekar who spend their whole lives in what they call their preferred form (what they choose to look like) as opposed to their base form (the form in which they where born). They do this becuase they belive that too much emphasis has been placed on appearance as opposed to personality. There is another culture of shapeshifters called the Kinesh. The kinesh use their ability for financial gain,and they only change form for jobs. So please enjoy and tell me what you like, what you hate, and why.

Chances (2 of 2)

Julie Gele´

Please read part 1 before part 2. Thank you!



This story is part of James K. Bowers' Project 7 (or 7.5) since I wrote it well past the given deadline. Even so, I was still inspired by his 'seed' story and added to it in my own fashion. With that generic intro out of the way, I will say lastly that this story is set in The Undermoon, a political world of warring factions of mythical creatures held together by the neutral policing force of the Undermoon and its agents. Also... continue reading Behind the Glass to find out more of the story...

deep secrets 1

Amy Wolford

a young witch girl moves to california to live among humans and to find her soulmate. what she finds are vampires and shapeshifters. are they good or bad? who can tell.

The Someday Wars, Chapter Two: A Desperate Night

Z N Singer

 Chapter Two of my book. I seem to have finally hit my stride, this one's better written and so is chapter three. As fantasy readers, you should let me know if my pace of exposition is good, I've re-invented many of the fantasy concepts I'm using.

Someday Wars, Chapter One: From a Clear Sky

Z N Singer

 Chapter one of the first novel, following the prologue. Someday Wars is actually the name of the epic as a whole, the novel does not yet have a title. My un-official readers group is proving slow to respond, so feedback is extremely welcome, thanks.

Shifter's Fury: Chapter 7

Hilary Standish

 Kaelin and Fin travel back to the base camp.

Shifter's Fury: Chapter 11

Hilary Standish

 Kaelin, Sahna, and Fin plot out the next stages of their attack, Sahna tries to ride a horse.

The Maldonian Chronicles 02: Last Blood 2

Jessica Cannon

Tyrax and Onca battle for her life, but Tyrax realises he cannot bear to take her to the Alliance, which will undoubtably imprison her.

The Maldonian Chronicles 03: The Mission

Jessica Cannon

With Onca facing death, Tyrax takes her to be healed by those who want her life.

True Identity Chapter 1

Ashley Blanton

This is the first chapter of a novel I am writing. The first chapter just introduces the characters. Can you guess what sort of being Kristoph is?

Prologue To Malice_(a)

Janine Daniels

This is the prologue to my manga story, malice. before you ask, i didnt steal the title from an x box game, i dont even like the x box. i was crushed when i found out they had nicked the title of my story :'( but anyway, here it is. More of the story will be up when i can be bothered typing.

Rain & Ice part 5

Kimberly Whitmer

Next chapter, you know the drill.

Rain & Ice part 2

Kimberly Whitmer

Second part. wee.

A Midnight Task (1 of 2)

Julie Gele´

A Seriphan Guard (winged human for those of you unfamiliar with Impyre) stumbles on the hidden rebel Dragon camp and discovers key evidence in an insidious plot to undermine the resisting forces...

Magic of One (working title)

Christal Connolly

This story is a part of a book I am writing. This particular part is more in the middle of the book and is not finished yet. Some things may be confusing since it is the middle and you don't know the beginning yet but I hope you will still enjoy it.

Shifter's Fury: Chapter 9

Hilary Standish

 Sahna and Kaelin move out for their first attack.