Elementals - 2 - Prolouge

Jessica Seefried

A prolouge to The Elementals Series. I re-wrote this during the second semester of senior year, putting it into past tense, and tweaking a few things so that my seventh grader vocabular was no longer as noticable.

The Dagger of Indoran Part 2

Beccah Boardman

A novel-in-progress that began and a short story

Siren's Demise (Unfinished)

Nici Jackson

This story isn't done yet... because once I reached the part where the mystical creature thingie introduced itself to Tandra, I had nowhere else to go. So I stopped... and here it is now.

The Game

Shane Quinn

Another story I wrote in high school. This one is about a tournament fought in the Mindscape- a battlefield of thoughts where anything can happen.

The Dagger of Indoran Part 3

Beccah Boardman

A novel-in-progress that began as a short story

Swimming Under the Moon (Chapter 1)

Tara Young

This story is about Aliana, the Empress of Hymlock. It is fantasy/adventure with a bit of romance. She has the ability to turn into a mermaid. When her sister dies and Aliana becomes Empress, her bodyguard,Whelan, becomes even more paranoid of assassins. They do not realize how right he is to worry.

A Midnight Task (1 of 2)

Julie Gele´

A Seriphan Guard (winged human for those of you unfamiliar with Impyre) stumbles on the hidden rebel Dragon camp and discovers key evidence in an insidious plot to undermine the resisting forces...

The Last Alliance - 1: The Man with the Maul

Jonathan Bahamundi

 This is a fantasy story in progress i started writing recently! Hit me up with any questions or feedback If you like it i'll put up the next chapters hehe

The Cabin


A story about a strange bunch of creatures meeting each other in the middle of a forest... in a cabin that is probably cursed. Don't ask me 'cause if you do it won't be a surprise anymore, have fun!


Aubra Penner

I wrote this for a creative writing class I was taking at the time. Originally, it was going to be about a pheonix, but I got to liking the head falconer so much, and hating the Lord so much... it changed. Yeah.

The Dagger of Indoran Part 5

Beccah Boardman

A novel-in-progress that began as a short story

The Dagger of Indoran Part 6

Beccah Boardman

A novel-in-progress that began as a short story

MoTS: Prolouge

Laura Weber

In an ancient land where magic is commonface, two indebted brothers, a nobleman's son, a talentless priestess, and a mysterious shaman are bound together by a desire to change the past -- and, in that, a journey that defines fate and the strange origins of their world as they know it. And it's not all going to be done in a run-on sentence, really. *grins* In full, these stories are, for the time being, entitled 'Moss On Temple Stone.' Don't know quite what this is going to be... it may be sort of novella-ish, serial-ish, or simply a bunch of short stories that are linked together by characters and events... Nevertheless, this is the short introduction, prolouge-thingie...

Santa Claus: Medieval Secret Undercover Agent----Episode 1: Good-bye, North Pole!

Paul Doyle

A badly worn out Santa Claus is whisked to a fantasy world by the Prince of the Elves to act as an undercover agent exposing the evils perpetrated by the Dark One threatening the whole world. This is simply part one of an ongoing, funny satire, and not meant to be taken seriously for a nanosecond. This story has been inspired by silly comments I left Thomas Abrahamsson about his 'Old Man' picture, before I joined Elfwood. (Technical glitches fixed, 6/24/03 . . . new font, too)

Swimming Under the Moon (Chapter 3)

Tara Young

Whelan searches for an assassin.

Concerning Areth'yncain, by Dana Mentir

Jeff Burke

Really incomplete. I'll publish more as it goes on. It is a pretty good idea to start here before reading Dragon's Awakening, but if you want to read Heart's Song you could survive without it, as the above is mostly included.

Bittersweet Memories (part 3)

rhianon gill

so here you get to find out what happens to Bennie. a little shorter than i was intending it to be but i need to go pack for holiday. may update this to include more.

Shapeshifter (new story)

Andrew McCaslin

     This story is the backround of a character I am playing in a game.  Despite the fact that he shares a name with a charactor in another story, they are totally separate.  I came up with the name quite some time ago, and I liked it so it became a regular of mine.  Also, since this is a backstory it may seem rushed.  That's because it is.  I don't have the extra space to go through his full range of emotions/experiances and I feel it detracts from the story a bit, but, ya gotta do what ya gotta do.  Enjoy!

How the Hunter was humbled by Fox Who Tells Stories

Henrik Lerdahl

I've always enjoyed the old fables about the various animals and their doing, like "how Bear lost his tail" or "why Leopard has spots". I''d been thinking about trying to write something for that genre myself, and the other day I suddenly found myself with an hour or two of unexpected free time. So I simply sat myself down at the first computer I chanced to come upon, and soon tappity-tapped my way through the entirety of this story. It's inspired by a combination of the British ban on fox-hunting, my love for trickster figures and all the folk-tales about clever foxes I grew up with. The original plan was to make several of these little stories, all of them focusing on various foxes and their doings, but I'll just have to wait and see how it goes before commenting further on this.

Swimming Under the Moon (Chapter 2)

Tara Young

New friends....new foes.