Maria Elmindreda L

Three things I borrowed from the past and intend to carry with me to the future. Three things that make my life worth living...

Shadow Striker: Chapter 7-8

Divina Fuentes

Ladies, gentlemen, and Bunto, I present: My magnum opus. The story of Skye, the trigon that wasn't and the blade of light called the Shadow striker, and their journey to triumph over darkness. Inspired by me playing too much Kingdom Hearts and Ico. Read, enjoy, criticize. ***I dedicate this story to Selene and Angelica Jr. (my sisters), who will probably never come to this page because Selene is only interested in playing games when she uses the internet, and Jr. is only 7. But they were the first ones to hear the whole story.***

Foundation of Soldiery

Chadd Las Casas

A young dwarf learns what it means to grow up, and he that skill with a sword is not all that is required of a warrior

Four Realms, Chp III

Emil Johansson

This is the third chapter of the first book of Simuir, The Battle of the Four Realms.

Never Ending Desire - Chapter 1

Megan Wright

Here it is! The random story that I began writing one rainy day when I was extremely bored! It's my 'epic fantasy/whatever tale', and it is rather random, I just wrote it, I haven't fine tuned it or anything, so a critique of constructive quality is greatly appreciated. Enjoy! Or not, just comment about it!

Golden Blood

Brian Cook

Poems have been something I have been experimenting with recently. I like to create my own formats and write them out. This one has no real rhyme scheme, but I have quite a few that do. 'Golden Blood' just made the first cut.

The Dragon Tavern

Graham King

A man who finds himself in a world that of he does not know.


Julia Gilstein

This is one of the poems I wrote for school. The inspiration for it came from a book I was reading that had gryphons in it.

The Old Knight

michael Thurston

story of an Olk Knights life

Four Realms, Chp I

Emil Johansson

This is the first chapter of the first book of Simuir, The Battle of the Four Realms.


Grant Ackerman

Something that i decided to write. nowhere near finished though. tell me if you like it!

The Summit of Asuroth

Brian Buckley

This is the second-longest short story I've ever written (heh). I tried to do it in more of an epic style, kind of like Beowulf, but I'm not sure how well I succeeded. I think it has some good descriptions in it, though.

Life of the Reds

Alex White

What does the life of a typical red look like? Here you have the answer.

My Shield

Galen Mayas

it's back!...

A plain in mist

Iveta fairy godmother' Ts. Malinova

This is a poem for the world,which has been changed by the endless war between the two main powers-the evil and the good....

Four Realms, Chp V

Emil Johansson

This is the fifth chapter of the first book of Simuir, The Battle of the Four Realms.

Four Realms, Chp IV

Emil Johansson

This is the fourth chapter of the first book of Simuir, The Battle of the Four Realms.

Profile: Fantasy Hero

Michael Volpini

Kinda cliche, but eh, I figure it would be good pratice. Hope you enjoy.

Give me my sword and shield

Sidi Haroun

About a knight who goes to meet his doom againest a fearsome dragon.


Laura Chase

This is about the shield of Zeus and Athena. I also got the idea from the Final Fantasy series.