Kuzui- Chapter 1

Emily Ratka

Telepathic, warring sisters and a strong-minded female commander. What more could you ask for?

Exordium to the Past pt4

Phil Frederick

Continuation of Evensong's story

The Croftinder part 4

callen poulin

Part 4 of The Croftinder

Inhabitability Chapter 7

Christopher Heisserer

Existential space travel is rarely fun.

The Clandestine Servants - Prologue

Carl-Stéphane Habeck

The prologue to my novel. Mostly it sets the story without storytelling.

A Mermaid's Tale

Derek Shore

A friend from ElfTown (Cathook) drew a picture of a mermaid attached to a shps hull. After weeks of talking about it, she challenged me to write the story of how it came to be. Well, here it is. (The story changed a little from her original, but she sounded happy with the changes. THANKS CATHOOK!) http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/loth/c/a/cathook/mermaidc.jpg.html


E. Hanna

This story is set in the late, great Amanda M. Howard's 'Apocalypse Moon' universe and is posted here with her kind permission. I wrote it partly as an homage and partly because its such an awesome story that I wanted (greedily) to be a part of it. Comments encouraged.

To Those Who Wait (End)

E. Hanna

The conclusion of a long wait. Thanks to everyone fro reading my little story.

Book I: The Gathering (ch. 5)

Jade Bailey

the fifth chapter - about time, too! this is quite a short chapter, so gets a short description - only 2 narrators this time. the talgad make a grim discovery as they pass by daria (couple days away from naencorran), and morgan makes an... interesting acquaintance...

Diaspora #1

James Hebda

This is my first and, so far, only written work on the galaxy of Diaspora

The Caretakers of Peace: Book III: Chapter III 'Kyra's Dance'

Joel Meredith

I'm not particularly fond of this chapter, you'll find out why when you read it. There's another scene that I know I have to add for this chapter to fully make sense. Trust me: it is on its way.

Pirates 'I: Escape'

Bristien Havenaar

'Autobiography' of Wake Ho, Intergalactic Pirate. (2001-Present)

Luck and Lust : The Players Regroup

Brian Cook

This is the first chapter in the story I am currently writing. The entire thing with all it's chapters is titled 'Luck and Lust.' The short story in my Elfwood Library is sort of a prologue for this one. Had to include my favorite character of course. Tell me what you think of it, always looking to make an improvement.

Pirates '3: The Humble'

Bristien Havenaar

'Autobiography' of Wake Ho, Intergalactic Pirate. (2001-Present)

The Game 3D1

Jessica Cannon

Six Months In A Leaky Boat: Our brave adventurers venture for more adventure in their private world, chasing pirates and eating Kraken on a mission for the Khan? Will they catch the slavers, or will efficient law men beat them to the punch again? No matter, for they've been paid already! Will anyone find out what sequestered mean, and when they do will they hit Sam and Amber, or laugh at them, spilling liquid through their nose? Another riviting tale of magic and sourcery, and rainbow chunders! Have I been watching too many episodes of Samurai Pizza Cats?

Shattered Earth: Korell (Part 1)

Andrew Meilstrup

The the first installment to the epic of Shattered Earth. A sovereign people's struggle against a tyrannical, imperialist power.

Star's End-Chapter 1

Alex Olson

Carter and Dorr meet. The crew is assembled.


Emma Ådahl

Um, well. I wrote this after the avent that happened on February 1st. ****this is the 2nd version... at first I uploaded the 1st version, which I didn't want up...**** NO idea WHY I wrote it. x_X

Phaedra, a story...Chapter 1 Remote Memories

Laura Cristescu

The main character is Phaedra, an alien girl, around the age of 20. As far as she knew she was the only one of her kind, and didn't seem to mind. But after the death of her adoptive father things started to move in a strange direction.

Star Guardian: Chapter 1

Junzhu guo

Avriel, a young girl with power magic, is sought out by the Government and on the run in an old ship with her siblings. They will do anything to harness her power. This first chapter may be slightly confusing but things will be clarified in later chapters.