At The Theatre

Nina Jones

Part of an ongoing saga. The theatre district is open to all, if your rich enough. Angels and creatures of the night roam through dimentions full of the weird and wonderful. More to come.

A Magic Show

Brian Buckley

This is the longest poem I've ever written, but I think it's one of my better ones. See what you think.

Remnants: Book One, Part One

Elliott Edwards

Continuation of the Remnants storyline. This piece doesn't assume that one has read the prologue (although I might recommend it). It has been written a bit more recently than the prologue, and introduces a couple of main characters.

The Lostlands - Chapter 2

Jenny Wideqvist

Okey, so there's still not very much about Sta herself... but you just hold on... *smiles* She might show up fairly soon... ^_~

Who Mourns For The Jesters: Chapter 2

Kevin Smith

The continuation of the tale of Dai, the Locmi Jet.

FALCON'S CASTLE - Chapter 5 - with MAP!

Nike aka LadyMin

So here's the fifth chapter. One of my fave chapters. Aaaand... *drumroll* There is a map included at the end of the story, that shows you the lands, cities and important places in this story. Yes, the copyright, Story, chars, and map - all mine! ^.^ Note: Contains adult material, again. You should know it by now.

The Catch

Tansy H. Pye

This is a weird litlle beginning to a story. It all began as a dream I had... The Vampire 'Christian' is a reoccuring figure in my dreams and therefore my writing. I have never tried to draw him curiously.

Who Mourns For The Jesters: Chapter 1

Kevin Smith

The continuation of the epic tale of Dai and the Locmi Jets.


Vitor Falleiros

I once made a RPG character, Josh Flyinball, who was a halfling from a family of acrobat-performers. I didn't play much with him, but I liked him. Here's what his father would say before a spectacle.