Daughter of Tamoria - Chapter 1

Annie Jessan

After innumerable rewrites, I have finally found a starting chapter of Daughter of Tamoria that I am happy with. I feel that this really captures the feelings that I wanted to portray. And thanks to my little circle of friends in my area, one of whom has a twin sister, I can say that this is one of my best works to date. I hope you enjoy it, and the more comments I get, the more motivated I'll be to write the next chapter. Enjoy!

Star Guardian: Chapter 1

Junzhu guo

Avriel, a young girl with power magic, is sought out by the Government and on the run in an old ship with her siblings. They will do anything to harness her power. This first chapter may be slightly confusing but things will be clarified in later chapters.

The Vampire Caiman (4th in vamp series)

Brianna (Bree) Lawcock

Caiman's story, intertwined with chaos. updated with a few paragraphs at the very end! ^-^

Rose Chap. 1 (1st in vamp series

Brianna (Bree) Lawcock

Ths story of the vampire Rosa, chaotic as it is...o.o

Golden Brown - Chapter 1: A bad feeling

Diana Piedade

The story of three siblings bound by the magic running through their veins but torn apart by the magic outside their world.


Danielle Agar

This is a project I started for myself a very long time ago. I had intended to write a very deep story about sibling rivalry within a high fantasy elven culture framework. I never finished it, but someday, when I remember where I was going, I hope to come back to it.

Lost & Found ~ Prologue

Michelle Andersen

This is the start of my first *successful* attempt at REAL fantasy writing. High fantasy! It's my favourite thing to read, and i want soo much to write it.... This is the prologue, *newly* revised! And i'm currently starting work on the first chapters! (I'm going to be writing them two at a time, since every other chapter will focus on either of my main characters.) I'll post updates as soon as i can! Hope you enjoy! And please leave comments! (I'm not too confident of my HighFantasy writing ability, so any tips/critiques would be much appreciated!)

Swords of Unity and Daggers of discontent

Heather Nicholson

A young girl is takeing her brother to another town where he will recieve weapons training. Their guide is almost non-existent in the prolog. This story is also © Heather N. Nicholson.


Rena Swift

This is the story of Rona Ilymin, a young woman learning to be Ravlei, a manipulator of the elements.


Laura Weber

Fish, crickets... yeah. Something like that.This is an excerpt of a much longer piece, and then it isn't... I have this awful habit of editing things and changing aspects of the plot partially through a story, and often times have to start over and write the whole thing again with my changes, before even finishing the first... only to repeat the process a while later. Naturally, parts of the story get lost or discarded, and this is one of those pieces. I decided to put it up here, thinking it would work fine standing on its own. Not really so much of a great adventure as it is a few moments in the life of one of my characters... Written about a year ago, more or less. Haven't touched it since then... makes me all melancholy and sniffly to have found it.


Abby Goutal

Vignette: Ariane de Verraine takes out her aggressions.

Azura Sun, Chapter 1

Ethan Baker

Azura Sun is a mainstream, non-furry science fiction novella that I wrote in high school over five years ago. It is my first completed work. I'm currently in the process of updating and revising the whole book.

Prelude/Chapter One

Orin Gaskins

Hey you guys here is the prelude that I promised. The real chapter one comes after the prelude and it is separated by a bunch of these little thingies~~~~but anyway, Taron, the knight does his master's bidding by saving the children. The background: Dran is the oldest followed by the unnamed child, followed by the twins Zeke and Mira

Wild as the Wolf.

Ashley OConnell

it's just something that came to my mind.  There is more coming once I know where to take it. About two siblings that are shapeshifters.


Katie Barnes

Raeyne learns more about the family she is now living with and the city she is now living her life.In another land, turmoil and chaos begins to erupt, but how will this affect Raeyne now...

Shadows of the Past

Alicia Kilpatrick

This was a project for school, where we had to descriptively create a photo-moment using all the senses. I was in a pretty depressive mood when I wrote it, so it's kinda morbid, but.. I've done worse ^^; Anywho, I really don't like it as much as some other things I've (almost) written, but I got a 38 out of 40 on it, and Mr. Merrick liked it, so I guess that's what counts..


Jessica Jordan

Umm.. Yeah. Continuation. More to come! Working on it! Really! -- Updated for mistakes and stuff.

Chapter 4: Reunion

Krystal Chunaco

Chronicles of the Red Dragon IV: Reunion Events begin to take a startling turn and a ghost from Kaira's past rises to haunt her, revealing old scars and her worst fears.

The Rose. Chapter 1. Jitki

Ashley OConnell

The character Juliana finds a rose and is teleported to the world where she was born. Meets identical twin sister Jasmine who tells her she is an elf.

Chapter 2: Fern's Discovery

Anna Young

 Okay so here is the second chapter of my story. As always title ideas are more than welcome as well as any comments, criticism or suggestions. I realize that this is a pretty short chapter but it is very important to the story so bear with me. This is a rough draft, nowhere near being done so any errors you find I would love to hear. Knowing that it is a rough draft you will hopefully forgive me for saying that I have not yet gone over it to edit it. I really want to get everyone's opinion on it so when I finally do find time to edit it, along with the rest of the story, I have other perspectives besides my own. Well, I've talked enough for now, so enjoy!