The Black Diamond

Christopher Watkins

Queen Morion is captivated by a powerful, magical gem. With it, she can do just about anything. Without it, she meets the brink of insanity.

Siege of Fell Shield Ch3

Christopher Penney

The third chapter in my story, this is where some of the action begins.

The Maple Tree

Ian C. Sinclair

One of my stories about a character I've been writing about for a while named Garech. He's waiting for an attack on the town he's in, and he sees a huge, strange tree in the distance. There's something very unusual about that tree. A short chunk of something strange, I think I'll write another, longer version of it eventually.

The Siege Of Gaderlock: Part Two

James Mitchell

Concludes the events of the siege of Gaderlock.

Empire: Chapter I: Times of Change

Siegfried Baumann

Now, I know this looks very long, but even if you don't read the entire thing, I'd appreciate some comments. This the first chapter of a new idea I've had for a novel, and I'd really like to know what people think. I've got put up a hasty map, but it still incomplete in some places. So please leave some comments and tell me where to imrove. The idea for the story is basically like a medieval version of the Cold War, where two huge empires are engaged in a struggle for world domination, but both fear what will happen if they ever come to open war. So their battles are fought with pawns and innocents are caught in between.

Reaching the Apex... -Prologue

Jean-Philippe Savoie

This story features some elite commandos in what I like to call an 'alternate present'. Clarification: my life with extraordinarily advanced military technologies. Inspired a little from Halo and Republic Commando. Read this short text while listening to the music of one of these two games, it's pretty interesting, I think. Keep in mind that this is but a prologue, more will come.

The Heretic Wars Part IV: Apostasy

Jake Diebolt

Nihill, having discovered Desh Nikal's betrayal, has led his people in a brutal and ultimately futile campaign against Koyan and the Lord of Blood. Now, with Disphalia surrounded by enemy forces, it seems the Heretic nation will at last be destroyed...

The Great War Pt. 1

Michael Keith

I got this really cool idea when I was looking around in the art gallery of someone who drew a humaniod feline. I have no clue who he is, and I'm not ripping him off as I do not think a cat/human is an original idea (I saw them in bedknobs and broomsticks). Its the beginning to a new story, hopefully epic, that I'm working on.

Siege of Pallucia

Matt Zhan

A siege

The Fall of the Shar-kaiyan

Carl Anderton

A description of the Fall of the last monastery of Shakaian, besieged by their inhuman enemies. (This story was written quite a long time ago, and I keep meaning to come back and work on it again.)

The Youth of Keiros

Dario Domizioli

It is time for me to upload a new story, after six years of silence.This is the prologue to a novel I wanted to write, and which I started in 2008. Because of my inability to finish any long work, the novel project was eventually abandoned, but the prologue can stand out as a short story on its own, and it gives a brief glimpse into my fantasy world.Inspiration is mainly G.R.R. Martin, but less gritty and more high fantasy.

The Darkness Within

Sean Creasey

 A Short and currently rough story of a necromancer's visit to a city and the subsequent events.


Lee Twigger

The desperate struggle of a necromancer and his minions to survive a massive assault from the combined forces of all hie enemies

Test of a Hero

Tyler Yoder

This is a short story about a fateful attack on a city. It includes the fall of a mighty hero, and the beginning of another.

Appendix C: The Arcanian War

Emilie Finn

A brief description of the events leading to the death of Queen Ellena and exile of Princess Elizabeth.

Reaching the Apex... -Part 1

Jean-Philippe Savoie

This is the first part of the story Reaching the Apex... (duh!) It is kinda short because it is more of an introduction to explain what's going on and why there's war and what are the APEX troopers. Don't hesitate to put some comments, may it be positive or negative.

The Third Age - Prologue

Sam Wood

Prologue of my latest novel, which, if I ever get it finished, will not be called The Third Age. Tis a working title. Set in the real world, just one where everything magickal is real.

Godhunter Part V: Broken Empire

Jake Diebolt

The Sacred Campaign stands now before the walls of Ahnn, heart of the Empire. Weakened by starvation and plague, the city is ripe to fall. But the Godhunter cares not for plunder, only for the prey that lies within.

Shadows of the Dwarven Mountains - Prologue & Chapter 1

Lina Kay

A lone Knight's trials in the Everwinter Tundra ends. Alone, he pursues fate, forever stalked by the shadows of his tormented past.

50thC Part 4

Ben Ward

The fourth part of my story, and the first part of the next 'book' or 'section', call it what you will. After Sapphire's demise Cruor and Amber thought their life would return to some form of normality. They soon think again when the school is suddenly attacked by a nasty new group of villains, led by the powerful Atria with a sinister plot.