Flight of the Eagle - Chapter Two 'True Sight'

Sarah Liu

Like I mentioned in bio, this has been my big project lately. I only work on this when I'm inspired or have a sudden epiphany, which isn't too often =D. So, as you can imagine, this will probably take a long time to finish. Also, I read this over all the time, and I usually change a bunch of things in all the chapters, so it is by no means finished. If you have ANY suggestions at all, even a simple 'this sucks' (if you have a reason for it,) please, please, please tell me. Chapter Two brings Firian back home, shows Aralyn's dislike of magic, and her talent with it, the prophecy, and Zam's and Aralyn's dislike of each other.

The Gift of Sight Chapter Three

Scott Houston

Chapter three of 'The Gift of Sight'

Death's Rendition

Cayley Adams

Death is a creature blind as the night, with dark hooded features and masked to our sight.

A mysterious Road

Corrina Stonewall

Like all my stories, I hate this title! The html formatting kinda sucks, cause I don't really think that 'nethermind' website helps! That or I'm very slow...lol

Standby for Countdown...

Laura Wellington

This is a story about a captain who unwittingly angers his computer's intelligence, nearly ending up responsible for the death of his crew. In order to save them, he must outsmart the system. The only catch is... he's blind.

Prologue: In the Beginning

Brianne Hughes

Prologue of my other story 'Chapter 1: Meet the Family' Still in progress... I've been spending time away from my stories to see how they developped when I'm not looking. Critiques more than welcome!

True Sight Chapter One

Allisyn Bridges

I rewrote the story and merged the two parts.

Dragon Sight

Jenna Brager

This story was originally up on a web site called www.18below.com, but now all you happy people can read it.

The Gift of Sight Chapter Two

Scott Houston

Yuki's adventure continues

The Fallen Moon Part 13

Jake Diebolt

Now but two days' journey from the Moon, Sorrowdale's army has become increasingly demoralized and despondent. Broon gathers his captains around the Seer, hoping for some last-minute intelligence. What he gets is not exactly what he had in mind...

Farseer's Worry

Alycia J. Childs

A spin-off of RP done with Apis. Razuli and Ien, of whom she's done a few pictures. I'd advise anyone to visit her page--lovely, lovely, lovely. http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/loth/a/p/apis/apis.html

The Rose of Elyited Field

Amanda Johnson

In reading a book about flowers I found that the Daffodil was involved in a Welsh legend of the Elyited Field, or Field of the dead. It said that the flower once covered the ground of this such place and is now used in funerals

Given Words

Anna Mortensen

This is another glimpse into The Phoenix Cycle. It is more open plotted than Dark Salvation. Again, the main connection is the King of Balsar. Who, if you haven't figured it out, is primo bad guy #1. Well, at least it looks that way...who knows really... The primary objective of this story was to introduce Dashiva, an extremely important character. If you click her name you'll see the image my dear friend Sadia drew. Revised slightly 8/9/04.

Tunnel Vision

B. Landon Hurley

A small boy has the limited ability to see the future. But it is far more of a curse than a blessing...


Nicole Espinola

This is a short story I wrote for English class. The first section of it is a sort of midnight rambling I did during the summer, and I based the rest of the story off that.


Nicole Russo

An introduction and background of the First Races and the main character, Raynen. A small part of my story at large.

Split World

Clarissa Gaul

a girl with the ability too see the other world

Underhill, Chapter 1

Heather Heathen' Wright

OMMIGOD! It's actually NOT A PROLOGUE! Ommigodommigodommigod! And there's another chapter after this ommigod! Alright. Enough overreacting. This is a story about a boy and a girl and another girl. One of the girls is the boy's sister. She sees fae people. The other girl is a fae girl (or at least half). And the boy has to go with the girl who's not his sister so that he can save his sister from being tormented from the bad fae.

The Lamb

Gracia Soria

I bet it, you don't wanna know.

Mirror, Mirror

Alison McKenzie

A boy with the gift of magic and the curious profession of distinguishing the true magical items from the fake (for a price, of course) is not someone you should expect to hide your secrets from...