The Princess and the Dragon

Kent Cordray

This is a short story which we wrote in eighth grade and reedited in ninth. We think it is sun but is not at all serious. It is mostly just some silly fun and hopefully you will enjoy it. Gilia is primarilly responsible for this one.

The Dreamer - Poem

Julian 'Llos' Greene

This is a poem based slightly upon a story idea of mine of the same title. The story is currently unmolded clay, but its there, waiting for me to give it form. But about the poem... Well, I actually think I've already said all I can about it... So, enjoy!

Another Love

T. McKain

Written for a contest on Writersco (For the Love of It - every two or three months). There were lots of rules for this contest. The girl had to have a horrible temper. It had to be in the fantasy or scifi genre. I could only use the word 'the' 10 times. The girl had to have 'strawberry blond' hair. It had to be based off of a picture (provided at the contest). It had to be 500 words. I think that's all of the rules there were... :P Anyway, enjoy! It was fun to write!

Unstable Whim Flitters

Laura Watson

Tiny little flying sources of inspiration

Curses & Thieves (chapter one)

Christina Lovse

A curse placed on a princess turns her into a kleptomaniac. Now she must find the witch who put the curse on her before she destroys her family's honor completely. (comical fantasy)

The Bad Memory Song II (or, 'What Were You Thinking, Man?!?!?!'

Elizabeth Gerrow

Haha...this is the Medieval version of the original which I wrote while waiting for the internet to sort itself out...I was inspired while listening to Robbie Williams' 'Millemnium'.


Megan McCarthy

A short, satirical ballad from the point-of-view of the damsel-in-distress. My very first attempt at uploading something... *wince* I hope it works...

Vampire Counseling

Hannah Ringler

Vampire counseling is a rather silly take on vampires as a whole... I came up with it after reading a book titled 'The Vampire Gallery: A who's Who of the Undead' in an attempt to understand my friend's obsession with Creatures of the Night (actually, only one, who probably is known to those familiar with modern vampire tales. Y'know, Lestat.)

The Hat

Vicki Nemeth

Inspired by Bifrost's 'Mad Hatters On Parade'. At first, I thought it was too low quality to put here or to add to Bifrost. I should know better. It's not like this is an elitist twit gallery. I should have submitted this to them when I had the chance. Now I just want to have something else up here. I wrote this after weeks of trying to come up with something to give Bifrost. Finally, after pulling an all nighter, I blurted it out before dragging myself to bed. That evening, I posted it on WritersCo, parading 'sleep deprivation' as a helpful writing exercise. Written on May 30, 2006. Note for Mods: My previous upload of this story had a bug regarding my use of no-break spaces. I've since removed those.

The Prophecy of Snarfblat

Kathleen Ruhl

This is a very strange tiny story I wrote in college. It's meant to be silly and fun, nothing deep or serious about it.  It deals with a talking seahorse and a prophecy about the world.

The Wooing of Urielle

Becky Gerdel

About my character Ghost Angels parents. Edited somewhat for content.

The Cursed Wallet

Jennifer Watkins

During summer school, I had some really dumb english assignments. Since I'm actually very smart in english, and only failed the stupid class in the first place because of attendance, I was a genius in the class. Heh..We had to write a story starting with 'On my way to 7-11 I found a wallet on the ground.' Well, most people wrote whether or not they kept it. I, kinda took a different route...

A Sequel Is Absolutely Absurd

John Pettit

Captain Jester and Gilbert are at it again. This time, they are off to the deepest parts of Africa in search for the Sacred Walrus once again. Can the two absent-minded heroes manage to find and return the walrus (again)?

Dolphin Quest

Chiya Pike

Spontaneous... Spontaneous stories are always the best :)

Flying Dragon Airlines

Lara Mattison

Air travel, fantasy-style. The story is loosely based on real life events. I really don't like flying. There is a picture of the narrator, Karia, here.

'Fluffy' or “How did a Space Cat end up in the Lost City of Atlantis anyway?”

Lara Mattison

Once upon a time, my school had a creative writing club where writing actually got done. A game we liked to play was one where we drew a character, a job, a place, and a situation. I drew 'Space Cat', 'Door to door salesmen', 'The lost city of Atlanatis' and 'Having a full stomach from lunch'. It ended up as this very silly story.

Bite Chapter 8

Amory Koch

Massacre! *ehem* Gatter gets some action, Zara gets some too, everyone is confused and nabbing people and such... what fun!

Practice Makes Perfect

Michelle Krantz

Took me about 15 minutes to write late at night. Inspired by my best friend's story. It involves 'The Rules And Protocol Of Civilized Living' or something close to that. Basically every fairy tale you've ever heard.

Good Always Wins

Renae DuHaime

A short limerick about a demon who tries to assasinate his angelic sons.

Free your mind

Philip Skipper

A silly poem about the joys of fantasy.