Chapter 1: Simon's First Adventure

Daniel Cyr

This is gonna be the first chapter of my first book: Simon's First Adventure. Now I KNOW it sounds a bit like a kids book, with that title, but it's all I could think of. Anyway, this was actually all roleplayed, but I just added a bit of flavour, to add to the story. Otherwise it'd be cheesy. Enjoy!!

Chapter Three: The wondering Mountain

Abbey Fitting

chapter three in my Gatekeeper chronicals. I managed to finish it! Its pretty short, Raven stays passed out the whole chapter but we Meet Eric, prince of the Darke, hear of Greyowl and finally get to see our very own gate. Also more references to the 'evergate' (remember the prolog? hmm..wonder whats with that anyway...) Hehe, enjoy.


Katie Hallahan

The beginning of a story about a woman named Kaedra and her love, Simon. It begins with the attempted righting of a city government, which ends up going horribly wrong...

Chapter 5: Urendox Puts His Feet Up

Ian Plumb

Urendox reveals to Charlotte what he has learned regarding recent events.

Chapter 40: Deadly Decisions

Ian Plumb

Rana reveals her plan to those at the Tour du Soleil.

Chapter 48: The Maros Unmade

Ian Plumb

Those aboard the Maros attempt to flee as the great barge is unmade.

Chapter 26: The Maros Comes Into View

Ian Plumb

The enemy vessel makes its long awaited appearance -- and the end is nigh for Macon.

Chapter 31: In the Eye of the Tornado

Ian Plumb

Simon seeks to secure the safety of those within the Tour du Soleil while things go from bad to worse at Saint Christophe.

Chapter 34: Revenge of the Bureaucrat

Ian Plumb

The Maros tests the defenses of the Tour du Soleil while Findegal tests Rana's patience.

Chapter One: Darkness Within

Abbey Fitting we go. Raven, all grown up and completely unaware that her insanity is not insanity at all but a combination of her magic trying to break free, warning's that the bad guy is on his way and the gates trying to contact her.

Chapter 3: Urendox Finds Cause for Concern

Ian Plumb

Urendox investigates by proxy and finds something disturbing indeed.

Chapter 2: Death Hides a Tale

Ian Plumb

Recovered from their journey our intrepid Players of Cartélan are encouraged to investigate an unusual occurrence.

Chapter 13: The Shadow Plane

Ian Plumb

The Abbott of Maw guides our heroes to the Shadow Plane. Celedur receives the insight he requires to defend Macon.

Chapter 14: Beastmen Take Their Toll

Ian Plumb

Our heroes rescue a lone fugitive from pursuing Beastmen but not without cost.

Chapter 7: The Rat Leaves An Impression

Ian Plumb

Urendox takes a mighty wound while Rana reveals another layer to the mystery.

Chapter 30: The Harlequins Unleashed

Ian Plumb

The Harlequins dance as news of the Prince's approach reaches Rana.

Chapter 37: The Harlequin Arrives

Ian Plumb

A Harlequin arrives at the Tour du Soleil and begins to dance...

Chapter 47: The Ritual Completed

Ian Plumb

Rana completes the ritual upon the deck of the Maros while Heather returns to Simon's side.

The Challenge

Sabrina Stanphill

This story was written as part of the great muse strawberry challenge given to me by Star Black and Draco Malfoy.

Chapter Two: The Whispering Roses

Abbey Fitting

I hate this chapter, i hate everything about it, but untill i finish the rest of the book/story i cant do anything about it at all. I would leave it off except you guys need to at least know what happens that the cracks. There is a lot more here then meets the eye (i hope you noticed :-)) I promis better chapters to come!