The Fairies of the Dawn

Anniina Jokinen

The Diva of the Deep

Christine Randolph

The siren Aria is a singing sensation in ancient Greece and has the ego to prove it. But it's not true that she lip-syncs to some of her own songs is it? Written for Bifrost's 'Paparazzi of the Woods' project

Last Plainsrunner

Ryan Gray

This makes no sense whatsoever. I have a continual vision in my mind of a woman who is mourning something. And there are certain songs that I hear that trigger that image, and more and more comes into focus as I listen. But only certain songs will work, and it seems it is strongest the first time. This makes no sense whatsoever. Maybe one day I'll understand.


Rachel Armstrong

This is a prologue for what I hope will eventually become a much longer story. Ariana walked into my head and brought her world with her, but I haven't figured out exactly what I'm going to do with her yet. Still, I like to think the prologue by itself is pretty decent. ; )

Windsinger, part 2

Rachel Armstrong

Hoo boy. As if Shadow-Dancing wasn't enough of a needlessly lengthy story that doesn't know when to quit, here comes another one . . . although this one is shaping up to be way, way, way less dark, evil, and all-around sick. : )

Introduction: The Cleric

Jakob Pedersen

This is an introduction to Andolph, the Cleric, one of four characters in an upcoming series about an adventuring party.

Writers Block

Risiart Lloyd

A poem about a poor bard (who shares many real life problems to myself) who can't get his songs to work!

The Voice

Jessica Burton

This story was inspired by 'Stay With Me' by Shakespeare's Sister. They're 80's, its ok if you havent heard them. I think you should though they're great. Anyway, used my character Loreia for this story and her husband Farilan. Their love knows no bounds...

Siren Song (1)

Jamie Brewer

I'm glad to have been honored with the chance to attend the New York State Summer Young Writers Institute last summer on Silver Bay in Lake George, NY. For anyone stoping by who was there and remembers, three cheers for *fanfare* FICTION MAN! *giggle*, AKA Bill Patric, along with Poetry Woman (Kathy Aguero) and Realisim Boy (Richard Hoffman). Siren Song is one of the products of my week there, a twist on the old greek myth (think the Sirens from _The Oddesy_)

The Sound Of Resonance - Chapter 1 - Valator

Emanuella "Discordian" Kozas

Many people have seen Alkhiliel in my art gallery here in Elfwood so I decided to start posting her story slowly so that you can get a better idea of her character. This is just the first chapter of the book and so far its gotten some good reviews. Hopefully it will be getting more. Enjoy and I really hope you all like it.

Moon Song (Poem)

Tina Andersen

Flip! Another poem... Oi, I really have to get cracking on some of my stories... Anyway, this is about, well, werewolves, sort of. Ahem - enjoy! Oh, and the weird rhythm is *completely* on purpose! Yup, definatly, mm-hmm! *Whistles innocently*

Awakening: Chapter One

Elizabeth Fitzgerald

For all those of you out there- particularly Sarah Hogan- who enjoyed the prologue. Here's a little taste test to keep you tided over. Your feedback has been very much appreciated and continues to be so. My biggest fan tells me that this is tending towards a little too much detail. Opinions, anyone? **UPDATE 23/2/2003** Here is the first completed version of Chapter One. This still hasn't taken into account Sarah and Andrea's very valid point, because I am still not convinced that it applies when viewing the story as a whole instead of on a chapter by chapter basis. But if you disagree, by all means.... comment away **UPDATE 28/2/2003** I just wanted to say how blown away I am by the fantastic response to this piece. It truly is an honour. For those of you who are joining us through the Moderator's Choice link, I should point out that there is actually a prologue over the page to this piece, although it's not really necessary to find out what is going on

Dragon's Song

Jacqueline(Jackal) Pirtle

about the dragons, again one of my older poems.

The Lone Wild Heart: Chapter 12 - Beyond the Dust and Ashes

Christina Stoppa

Hmm... what to say about this chapter. It took forever to write. It was so hard to find the right words. I hope I finally did. The quotation which is in bold italics is from the bible. Its from 1 Corinthians 15: 55. Since this biblical chapter inspired me to write so much of this story, I thought it was fitting for me to include part of it in my text.

Travels of a Muse

Tambra Lindstrom

Another chapter in the Deasrei Forestine Tale.

Windsinger, part 3

Rachel Armstrong

Finally finished it! Yay! I know it's long, but I couldn't find a good place to split it up. C'est la vie. Btw, I know Ariana's 'everyone is rich but me' angst is going to get really old really fast, so don't worry. It's not going to be nearly as heavy after this chapter.

Holy War

Shawn Reed

Ok, first thing's first- I wrote this as lyrics to a song. More specifically, this is meant to be a rock/heavy metal song, though I have no way of coming up with the instrumental part. You should, hopefully, feel the pulse of the rhythm... and if anyone is capable, and would actually like to use the lyrics, feel free to contact me about it.


Amy Williams

The tremulous voice of the city as understood by a girl who has tasted every flavor of rain. Insane or painfully observant? A young woman's struggle with reality, dogma, beauty, destruction, love and the possibility of living. Brilliant.... Written 2001.

Dark Legacies: Chapter 5 - Trial of Blood

Walt aka 'Ryder Salice'

The elf raised by humans, Lorna Lan'Droe, travels to the forest of the Draule elves. She will eventually have to fight for her very life and much more.

The Duel

Sara Dungavell

Another creative name for a story from writer's craft, you'll also notice I've written a bunch about fairies, I was on a fairy bent for a bit.