Siren's Song

Ruena Houck

A poem telling the story of a man being led to his doom by a siren.

Siren's Song: Links

Emily Ratka

second part of the prelude. Enjoy

Alera-Chapter 2

Matthew Gardner

A new character, I think I almost like him better than Kelnay, we'll see though.

Sirenous Serenade

Elizabeth Steen

There is a beautiful mermaid image I found for this poem. You can find her at 2nd down on left

Character Sketch: Jonieli su'Thazanand

Heather Heathen' Wright

An experiment! Since it seems that my talent lies in creating characters as opposed to, you know, actually writing them a story to be in, I figured I would start the novel-writing process by doing a series of character sketches of my newest plot-less main character. The idea is that if I do this, it might help me get a really firm grip on the character and her traits, which would help me decide how she'd react in any given situation, which would hopefully help me come up with some situations for her to be in! And of course, since nobody likes to read a boring old list of character traits (and I don't want to write a boring old list of character traits), I shall be putting this in prose form. Think of it as sort of a prologue to her life.


Vanessa Merritt

Well, I don't normally write about vampires, but the typical blood-sucking monster was irritating me. If anyone wants to see the illustration of her, have a look at my fantasy gallery, titled 'Siren'.

The Siren

Emma Kathryn

A siren just doing her thing and luring men into you do... Inspired by the Jessica Galbreth painting of the same name. She's such a fantastic artist. I did a whole load of poems based on her art for the poetry competition she runs. Seriously I think I did about 7 pieces for that one competition!

The Diva of the Deep

Christine Randolph

The siren Aria is a singing sensation in ancient Greece and has the ego to prove it. But it's not true that she lip-syncs to some of her own songs is it? Written for Bifrost's 'Paparazzi of the Woods' project

Song of a Siren

Artemis Heart

She sang men to their deaths, but never willingly...

Twilight Siren

Sarah Cosco

A beautiful Twilight Siren captures the eye of a young farm boy. But is she an illusion?

The Two Travelers

Madeline Holven

Two lifelong friends must struggle to get their message to the King. My friend T.J. helped me on this one.


Mary-Melissa Wilzewski

The first of three 'femme fatale' poems (The second is Medusa - Fleeting Touch, the third hasn't been written yet). The legend of Sirens is pretty well known, but do you ever think of what would go through a sailor's mind when he is under the spell of the song? Sometimes, under such magic, there are worst things than death...

Sirens Song

Jacquie Wilson

A siren sings her song to a sailor.

A Whimsical Story

Raquel Boyce

A novice writer attempts to introduce to the reader the fantastic creatures that inhabit his household.


Brian Buckley

About time I did another fantasy poem, eh? The title comes from the word 'synoptic,' which means (among other things) 'presenting a general and combined view of the parts of a whole.' As always, comments are welcome.

Siren Song (1)

Jamie Brewer

I'm glad to have been honored with the chance to attend the New York State Summer Young Writers Institute last summer on Silver Bay in Lake George, NY. For anyone stoping by who was there and remembers, three cheers for *fanfare* FICTION MAN! *giggle*, AKA Bill Patric, along with Poetry Woman (Kathy Aguero) and Realisim Boy (Richard Hoffman). Siren Song is one of the products of my week there, a twist on the old greek myth (think the Sirens from _The Oddesy_)

The Siren's Song

Natalie Paquette

We read 'Ulysses' by Tennyson today in my Poetry class, and began discussing the man the poem was about. There's a myth about how he was sailing by a place where sirens were known to call sailors to their death, and how he had all of his men put beeswax in their ears so they wouldn't be tempted, but he had himself tied to the mast of the ship so he might learn their song and not be pulled to them in the process. Supposedly, he's the only man to have heard the Siren's Song and live. .. So I got to thinking what the Siren's Song might be, and I composed my own. It was purposefully written in simple trimeter quatrains in the hope that one day I will be able to actually come up with a tune and sing this myself... (for a laugh, if nothing more.) - Illustration is a photo manipulation of myself - for a larger version and more info, check it out here in my Art gallery.

The Siren's Calling

Kate Inquisition

This is about a Siren who sinks a ship of men by singing (pretty standard)but then ironically feels remorse afterward for the lives she's wasted. (6.4.03)


Kortnee Bryant

A shortish poem that my husband says is creepy. What do you think?

i can't

susiejo maloon

ok i did this for my *Sniffels* ex-boyfriend but i never gave it to him it's about a siren who is in love with a human boy but is afrade to tell him in fear that he might hurt her