The Beginning of a Legend Chapter One

Deborah Postma

A legend among the elves is retold...(This chapter is not quite finished, but will be soon)

* Scratching Amber (for Brandi)


If anyone was wondering why, exactly, Millace is such a sarcastic jerk when he meets Securen, (no, believe it or not, it's not genetic), this is the beginning of the answer. If anyone has no idea who Millace is, I suppose it doesn't matter much. This, is for my friend Brandi, and excelent writer in her own right who has a fondness for Millace that matches even my own.Post Scriptum: Clan of the Owl, the tale in which Securen and Millace appear, is currently down for repairs. I am leaving this up because I consider it interesting in its own right, if depressing.

A Small Exchange

Renee Landkamer

A short blip of palace life. Quiet typical of Alaric and Kendra

Star Kitty: The Legend of Felindoria

Avery Ashlyn' Thompson

In search of his sister, Star learns the Legend of Felindoria, the place where all cats originated, a story most special to black cats.

Chosen Gifts - Prologue

Carrie Miller

This is the prologue to Chosen Gifts (working title), a novel I have been writing since eigth grade (9 years). The story has gone through about 5 major revisions, but heart of the story has always been the same. Mists will be longer soon, but this is the bare bones giving a small history to Eilayna, the main character, and her sister Joilynn.

The Enchantresses' Powers

Amarantha Dyuaaxchs

At the end of a war of the world, two sisters try to resolve differences to their own benefit.

Origins of the Kingdom

Tina Andersen

(Incest warning on this one...) Oh, yikes... About this story: I've worked for two years developing the world these two inhabit, and I'm actually quite proud of it. Of course there are many other countries and cultures. Just to explain, the characters are Emperor Aghanim and Princess Aghamay, both of the empire Lemania. The palace they reside in is referred to as the Golden Palace, hence the mention. Semlit is part of three-men Lord General's council, the highest authority in the military, and Elin is but a lowly cadet, the lowest rank. Elin is also the biggest creep ever, but you didn't hear that from me. :D


Melissa Lewis

This is another short story I wrote for my writting class. It's more along the lines of a young adultish story. I don't really want to say a childrens story, because it is bloody. They short story could also be the first chapter to a much longer sotry.


Marie Raven

A brief sort of legend spawning from true happenings in the lands of Tyresin Aeles. Note: It's still in its rough stages.

Gateway ch. 3

Aryeh White

If Kathya would just listen to her brother, things would go so much easier. Of course, that would make the story that much more boring.

Gateway ch. 1

Aryeh White

The very begining to a story set in a universe I have been pondering for a long time. I do the best I can to give you an idea of when and where this is happening. The reason why the charactors don't like being outside is because they have lived all but a few hours of their lives indoors. In later parts, more will be on this and its bad effects.

Miss Winter Chapter 2

Reetta Järvenpää

I wanted to continue Darla's story. Well actually I would've wanted to write about the relationship of Darla and Misty, but since Misty's dead, I can't.

Ghost Story

Syndal Pagniello

A story about a girl who meets a ghost who can change himself into a cat at will. What kind of relationship is this?!

The Outlaws

Deborah Postma

This story is about a brother and sister duo who lead a band of outlaws, defying the 'evil queen.' Its somewhat humerous.

Flesh Of Her Flesh (poetry)

Elethia Rex

A poem about a vampiress feeding on someone who was close to her during her mortal life.

7. Dawn's Search

Twyla McKee

Another story from the legend of Fairrin. A young fairy goes into the human realms, searching for her lost twin. She finds love instead... ~A Story from the Land of Fairrin~

All Is Fair... (continued)

Kelly Crawley

The full story was a bit long when I finished it, so I decided to put the second half of it in another space.

All Is Fair...

Kelly Crawley

This story was inspired by a sketch by Gary Triplett (Loth g32), 'Death Blow.' He asked viewers what they thought is happening in it, and I came up with this story based upon what I thought. (3974 A.L.)

Touched by fate

Jen OCarroll

A brief exerpt from my Sister races project explaining the origin of their Lord's seer-like abilities and the role Fate plays within the Sister races pantheon.

One Final Test

Jimmy Knioum, Jr.

Part one of the 'Two Paths' arc. Sister Elene, an acolyte of an order of warrior nuns, faces her final trial before earning her shield.