To Have Wept. Chapter III.

Charly Strawberry

This chapter may be about falling in love... or trying not to fall in love... or hiding from love.. or something.

To Have Wept. Chapter II.

Charly Strawberry

This chapter is probably one of the most important and yet one of the most simple and non-eventful. I think it gets easier to read from here on... ^.^

The Second Slipper

Sara Bean

The plotting and intrigue continue! Este and Arimela still try to win both the heart of a Prince and a future...

The Seven Sisters of the Fountain

Bella Feine

When we first moved to France, my mother met this crazy american lady, and she invited us one evrning to go to a donkey farm. I thought that it would be boring as heck, but got dragged along. After being stuffed full of goats cheese and homemade bread, this french story teller came out infront of everyone. then he told something along the linesw of this, although his was a lot better I'm sure, because I lost the plot about twice and didn't understand the majority of the words...still it was a magical story, and hearing it told under the stars is an experience like no other...

Into The Dark (comtinued)

Summer Latimer's more of my story...I like how it is turnning out so far

Sight and Song: Prologue

Miriam Plachta

This is my second (and much-changed) draft of the introduction to the Hakka thread of Sight and Song. I've slimmed it WAY down, and am concerned that the segments I've stuck together don't really flow. These snapshots are currently the prologue simply because they happen 6 years before everything else (except the last scene) which may not be the best reason. Please let me know what you think, be brutally honest, and feel free to make suggestions.

Miss Winter Chapter 3

Reetta Järvenpää

The story continues...

Miss Winter Chapter 5

Reetta Järvenpää

This has been written for about a year now. Finally I got it traslated. Hope you like it.

The Wisteria Bush

Abigail Fero

A sister not destined for humanity

The Monarch Sisters: Chapter One

Katrina French

Three young witches go on a quest. This is the first chapter of what eventually will be a novel.

True Love Chapter 3

Christopher McGee

In this chapter, meet a familiar face... Along with couple of scary ones.

Jewels of Rowan: Prologue

Dianna Draper

It is about the adventures and trials of four royal sisters that posses special gifts.

Miss Winter Chapter 1

Reetta Järvenpää

My Ilkka asked me to write him a story. So, I wrote this one, based on the finnish writing exercise a.k.a prologue.


Charity Harrell

It can be a bleak future and an unhappy one of you heavily rely on the internet--too much... This tells the story of two girls living in a future where the world uses the internet for everything.

Binnorie, or, Another Version of an Old, Old Song

Hannah Ringler

It occurred to me one day while sitting at the computer that it was always the elder, dark daughter that was nasty in this ballad, no matter which version you heard. Retellings have been written, but not one ever thought the poor girl might have been the innocent one in the case. Bah! Minstrels. (In case you can't tell, I am an elder sister with darker hair...)

Cruel Sister

Maja Ilisch

A modern-day version of an old folksong, also known by the name »The Two Sisters« or »Binnorie«. You'll find the tune for this one on the Pentangle-CD »Cruel Sister«.

To Have Wept. Chapter I.

Charly Strawberry

This is quite a long story. So it's obviously pretty difficult to read all at once - That is why I have broken it up into chapters. I've since made changes to this, as I had some complaints of it being a bit wordy. And I agreed. I'll update the other chapters, too, eventually. I hope it's more 'user-friendly' now. ^^ I tried to keep the original aims in place, however. It's kind of poetic and pretty to read. That's what I hope, anyway. Woo. Enjoooy.

The Sisters

Diogo Teles

I wrote this as an attempt do describe what went through my mind when I looked at a drawing made by Ana N. Cosme She asked me to write a story about it and this is what came out. After reading the story please take a look at the the last reflection- :)

A Sister's Story

Melissa Rust

Sudden burst on inspriation due to lack of stories on Elfwood. Its based on our rpg characters. My character is Ebany and this is told from her point of view. Her sister is Areona, who is my friend Krista. (Luv ya gurl!) Well Ary and Eb are complete opposites. But hey come to love each other and this is thier finest hour.


Nicole Bonney

Let's see, this another story I started. And you really wonder why none of my stories are ever uploaded finished. I wrote this because my stupid sister was really making me mad, so I made her the 'villain' of the story, the blond haired sister. I suppose that would make me the main character, but she really is nothing like me. Oh well, tell me if you like it. ;)