Meeting Demuri: possible COD chapter

Danielle Staab

This may or may not be included in the final cut of COD. Here Memnoch meets Demuri, a dragon cursed to live out his days as a horror. This was inspired by a pic at the WickedMoon card site. Check it out, but don't let that dragon fool you, Memnoch looks nothing like that.

The Reaper

Ian C. Sinclair

Well, this is a poem I wrote a couple of years ago and forgot about. I just recently thought of it and decided it was suitable. Moo-san.

Skeleton's Dance

sammy sims

They are inside us all. When we fear them, we fear ourselves.

The dead poet

Vetle Lidal

This is what happens when you listen to Billy Joel and Nightwish in close session. This story is about a musican who encounters a cloaked stranger, telling him a tale of a unlucky poet, and tells him to finish a poem. Purley coincident, right?

Skeleton Dance

Megan Crewe

I wrote this poem a few years ago, but it's still one of my favourites. I was trying to write a love poem that didn't sound like any other love poems I'd read, and this imagery came to mind.

Evil on the Horizon

Matt Cole

The third installment in my apparently well-liked Gareth series. Read on, as the plot thickens... (scary music cue) :)

A Pile of Bones

Tina Olsson

A rather (if I may say so myself) musical poem about a walking skeleton. Shall I define this poor thing as living dead or simply not natural? (February 2008)

One of Those Nights

Sofie H. Tholin

A quiet little story dealing with the undead. And a grave digger.


Amarantha Dyuaaxchs

For long periods of time, this is my favorite song. When it's my favorite song, I often write another verse. The first and the three last stanzas always remain in those positions, so if you don't want to read the whole thing (I think it's 180 lines now), read those four and comment. I regard this as a parody of how Hallowe'en is sometimes perceived.


David Nusse

This is the revised version of Crimson Skies Part 1. I decided to change the title and keep it as a stand alone short story.

Little horror event

Jennifer Hofmeister

I had a sort of morbid trip the evening I wrote this.


Michael Walker Esq.

My first poem to appear on Elfwood is not that great. It's inspired by the song, whose name it shares.


Elie Pearson

Everyone needs to upgrade eventually.  Even Death.

Year of the Dead, Teaser

Aaron Peet

The opening three chapters for the second volume in The Legend of Trueblade saga. It may reveal some details you shouldn't know before reading the first book, but there is alot more you won't know anyway.

Skeletons in the Closet

Stephanie Maynard

I'm so proud of myself! I wrote my first ghost story! Cranked it out in an hour last night. Hooray to sleep deprivation!!! One day I might add some more of that lovely poetry from the begining to the end, when I can come up with so mew stanzas. Meh. Just rember; the little girl is the victim of the story. Her parents abused her mentally and physiclly throughout her life. ::sniff:: My poor little characters, I always make them suffer. One day they're gonna leap out of the page and strangle me for doing these kinds of things. ::realizes she's rambling:: Um, yeah, do anyway, here's my product of boredum and ignoring my homework! Tell me what you think ;) ::does happy elvin dance::

Midnight at the Cemetary

Paul Jackson

An adventurer seeks entrance to the catacombs one night...

Jack, Part 1 (The Dragon Bandit)

Heather Carey

 So, I have decided to change the first chapter of my book. This is no longer the first chapter, but I thought I might keep it anyways. Please, please, PLEASE tell me what you think! Feedback - I must have it!Silastrix- female half-dragon woman. Smythe's best friend. No one else in the guild knows that she's a girl, because it would've made things harder for her to have gotten to be a member in the first place.Smythe- Looks a little like Ghostrider. If Smythe knew who Ghostrider was, he would reply with a good amount of indignation that he is NOT a THING like him. Yes, and he has the personality of the charming Skulduggery Pleasant. *Yay!* (This is NOT a fanfic of either of them!!)Mortal Coil- Creepy as all hells. You'll see him later.Lord Soth- The AMAZINGNESS. Inspired by Valen Shadowbreath. (Not a NWN or HotU fanfic either!!) You'll see him later. Named after a friend of mine. The guild is also named after a friend's idea.Kyto- A regular idiot. :)Amyranth- Guildmaster previous to Mortal Coil. Did he really go insane? Or did he know something the others didn't? He's a mix of crazy, sadistic, funny, bloodthirsty, and plain weird.Now, read on! :)


Lee Twigger

The desperate struggle of a necromancer and his minions to survive a massive assault from the combined forces of all hie enemies

Wolfstone's Journal - Calling All Heroes

Timothy Pontious

I'm still a little surprised since this is my first Mods Choice, and only my second item submitted to Elfwood. I want to thank everybody who stopped by with something kind to say! Every adventure starts out somewhere. This short intervention by a bard probably started a half dozen to say the least.

1 The Charcoal Beach

Jose Cruzpagan III

This is the first chapter of a Short story that will proceed my epic tale 'Perilous Quest'. It will eventually tell the origins of several important characters that will have far reaching influence upon the world of my story. Really this is the first time I've ever seriously tried stretching my creative writing muscles so please tell me what you think. This chapter introduces The Lich Barrow and the young girl Azalea Ballard. I finally got around to updating this piece based on the comments I recieved Hopefully you'll find a much smaller number of mistakes now. ^_~ Enjoy. =^_^=