Castle in the Sky

Aaron Fredericks

This poem is a little simple. And a little juvenile. If you don't like it, fine! Read something else. Of mine. Preferably. J/K Enjoy the poem. Written February 16, 1998.

Hearts of Space

Aaron Fredericks

In this poem I wrote several years ago for a class, a young soul looks into the heavens, and the heaven look back, granting him a companion and magnificient journey

Misadventures Three: Darkness

Pamela Lehmann

After Book Two: Lies, we now return to Tulomon Willenello the Elf and Iggle Miffkins the Ipah (halfling). This story picks up from the goat (last line of Book One) and adventure that followed...

Mother Sky

Chelsea Schetzle

A story within a poem, it's about the elements...

Empathy Part 5

Alia Jory

Rial and Kynthia hop over the cliffhanger, cover some distance, and (finally) actually access those textbooks they risked their lives for. This is all I have right now, and as my sis has been bugging me to re-finish my main story, it'll probably stay this way for a while. Unless I get overwhelming numbers of comments...?

As the werewolf howls

Juan III

Ever wonder what you hear, in the howls at night? Not all are dogs, you see. Some, once had words, and if you listen closely enough, you can hear them in the wailing howl...

The Sun Sprite and the Moonbeam Fairy

Anniina Jokinen

Pink-ish Blue-Yellow

Ella Kaminski

I wrote this at 1am at night. I know it is not the best, but take in account that I created it in 10 minutes huddled a dark corner of my room. I do not know what came over me or inspired me to write it, but all I know is that when I put my pen on the paper, it just started flowing from me.

The Queen of the Forest

M Khan

This is the first fantasy poem i have made... its how i perceive the beatiful unicorn

The Eyes of a Unicorn

Imelda Weijers

I was browsing the Elfwood Galleries when I came across a beautiful image by Marie E. Bird. It inspired me to write this poem. I'd like to thank her for creating this inspiring image and giving me permission to use it. Please take some time to visit her gallery (click here).

Tiny Silver Birds

Laura Watson

Whilst going about my business in the forest I discover one of the strange sky-people. This one is stranger than most and seems to have a tale to tell.


Jacqueline(Jackal) Pirtle

I was bored one day...

Demons of Eld

Mikael Svensson

This is the tragic introduction of the demons of Eld. Once Gods.. and perhaps... once again...

Eyes of Sky

Lydia Fleming

This is one of my newest stories. I wrote it for a friend's b-day. It is a little more romancy than I usually write. The plot is good though. If you have read 'A Lesson' and enjoyed it, you'll probably like this one too. Have fun! And keep smiling.

Tentative Theory of Creation

Abigail Oakley

It's tentative, because I've been working on it for about two weeks, I still don't have the final names for a few of the Gods and it seems to keep changing. Anyway, this is the background for my story. Atleast the creation of the Earth and the Pantheon of Gods/Goddesses that are worshipped in it. You know, there will be a prophecy and a mortal love story, yadda yadda. Hehe. Alright, so if there are any questions or ideas for names PLEASE let me know, it would be greatly appreciated.

First Flight

Dasha Mouraveyko

A free poem. I wrote it after I finished reading 'The Giver'.

Poem: Elements

Athene Grele

This is just a random little poem about spirits. I dug it out of last year's school notebook, revised it, and decided to post it.

The Dragon Night

Alison McKenzie

A simple dragon poem . . .

Brianna (Part II)

Jessica Burton

Part two.

Fate's Beginning Chapter 2

Bri Smart

This is the second chapter of Fate's Beginning. Each chapter focusses mainly on one of the four main characters. This one focusses on Taela, a Valkyrie who lost her wings.