Vorlana's Past - Part 4

Christine Augustus

Hurts heal as a vampiress finds welcome and perhaps love; dark clouds threaten to shatter her fragile peace.

A Blood Red Moon

Annie Snyder

A story of revenge and hate. Who do you think is right?

The War to be Won

Emma-Jane Smith

Future war against an alien race... but war is never clear cut, atrocities are made by both sides. Meet Alexi. She's a soldier in a future war.

L'Histoire du Chevalier (ch 6)

Lynn Hodges

Chapter six - almost there. Here it is, the ever important confrontation chapter...

Purest Of Demons

Amanda Williams

This is a story about a demon who once was an angel, but throughout his life as a human and an angel hes held alot of anger, and made a lot of bad choices. This goes on the therory that God is two beings one female one male. If your very religous and hold God in high esteem then DO NOT read this. It bashes god somewhat. Its a bit cruel and holds alot of anger (to my perspective) but what can I say that was the mood I was in.

Human Of Slaughter

Dieter Janssens

A Human tells about his days as a warrior, and he regrets that he can't have a decent life.

Dark Hunter - Chapter 1 Part One

Judith Mayr

1500 years ago, Eve was human. This is the beginning of her story... the beginning of 1500 long years of hunting a man.

The Legion

Jessica Cannon

Roman soldiers are ruthlessly hunted down and killed by something in the deepest, darkest forest of Scotland. Based on the way the Scots drove back the Roman forces, and a true story where the Romans stumbled upon a slaughtered scouting party. Of course, in the true story, it was only celts killing them, but in this one...

Wolf Blood Chap. 1

Maureen Frykberg

The first encounter with living humans and Wolves. And the first taste of steel and bodily pain.

A Secret Place

Evan Penn

A short story, or rather begining, i wrote on a camping trip...Just to clarify, the battle in the background is between a small town and a tribe of trolls...and i'm still undecided whether the child is an elf or not....hmmm....

The Awakening: Prologue: Demon History

Joanne Barnden

goes on after the dragyn history- for once you have one account, you must have the other... many of the evil ones come from here...

Dark Justice: Chapters 4-6

Leigh Me

After saving the mousy Helen from her perverted captors,Justice resolves to help the 'newly sent away,' as they call those sentenced to that prison which her streets have become, acclimate to her new prison surroundings by taking her to Justice's mentor, Suarez. He had taken her in as a child as he did so many others. Surely he would know what to do with this one. But upon reaching the home she finds the walls freshly sprayed with her orphan siblings' blood. A complete massacre. And the young ones herded away save her dimwitted 9 year old brother, Keito who with his ability to contort into small spaces had hidden himself away while the massacre took place. Leaving them asking, 'Why?' and swearing revenge.

Symaira: Chapter eleven

Sarah Kerr

As the dark mages seek to destroy the rebels and the temple, they unintentionally join forces on Danae's word, desperate to save their city and people from evil

Dragonsong - Chapter 1

Jay Morris

Chapter 1 of the 'Dragonsong' epic poem. I chose a female main character because I felt like experimenting. Or maybe I was female in another life...

Dimitri's Discovery

Angela Kingston-Smith

Dimitri the felinnae-fela (anthropomorphic wildcat) is a peddler, travelling the countryside with only his llama, Babe and the magpie jay, Rumour, for company. And he is about to make a most unpleasant discovery...

the elven slaughter

Ben leslie

the wanderer shows his immense strength in this battle scene that i want to know whether or not works.

Holst's Jupiter: Chapter One

Mike Prescott

Yay! I have FINALLY gotten around to rewriting poor little Nimpor! WOOT! So here it is, and I certainly hope you all enjoy it. Please leave comments, especially if it is criticism. I love criticism, and can take it very well, as...well...that's what I do. I pay for criticism, people! BASSOON LESSONS, BABY! Anyhoo, I hope you enjoy it, and if not, tell me why!

Tylock: Black Dog of Caen

Yuri Mat

Second story in the Tylock series.

Dawn, day, dusk, night

Frances Gibbs

I suppose She is the Goddess, the Mother of all existance that many believe in. For my part, I could imagine her to have certain wolf-like qualities, but that is no surprise, coming from me... ; )

Dark Justice: Chapters 1-3

Leigh Me

In the puritanistic society of late 21st century Earth there remains one bane, one blot upon human existence manifested as an accursed city where street gangs rule and all attempts at order are for nought. A world empire's attempt to remove this last bastion of evil by blotting out the sun, and encasing the city in an opaque capsule backfires as the evil thrives in its new found darkness and the gangs find new ways to torture, oppress and exploit those 'innocents' now unfortunate enough to find themselves captive in the architectural Hell. In this story I'm playing with a different writing style. I naturally write in long, complex sentences. I thought I'd try choppy writing. I envision a dark graphic novel more than a book.