WPIT?: Moondance

Veronica Mullen

You've seen this one before. I've done some heavy editing on this one to make it more suitible. A look into the royal court of one of Nen's southern countries.

Ember's Book 4 ( Fletian Chronicles): The Nightmare

Lisa Sanders

The fourth story of Ember. I would call this story questionable as to its content. However, it's much more mild than it could have been. The events in this story was never originally intended to be part of Ember's character background, but.. I got a little carried away while I was roleplaying her and so it became welded into her history. (As usual, read the previous stories before this one.) The sudden change of viewpoint might throw you for a loop, but hang on and you'll find it much more compelling than the previous ones.

Spiritwolf - Blackmane

Adam Stevens

A lone wolf saves a group of morphic slaves shortly after their transformation. Sorry, short again. *Note. This has now been updated and expanded*

2)Secrets Behind Closed Doors

Tamra King

Second chapter to the series 'Death to Love.' A slaves struggle to survive in a crooked civilization.

Escape into the Night

Serena Loder

Follow-up to 'Shadow in the Dark.' I like writing these because it's fun to lead the reader on. I don't tell much more about the creature here, but I do give a few hints. If you want to skip these hints and read some real clues, go over to 'The Shadowflash,' which gives more info on the creature. :)

Dehna's Story chptr 2

Tiffany 'Maus' White

Just what the title says. Dehna's second chapter.


Dana Fletcher

When the tropical lands of Renalia begin to freeze, Nihat must go to the north to find out what is causing the distress... when he finds something he never in his wildest nightmare imagined... and somebody.

OT: Chapter Three: Emancipation

Scott Stoner

This is all technoey an cybery.Yay. Enter Macey this time.

Did I ever tell you...

Maya Hirschman

I'm not much of a story teller. I prefer to listen, but for Anmect I made an exception. He'll take a story from anyone. ~Rhyl Mlezziir

Can't Catch a Shadow: Chapter 1

Autumn Rose

It's been a hundred years since the Elves resurfaced and enslaved the Human Race, and now their only hope for freedom rests on the shoulders of The Masters - a group of seven humans with elemental magic.

CCAS: Chapter 5

Autumn Rose

The Game 2D1

Jessica Cannon

Build a Better Mousetrap: One their second trip to the parallel world known only as 'the parallel world', our brave adventurers meet a group of merchants waylaid by slavers. Together, they mount a plan to thwart the slavers which may involved getting along with one another, and many innuendos.

Rebel Uprising

Melissa Carter

La de da... My longest poem yet, it's a bunch of elven slaves rebelling against their masters, yadda yadda... Typical plotless would-be battle poem.

Diamonds and Rust Ch1

Elizabeth Morrissey

'Diamonds and Rust' is the name of one of the few good songs I have heard on my Dad's folk music radio station. (Folk music- be afraid, be very afraid.) Joan Baez or someone sings it. The song has nothing directly to do with this story, but the title fits, so that's what I'm using at the moment. I've had pieces of this story floating in my head for a while, I just finally made up characters and more of a plot. I like enough to post it here. It has two parts, this is the beginning of part one. Please comment! I do not have much faith in my writing capabilities, and I would like to improve.

Green Land 01: The Beginning of the End

Richard Lorenz

WHOOHOO!!! A Mod's Choice!!! I am so excited. Thank you for the Golden Phoenix Feather, Moderators! I started with a simple sentence: 'The land was green' one day on my lunch break at work. When I got the Wyvern Project 5 invitation, I knew this was the story to use. But, I needed more of a back-story, a prologue of sorts. This is it. This is why we needed to find a land that was green, and why ours wasn't green anymore.

The Magicka Chronicles: Stranger in a Familiar Land

Alana Poirier

Another snippet from The Magicka Chronicles (please see http://magickachronicles.wordpress.com for more and the parts done by my co-writer).This part of the story is sort of a "prologue," hence the highly narrative style.Comments and criticism are encouraged, especially regarding writing style.

Cro Nailo: Two

Lydia G. Richardson

More of Cro's past. This became much easier to read as I trimmed it from six chapters to just a couple. I will have a revised edition in a few months.

The Game 2D3

Jessica Cannon

Some Kind Of Love Song: Can Richard ever stop taking his clothes off, or will Kathrina's magic song force him to rip his skin off ala Robbie Williams? Find out, and find out how he copes knowing the Khan is a lecherous old wo-man, after his booty - Not Kathrina's. What will the others do to save them? Apart from make snide remarks filled with double entendres?

Red Velvet - Part II

Brian Bergstrom

This chapter may not have that much, but it continues to desacribe some stuff. I think the end of this chapter is worth reading til. Whadda ya think?

CCAS: Chapter 3

Autumn Rose

It's been a hundred years since the Elves resurfaced and enslaved the Human Race, and now their only hope for freedom rests on the shoulders of The Masters - a group of seven humans with elemental magic.