Red Sheets

Jessica McCollam

An action story...a little differnt than my usual stuff.

The Duel: Chapter Five

Ian King

Lucius must face Grael the Slayer in a duel to the death

Hunter is Hunted

H. Peirce

They vampire slayer finds herself put under the spell of the vampire, and she finds she is the hunted one.

Two dark Angels and Vampires

Jean-Francois Rodier

This is a story that is mostly done that i hope will be well received in the writers comunity, Enjoy

The Chase

mandy good

Theresa is a young Specter Slayer trained to despise and destroy her targets.  After all, a Swampling could never be anything but a vile, merciless killer.... right?

Raging Purpose

Andrew Craft

Part 1:Haunting Past Part 1:Haunting Past. A violent and quick to anger mercenary leaves the battle field to visit the past. Little does he know that he is about to experience his most life changing event. Chapter 1: Tragedy. A normal day for a boy and his mother will soon become one they can never forget

Twilight Mythics: Chapter 5

Alexa Hendrickson

Hidden behind a familiar face.

A slayers final job

Bryan Farley

This is the final thoughts of a vampire slayer as he finds out he is vastly out numbered.

Another dragon dead

Brian Gabriel

As Raziel seeks bounty on a dragon, both he and the dragon have a miscalculation.

The Dragon slayers prayer

Brian Gibbons

He's off on the hunt....

A Vampiric Lesson - Chapter One

Brittany McDonnell

The introduction about the young vampire slayers life and how she came to become a hunter. It also explains her first incounter with the vampiric kind.

Lament of a Soul: Tale of a Dragonslayer

José López Vega

this is my first attempt at writing a one chapter story. Review please! i wanna know how I'm doing

DemonSlayer: Prologue

Mitul Mistry

Ah, the beginning... the beginning of it all. The Prologue. I believe this is an unedited version, so I'll try to get the edited one up soon. But please, if you enjoy my writing, begin here. You'll see, as the story of 'Demonslayer' progresses, especially past parts 2 & 3, that it really becomes so much more than what it initially had seemed to be. So please, do read on...

Away from the dark (3 of 3)

Robert Johnston

well, i just put this up, but i dont much feel like doing anything, so do try and enjoy my story....

Darkness Evermore (2 of 3)

Robert Johnston

um, the long-awaited (sorta) second part to and darkness fell... i'm hoping to turn this into a little mini story thing... enjoy! (please?) btw... i changed 'Travel' and 'Compulsion' to 'Shadow Walk' and 'Influence'...

Wren's story

Jenny Moore

just some more on my faveorite RPG char..i actually created her after i started writing about her

DreamWeavers 3

Tawny Marlowe

Slightly worried over what he's learned, Raziel returns to his Dreamscape to converse with the other Arkos Weavers. There, he learns of a dark secret that has been in their midst for far too long, and creates more questions than it answers.

Lindsey and Her Reluctance to Co-Exist with Zombies: Chapter 1

Emily Oldroyd

Something a little bit different for Elfwood, I think. -Intended- to be infuriating, pointless, and generally very bad, but hopefully amusing too. Now, go and meet Lindsey, and enter her world, which is much like ours. Except it has zombies and stuff.

The White Lion - Chapter 11

Tiffany Passmore

sorry about the wait, but I had a bit of trouble with the upload, totally my fault. So feel free to comment on my creative efforts. As always I look forward to any and all comments and I try to respond to them all.

GoodNight Kiss


This is actually not the completed story as the storie is not completed yet =) i'm going to get some of my completed stories published I hope