SHIFTERS: The Immortal Diaries-ch3

Brian Pennington

...chapter three....

Child of Eidolon. Chapter 1 - Rescue

Isabelle L Davis

Following on from 'Unforgiven'. It may help to have read that first but it's not essential. The Daemonslayers come to the rescue of a stricken hunting party under attack by evil Shadow Rider demons. But their good deed drags them into more than they expected...


Isabelle L Davis

After battling the evil harpy queen, the Daemonslayers make an overnight stopoff that soon turns to disaster when it transpires the cantankerous cursed dragon Blackjack has not been entirely straight with his lycanthrope companions Shade and Soul. A tale of secrets, alcohol and unsavoury characters.

Child of Eidolon. Chapter 5 - Conflict

Isabelle L Davis

Soul and Blackjack find themselves under attack. In the meantime, the conspirators' deeds may have unleashed far darker powers than they bargained for.


Kelly Gorman

And the fourth wall comes breaking down…I blame this story on the fact that I wrote it the night I got my wisdom teeth out, and had some pretty powerful meds floating through my body at the time. ^_^ Anyway, what happens when some stereotypical heroes decide they want to do things their own way? Also if you can guess what heroes I 'loosely' based some of these guys off, you get a cookie ^_^ One final note, I also wrote this song while listing to the Barenaked Ladies song, 'It’s All Been Done Before.' So blame it on the meds, and blame it on the ‘Ladies ^_^

Comes the Tide

Daniel Kinicki

This story features the Cult of the Dragon Slayers, one of the better Ethyn stories

To Tame a Dragon: C2

V. Helmink

The duo meets the dragon slayers.


Michael Tresca

Simple title, but there's much much more to it -- a fantasy version of Keystone in the 18th century. A prominent geologist sets out to prove dinosaurs exist -- only to find his 'dragon' discovery more than he can handle. This is the story I think is most publishable. Now if I can only convince the publishers! Agents? Anybody?!

Twilight Mythics: Chapter 4

Alexa Hendrickson

Unsure of what's to happen....

SHIFTERS: The Immortal Diaries-prologue

Brian Pennington

SHIFTERS is a series I dreamed up after watching too many horror movies, and playing too many video games. It's got elves, vampires, unicorns, cat-people, and a plethora of other thingums.

Child of Eidolon. Chapter2 - Intrigue

Isabelle L Davis

The Daemonslayers find themselves as reluctant guests at the Royal Court. But it seems there is something rotten in Gerhan.

Idle Tale

Isabelle L Davis

Very short story. Caevalonia's a big, big place and the long journeys can get a bit boring sometimes...

The Black Ribbon

Maeve Leonard

It only *sounds* modern. hehe. This one needs explination. It was published in my school literary journal, simply because no one under stood it. I love being cryptic. Lyddia Richard Hayes is one of the top vampire hunters in the ICOVH (international council of vampire hunters). Her partner is the eldest son of Jonathan Harker, Quincy Arthur John Abraham Harker. *phew!* Their stories are far more complicated than all this, but that's for later posts. ^_^ In this poem, dear Lyddia is going out on a late night patrol of the city for the little demons. The only way she knows how to escape from anything. It seems routine enough...but... Lyddia with wings can be seen here. And her normal can be seen Here. And the whole Morbid Lil' World story can be found Here.

Away from the dark (3 of 3)

Robert Johnston

well, i just put this up, but i dont much feel like doing anything, so do try and enjoy my story....

Darkness Evermore (2 of 3)

Robert Johnston

um, the long-awaited (sorta) second part to and darkness fell... i'm hoping to turn this into a little mini story thing... enjoy! (please?) btw... i changed 'Travel' and 'Compulsion' to 'Shadow Walk' and 'Influence'...

Children by Day

C Bonadeo

I wrote this for an English thingy in 10th grade; we were assigned a creative poem and I had just read a book titled Vampire$ (yes, the 's' is a dollar sign, no I don't remember the author's name but the book is a little past the middle of the sci-fi/fantasy section in my Barnes&Noble book store, not that that will help you at all...) and I was inspired by the book to write about vampires, so I did this poem to try and show the feelings of the Vampire slayers, rather than portraying them as hard, heartless killers like so many people do (the book I was reading portrayed them more in the style I used, or I might not have gotten the idea of writing the poem in this manner.)

SHIFTERS: The Immortal Diaries-ch2

Brian Pennington

Chapter two of the immortals...

Dragon Revenge

Megan Perez

Dragon halfling vs army and then dragon slayers. All for a dragon hatchling. How'd this come up? By being bored in English class and thinking of a character I made up.

Child of Eidolon. Chapter 4 - Murder

Isabelle L Davis

Terrible deeds are now afoot. Dark magics are being brought to bare as death stalks the darkened corridors of Castle Aldoc.

Are you scared?

Meghan Johnson

Some monologuing I did one night with Kali Ma, the same woman from One Moment. Lots has happened to her since that little story, including losing her lover. She is now invovled in trying to stop an insane vampire named Crow from destroying the world.