*The Fairy Tales* Purple Cutians

Lauren Christine

This is the third, and most.. err... interesting (?) one of the fairy tales series. It is a retelling of Sleeping Beauty, and to help you understand it a bit better, Sleeping Beauty speaks first. ^_^


Guillermo GarcĂ­a

The poem version of sleeping beauty. I wrote this one day while listening to 'With You' by linking park... funny what trigers inspiration. Ohh and Karla Chambers's 'Many Furred' was a BIG source of inspiration.

Chosen I - The First to Live

Sophia Rose Dique

This is the first in a series of poems; A bit of mystery, a bit of horror - lets see what we can do with it.

Rose (prolog)

Caroline Nash

This is a rewrite of the 'Sleeping Beauty' tale. I have started over and over many times and here I go once again..please tell me what you think...more chapters depend on your comments.

Vampire's Eyes

Cathryn M. Gillespie

Just about what a Vampire might say if you asked him/her what he/she is.

Sleeping Beauty's Test

Cassie L.Rhodes

A retelling of Sleeping beauty in Poetry format, with a surprise ending.

Unstable Whim Flitters

Laura Watson

Tiny little flying sources of inspiration

DTW:Chapter Two

Sabrina Stanphill

Act of Friendship

Meagan Sears

This is a story about Maeve and her friend Thorshinar. She tends to get in trouble a lot, and he helps her out. Oh, and I'm aware that the title is a lousy one, and I'm willing to accept any other ideas, if you have 'em. Thanks. I hope you enjoy.

oh (poem)


'Why do I stay awake to talk to you?' This is a real question I asked someone once at 3 a.m. after an amusing, nocturnal phone conversation.

Sleeping Beauty

Michelle John

Another flash fiction for my writer's group.

The Dreamer (chapter 1 and 2)

Rebecca Munford

Seth is just a normal boy with an overactive imagination, or so everybody keeps telling him. But his dreams are becoming to vivid, to real, real enough to kill him. Get ready to join Seth as he plunges into alternate realities during his sleep, not realising he holds the key to the survival of the omniverse.

Sleeping in Beauty

Jessica Cannon

A twist on the traditional tale of sleeping beauty, making her a sweet young princess who summons a god to send her to sleep and avoid death.

Sleeping beauties

J Kelly

A little on the dark side... not star wars kids.

Luck and Lust : Who Claims The First Move?

Brian Cook

Chapter three in the Luck and Lust title. A little bit of background information: I've had this one done for a week or two, but between the transfer from notebook to html and the new Elfwood look I haven't been able to upload it until now. This chapter is a tad bit short I know, but it was planned to be that way. The way it is does leave the reader with a thirst for explanations, and an element of suspense. In the third chapter, one has to wonder where the characters true intentions lie...

The Pumpkin Prince*

Esther Buhrman

Updated 16/2/02. Yet another fairytale remake, this time on 'Sleeping Beauty'. There is a scarecrow in this one...This is a continuing story that I am writing for my 'Mythic Structure' writing class, using Christopher Vogler's 'Hero's Journey'. So far it consists of the first four stages of the journey: 'The Ordinary World', 'Call to Adventure', 'Meeting of the Mentor' and 'The Bargain'. This story will be regularly updated, so keep a look out! :)

Raven, part 7

Karen aka Amethyst

Need I really continue to give a description?! Meh.

Sleeping Beauty (Part 2)

H Leonard

This continues from Part 1 of Sleeping Beauty if you haven't read it then go back and do so. It's not meant to be funny like the first part but it follows on any way. This finishes where the fairytale finishes (my new update has just been stuck on the bottom) however I have a bad feeling that it's not the end.

Winter's Love

Hannah Smith

Based on evanescence lyrics I miss the winter A world of fragile things Look for me in the white forest, Hiding in a hollow tree This is a working title, I couldnt think of a decent one, so if anyone has any suggestions?

Moonlight and Stardust

Jessie Tobias

A poem I wrote for a contest in eighth grade... turned out good... Won first prize... Uhhh... Yeah.