Little John Long

Alison Grills

Think Thumbellina but a boy and modern day

Forever Young

Lacie Scott

This is a VERY short intro to a story I am going to embellish. A lot. It'll probably be a short story, but I need to work out the themes in my head before I can put any more of it into words.


G. 'Kat' Bird

This is the beginning of a story of one of my characters in RPG.

The Boy and the Pebbles

Michael Grainger

This story popped into my head a long time ago. It's very short.

The Lost Mind - Chapter 4

Carly Silverton

Okay, so this new one has a lot of explaining in it about how and when and where concerning Julian's changes. Also there is a little special something at the beginning: Will she allow it or will he back out? Somewhat of a cliffhanger might be here, your choice on how badly you want to find out the rest.

Out There

Roy 'Raven' Vatten

One of Chimera's poems sparked tomething in my mind. this is the result.


Kevin Richter

It's the story of human survival after the end of the world. It is a world incapable of war, violence, jealousy...a place where all is in peace...or is it?

Daddy Says

Jennifer Sisa

Abouta girl who is told not to believe and dies at the hand of a vampire

Meeting by the Stream

Ashley Erickson

yepperz... the poem is pretty self explanitory... i like the turn out of it. again, it was for my english class. i want to major in english so yea.. i throw my heart and soul into it. this was supposed to be a narrative poem

Chapter 4

Opal Parkison

The Kairin search party sets out into the forest and meets Woryla.

Introduction to Vagabond

K. Anderson

This is a basic introduction to the background between Lawrence and Reuben. It's not necessary to understand the story, but a key element.

Chapter Four

Candace Young

Crow and the birds get into some trouble in this chapter. Crow also gets a bit adventurous while the birds sleep. Wonder what'll happen... guess you'll find out in chapter five!

The Crying Angel

Krystal Crawford

I wrote this poem when I was having a really bad day and my boyfriend called me 'angel' =)

Chapter 24

Opal Parkison

((Sorry I haven't put anything new up for a while... College takes a lot of time)) The Eiyir (who have appeared in previous chapters) meet with the Wolf's Claw and the Erutin. They go into the city of Kirmoran and there is more death. The Dragoness Willow appears and influences things. I know this is probably still in need of a lot of work, but can't think of anything to do with it.

Joyous Night

Alicia Staythumb

A Faerie's journey through the night. I enjoyed writing this poem, and I'm quite happy with the way it turned out.

The Accident

Aaron Alexander

This is the first (written, not chronological) story about Rabek Jeris. He's a character I play on and I'm rather proud of it. It isn't a happy story, so be warned. Although I play him on the DragonHame forums, the village of Emani and everything else in the story is original. Wonderland

Shaun Ingamells

Well the first part is kindda like 'alice in wonderland' hence the title, and i dunno i was bored and had Alice in wonderland in my head for some strange reason and so this was born...

Something random i started when I was small

Andrew Crossley

just something to comment on the writing style of.

It Starts

Morten Leren

How two small gods come into being.

Short Story about Cubs

Cly Novak

This never will have an end. It's just a simple, funny, and happy story. I told you I'd write a happy story! *grins* See, I keep promises... I have honor... what was honor again?...