David Daumit

This is a very short, very dark tale about the things we are capabale of doing, things that even the people closest to us cannot believe.

My Curse, My Blessing. Chapter 2.

Hope Peters

Chapter 2. Read on.

Toxic Angel

Benjamin Martlew

I wrote this sitting in an English class quite a long time ago now. I didn't plan it at all, it just came to me so I scribbled it down. It's basically how I see our modern world. it's about corruption, tainting good things, and what may happen if the world doesn't wake up soon. A load of nonsense really :)

Two Words and a Smile

Amanda Williams

Written for grade ten english class (done about two hours before it was due) this is SUPPOSED to show both 'beast' and 'beauty' or good and evil in equal proportions. The drakes name is from norse mythology although the story is not. I ended up getting 10 out of 10 on this but only 6 out of 10 on the poem I submitted with it. (when the night leaves again.)

Smoke - Chapter 1

Michelle Bratton

Where do you go when you die?

The Dragon

Ashley Pruitt

Another poem about dragons.

Raider 03: Arrest

Richard Lorenz

Our hero is found, bound, and startled. Then he gets hit in the head.


Artemis Heart

In the smoke above the pyre there is a tiny spirit and his angel...

The Laugh

Charles Trowbridge

Here's the fourth revision of The Laugh to be published here on elfwood. This time I had a real copy editor go through and help me with it, so all of those pesky 'isents' have been spelled correctly and all of that! Hope you guys enjoy. Thanks for the help with it Whitman.

The Tears of Flame

Katrina Mckee

This story is shifting to another group of main characters, in the same world and time that charity is here, eventually the two stories will merdge but this is what I have for now.

The Fight

Tate Have A Cool Nickname' James

Umm, this is another part of my big story I am 'writing'...i havent written anything on it in the longest time, but I thought I'd let you all read the fight scene....this happens before the dream part, tell me what ya think...

Misadventures (collab.)

Jessica Ng

It's not quite polished but... It's a light comedy. Collaboration piece with Marcel.


Linsey 'Questor Star' Roziner

This is an actual nightmare I had on May 19, 2002 and it freaked me out. Especially the cat. Well, for those reading, I hope you enjoy this more than I did...*bows hands in solom prayer*

The Maurauder Chapter 3

K Sandström

Smoke - Chapter 2

Michelle Bratton

Where do you go when you die?

Outside Chapter 2

K. Moore

Rik and Fiesha go to the ship yard and find Fez, a smoking cutie. But he and Rik had been working of a space ship called Trinity, Rik's ship.

Battleangel - Nova

Vemund Fjeld

A casual meeting on the train in a futuristic aspect of our time...

Just a Dream

Tate Have A Cool Nickname' James

This is part of my story that I am writing. It is my favorite part so far, tell me what you think...

Family Line

Quinn Pereverseff

A car ride.