Light and Dark

Cheryl Andrews

A Human-made-vampire sings a ballad about her journey, as she comes to terms with what she has become. With two sires and two fates tugging at her, one evil and one good, she had a choice and many things to overcome, but she did them all and was not alone.

Siren's Song: Links

Emily Ratka

second part of the prelude. Enjoy

Untitled Song

Chris Martens

Some more cryptic writing... this time in song form. Which tends to make it even more abstract.

Sirenous Serenade

Elizabeth Steen

There is a beautiful mermaid image I found for this poem. You can find her at 2nd down on left

Song of the Green Man and His Wife

Emily Iekel

A poem about the Green Man and his wife. Pretty universal because they appeared in the mythologies of lots of different cultures.

Song of the Elves

Stephanie Maynard

I'm throughly proud of myself here, I actully managed to write a poem with-out violence, death or any other depressing themes beside the fact that time will always move foward. Even so, my creative juices have stopped flowing to this song. While I did develop a tune for it, the song itself remains unfinished. meh

The Lady and the Mirror Chapter 3

Mark Gooijer

The adventures of Zippo the Mythecantor and Synthe the Wanderer

Ferenether and the King of Songs

Wong Seng

I drew inspiration from alot of things. The gathering of other birds' songs is something the Lyrebird does very well. But the story mostly is inspired by all creative persons, whom I feel, is sometimes the human version of...singing for a mate? Perhaps. The ending is not here yet. I really like the idea of putting a unicorn's horn onto Ferenether in the illustration. I just hope nobody has already thought about it >.> <.<

In Search of Paradise Ch.3

H. Coyne

Gwyneth's father is long in coming and the local Laird grows less kind.

Awakening: Chapter Seven

Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Just a little taste test to tide you all over until I write the rest. Feedback is much appreciated as always. Ariel and Sundil face off *UPDATE* 14 February, 2004- Finally the chapter is finished! Consider it a Valentine's present.

Nisréaval's Song

Louise Boucher

Another curiosity from The Citadel. This is a traditional song which some believe Nisréaval once sang. It shows her dual character, saviour and destroyer, which the Dragonians seem to have forgotten. If you want to know how to pronounce the Dragonian then please read the pronounciation guide that is included with the prologue to The Citadel. Some of the English translation is not all that accurate but I have written it in terms thatmake sense in English rather than just translate the Dragonian exatly - which would not make good poetry. I'm reviewing the language at the moment and eventually I will update the translation but I don't expect things to change too much. The references to death in the poem do not quite mean death as we would understand it, Nisréaval is never going to die but she can bring about the end of things that are parts of her. Likewise she was never really born but she can cause birth or create things. Her bith and death are a kind of arrival and departure in a certain place at a certain time as determined by her. It's all based on quantum and different perceptions of reality, very simply Nisréaval exists only once in thw whole quantum universe and is able to cross between different realities. This song, and my stories, are only about her association with Midgard and the Dragonians though. What she gets up to in her own time is far too complicated for me to describe!


Chloe Gill

Okay, so the story behind this... I just found this on my computer and decided to upload it. It's some spell thing I must have written ages ago. I don't know why I bothered to upload it, really. I was inspired by an actual spell of which the first words were 'Hail fair moon, ruler of the night' and that is what it's built around. It is about my faith in Paganism and the gods of beyond.

Dragon Song - Poem

V.K Alfieri

A poem 'bout a dragon

Asthore's Lullaby

Sarah Allinger

We all have specific things we remember about people who have left our lives. For example, my grandmother used to recite a poem about being a rotten egg in a tree ('...and when someone that I disliked would pass beneath my tree/I'd take my rotten little self and throw myself at he!') Almost ten years after her death, I can still hear her voice when I think of the poem. For Atarien, one of her most vivid memories of her mother is the lullaby that she used to sing. She finds herself singing it too from time to time.

Dragonsong - Chapter 5

Jay Morris

The ultimate chapter of 'Dragonsong'. Very pretty, say I. I suppose we shall determine later whether I will post more stuff on here or not.

Witch's Chant

Anne Milne

A spell of general chaos cast by the witches for no reason inperticular, maybe they were bored

The Elven Dance

Tina Andersen

I've always loved the phenomenon of elf dances; a legend telling of how elf maids danced humans to death. *Evil grin* I wrote this as sort of a RPing thingy... whatever. Yeah, yeah, the third verse sucks. Lemme alone... :)

The Song of the Raindrop Fairies

Anniina Jokinen

There is a melody to which this can be sung, but I am not savvy enough to transcribe it myself.

Nature's Song

Mak Shi

This is a poem I have just written involving song, nature and using a fantasy writing style


Hayley Boot

This is a short song from the world of the Realm, the second land I have created (and by far the nicer). Lidaen is the name of a Holy city; Raen is a forest in the Realm; and Kyraella is the plural of Kyrael, the title taken by the current member of a long line of warriors, chosen by fate and trained as warriors, magicians, healers, and general all-round good guys. If I ever wrote a big book, it would be about them. Verse 2 is translated in full in verse 3.