The Blessed Kiss on Winter

Christina Stoppa

Well the frigid winter is on its way. This is a piece of poetry written as a tribute to the season. The illustration shows the spirit of winter about to draw the warmth out of a young elf with a kiss.

The Lay of Finbrethil

Kathleen McGowan

A short poem, nevertheless in the epic style, concerning the Lord FInbrethil and his oceanic adventure.

Fireplace Songs & Tales

William Clayton

I've been wanting to place some of my songs and stories, but there's only so much available room, so, I came up with this idea. I'll be adding updates to this section, once a month or so, so, if you like the basic idea, check back again in a bit. Anyways, its twilight in a very special tavern, which stands on the border between reality and dream...

Sing River, Run River

Mai Zhang

A further tale of the lark elemental and the world of dreams, although this time he is far more successful.

The Cry of Liberty

Julie GeleĀ“

A Bedouin warhymn. Having fun trying to write a song. Did I so well or did I butcher it? (which I truly fear...)

The Game

Robin Morero

Short, wierd poem. Inspired by at least three different songs and some nonsense thoughts.

Windsinger, part 3

Rachel Armstrong

Finally finished it! Yay! I know it's long, but I couldn't find a good place to split it up. C'est la vie. Btw, I know Ariana's 'everyone is rich but me' angst is going to get really old really fast, so don't worry. It's not going to be nearly as heavy after this chapter.

Hum, hum, goes the drum ...

Esther Wetzel

This is the poem I wrote to guide my tour through nice cave paintings of Elfwood: 'Back to the Roots: Into the Caves of the Woods!' (The picture is one of my own.) Update: I put the verses is a better order!



Haunting voices in the air...

Red Requiem: Paladin of the Blood-Moon

Skyler Crouse

The second poem of a collection detailing the adventures of a paladin called Tirania, and her quest to free a surreal and troubled world from the grip of several cursed songs. Our heroine rises to the challenge! She sees a ruined world before her, and, her magical sword named Ardentyre in hand, embarks on a journey told time and time again by generations of bards...

Red Requiem: Into the Woods of Prominence

Skyler Crouse

The fourth of a collection of poems detailing the adventures of a paladin called Tirania, and her quest to free a surreal and troubled world from the grip of several cursed songs. Tirania enters an eerie and mystical forest, only to be met with disgust by the high and mighty trees, who tell her to leave. The only way she can receive their approval is if she can be a human no more...

Red Requiem: Enter Tirania

Skyler Crouse

The first of a collection of poems detailing the adventures of a paladin called Tirania, and her quest to free a surreal and troubled world from the grip of many cursed songs. The first of this tale, we learn something of our heroine's past and character, and her possible future.

The Lesson

Chiya Pike

This was quite an eclectic story, with ideas stolen from: Harry Potter (Something like a patronus -- As a matter of fact that one was more like stolen from sailormoon -- Like in the 3rd book when the first time Harry makes a proper patronus is when he absolutely has to.) Also like me on the physics quiz (that was the first time I got that question right!) Sailor Moon (just the place reminded me of Sailor moon's class, and the evil person attacking sailor Mercury when she gets the thingy showing up on her forehead.) Other random ideas, (like dance class the other day.) This story was written before I watched Firefly, but...'I can kill you with my brain'.

The Lady of Alstar

Amanda Hoffman

A poem about a Lady dying and her Lord waiting to avenge her death.

Songs of Fire

Kyle Wilkins

just a poem I wrote I'll probably put it in one of my stories.


Helen Cartledge

Kayla's parents were killed in the first of the eart shattering earthquakes that reaked havoc on the future of our world...

The Paranormal Persons' New Year's Eve Party

Amy Schley

Another story staring everyone's favorite undead tax attorney. Ted and Gigi go the ball, but nothing goes quite as planned. We learn more about Ted as well as some of the other folks in the Paranormal community. All song lyrics are property of their respective owners.

Hidden Elves

Robyn Petrik

I wanted to try out smoe different structures for poems, so I decided to try an ottava rima. The content didn't turn out the way I wanted it to, so some of it sounds a little awkward. But oh well... *sighs*

Four Shorts

Kelsi Dick

I was giving myself a little writing practice by listening to a song twice and writing whatever came to mind. Here are the results....

Absolutely Absurd

John Pettit

When former farmer turned sea captain, Jester, and his first mate Gilbert return to Queen Isabella of Spain with the famed Sacred Walrus to fulfil their hired assignment, their adventure only begins. These two characters find that their job is truly absolutely absurd.