To you

Elisabeth Donoghue

(Finally something decent!) This began as a project for an English class. I honestly never thought about writing sonnets before, and well... out came this. Enjoy.

The Danaids

Meredith Patterson

Shing Khor's artwork introduced me to a Greek myth I hadn't heard of before: the story of the Danaids, forty-nine sisters who killed their husbands and were sentenced to an eternity in hell. Her picture got me to thinking about how they might feel after all this time, and this sonnet was the result.

Sonnet: On the Turning Point

Meredith Patterson

Aimee Major did a marvellous Beauty and the Beast picture entitled 'Refuge'. (It isn't in her gallery any more, but you can still see some other renditions of the characters.) It inspired this poem, a bit mushier than what I usually write ...

Dragon Mountain

Michelle Morrison (May)

This poem was for a Spenserian sonnet contest on Absynthe Muse, a site for young writers looking for help/criticism/other writers their age.

Over 1000 years

Michael Roach' Janßen

A poem. What happens to an undead creature that is lying deep underground, where hardly anyone ever comes?

Rantings of a Vampire

Jennifer Watkins

It was supposed to be a sonnet, but I didn't write enough lines for it. But I believe it is in iambic pentameter.

Reflection of a Vampire -poem-

Caitlin Finan

My eighth-grade LA teacher decided to have us write a sonnet. Those of you who have written them before will probably agree with me when I say it's insanely difficult to get all the words to fit and rhyme. It was easier, though, when I decided to write about one of my favorite topics: VAMPIRES!! (Yes, my teacher thought there was something wrong with me.) Anyway... again with the stupid apostrophes. grrrr...ah, well.

Willow Grove: A Sonet

Guillermo García

This sonet came suddenly to me. It is a bit sad. The reason i used willows is 'cause willows are told to be the tree that opens the path in between this and the otherworld

Eternal Love

Sarah Murphy

A Shakspearen sonnet! I got an 'A' for this in english '.'

Wolf and Maid

Emily Hofmeister

One of my attempts to write up a sonnet.

Unrequited (poem)

Roehl Sybing

I wanted to say something mean about all the free verse (or lazy, as I call it) poems on Elfwood, but I didn't want to offend anyone tonight. *g* Instead, I'll throw in a sonnet of my own from my AP English days, written for a girl way, WAY out of my reach. :)

The Beauty of a Vampire

Kat McGrath

Done for a class my last year of high school.

this reality

Deanna Scott

An un-sonneted sonnet... I hate rhyme, I really do. Free me from these feet!

Frogs in the Rye

Mike Tierney

A rather dark parody of Shakespeare's sonnet 71.

Sonnet to 'In The Dark'

Catie Luke

i had to write a sonnet for english class and this is what i came up with. Needless to say my class, along with my teacher, is very scared of me. They found it disturbing and it gave one of my friends weird mental pictures. :-D i have succesfully completed what i live for!!! hehe...

Sonnet #2

Haley Hoekstra

Sonnet dedicated to one of my RP characters, Senne -- a girl who sold her soul to save her lover, and became a succubus.

The night dreams.

Jewel Kennedy

This is a Shakspearian Sonnet, and for those who don't know... that means it is written in iambic pentameter which is a stressed- unstressed rhythm with ten sylables per line. Also, being a sonnet, not much could be said in it, having a maximum of fourteen lines. I much prefer ballads, but this was a challenging form to write in and I'm glad I did it. The knight needs a better name though, something old english or celtic and such, any ideas?

Exploding Embrace

Vicki Nemeth

Binary stars fall in love, too.This is my entry for the "Magic Love Rhymes" contest. Feb 11, 2010

Child of Light

Cynthia Brittain

This is a poem for my story!


Rick Strehlow

Just a little pondering on the meaning of life. I wrote this in under half an hour. It's a Shakespearean sonnet, complete with the appropriate iambic pentametre, rhyme scheme, and division of ideas.