Soul Sipping

Emily Grist

'Let me sip your soul from a Styrofoam coffee cup.' I love little clips of inspiration.

Hunters Cry

Julie Becker

A poem..There are sometimes very good reasons for why a few people feel like they don't really fit in anywhere..(Note: I'm not really pleased with this fact..I'm hardly ever pleased with anything I write. Maybe when I am..then I'll have something really good.)

the soul necromancer

bocaj notak

This is a story about one of three necromancer brothers.


Elizabeth Steen

I was sitting on the dock, watching people enjoying summer. Jetskiing, boating, fishing, swimming. I closed my eyes and let the scents of the bay and sounds of the water take me away. This Amy Brown image sang to my soul and to this poem. Silver Tree


Maria Elmindreda L

Three things I borrowed from the past and intend to carry with me to the future. Three things that make my life worth living...

Reap What You Sow - Ch1

Rebecca R. Lally

It looks like Joss's trigger happy ways have, yet again, landed her in deep trouble. But does Joss realise just how deep her troubles are??

Druidic Dreams (a poem)

Brian Smith

This is a poem I wrote...wandering through the bizarre landscape that is my mind and soul. (Written September 1998)


j. lawrence

this was inspired by an article in National Geographic, i don't remember when. it's supposed to be about a civilization like the mayans, but not quite. i'm not sure if i like it.

Chained Souls

Kelsey Simon

This story I ment to give you this kind of depressing image in the beginning, i know it will sound emotional, but its supposed to be that way, trust me as the story goes alone, the tone is MUCH lighter, the intro is just ment to be a little extreme.

White Mushrooms

Aaron Robinson

Assuming I have done everything correctly, this story should have an illustration. If not, feel free to advise me on what I may have done wrong. The image was taken from a public domain source (here) and edited by me in Photoshop.

Soulless Invasion: Prologue

Alexandra Lewin

Sort of a prologue dealie. I realize how very much it sucks but I just wanted to give some sort of basic backgroud for the main story and why what was happening was happening. I also could not think of a name for the world in the story so took the french word for earth and stuck it in. I would really appreciate constructive critisim here as I wrote this in five minutes and like it very little. I may do away with it all together and add these facts in at some point in the story. Whatever the case, let me know what you think.


Kaitlin Jones

Sometimes sacrifice involves sin, and sin always involves pain, as any fallen angel can tell you...

Child of Eidolon. Chapter 5 - Conflict

Isabelle L Davis

Soul and Blackjack find themselves under attack. In the meantime, the conspirators' deeds may have unleashed far darker powers than they bargained for.

Departing souls

Joeri verheyden

a little sory of a warrior who leaves for a war, hoping that his love should never have to see the pain of death knowing that he probably won't come back, they say farewell in the way there soul tells them

Envious Death

Josephine Broshears

A short poem about death, I wrote this without inspiration except for the fact of listening to the odd and ends of music.

...Upon his Deathbed

Jeremy Parker

This story was inspired by my brother. He needed me to create him an evil fictional name, so I did. The name sparked this story in my mind...

Soul's Mark

Christine Randolph

An assassin takes a job that ultimately changes the course of her life.

Another lyric poem

Laura Santamaria

This is another poem from my eighth grade poem project on heroes.

Legend of Aliah

Ryan Reynolds-Stickney

A tribute to the Queen of Ice, part of the standard repertoire of any respectable Ailurian bard. Yes, my darlings, I have finally actually written music for it and will perform it on February 27th at my senior recital.

Mirror of Eden

Melanie Mallard

Another poem but this time it relates to time travel. Funny how inspiration comes by sitting on a bench waiting for the bus after an exam... =P