Untitled-Chapter three

Denise Ertan

This is the next chapter (and gives some background)

Untitled-Chapter one

Denise Ertan

This is only The first chapter of the story, I've been working on it for a while. Any title suggestions?

Cops and Robots 2: The Signaler's Revenge

David Maxson

The sequel to Cops and Robots, this continues the story of Dave's life. The two stories are closely joined, the end of the first being the beginning of the second.

Dying Empire: Prologue

C. Estell

This is the intro to the story I have written the most of so far. I know I tend to write fast, but try to enjoy it. Thanks.

Dying Empire: Chapter 2

C. Estell

Read the Prologue and chapter one first, if you already have, then here's the next thrilling installment! ;)

A Galaxy Apart, Prologue

Kyle Arthur

The start of an adventure across several planets to find the source of a mysterious new foe. This is just the prologue to introduce the main characters.

The Croftinder part 4

callen poulin

Part 4 of The Croftinder


Kyle Arthur

Well here is the second part in my work to keep the timeline flowing. Unfortunately I made some changes and so I'm going to have to rewrite the next chapter too. Heck might as well redo the whole thing, might change the story quite a bit too. I think the part I'm doing now can wait until I've explained the characters a little better. Let me know what you think of the changes made in this chapter. Mainly just the first half or so is different, I didn't change the ending too much. Sorry if its a hassle to go through again.

Inhabitability Chapter 7

Christopher Heisserer

Existential space travel is rarely fun.

Kita's Story (chapter five)

Kristal Clark

Okies people..This is not the last story, but now I have writer's block. I have a few ideas, yet I don't know which to chose. I'll post the rest of the story later.


E. Hanna

Amanda M. Howard told me that the best presents are not bought but made. I wrote this as a birthday preset for a very special lady.

To Those Who Wait (End)

E. Hanna

The conclusion of a long wait. Thanks to everyone fro reading my little story.

The Infernal Heat

Ellen Jurik

This story got published in a book called 'Imagine That!' It was a competition and I didn't get anywhere near 1st place :Þ However I was a finalist and got published, and I'm pretty happy with that. It's about 500 words long... a short story! Have a look!


Elizabeth Barnett

Don't ask what the point of this one is. I rather enjoyed it... hope you will too.

How the Hell Did I Get Here? - part 1

Sean Daily

This is my first story on Elfwood about one of my two favorite races, the calerre. Take a wacked-out Discordian Taoist Zen lunatic, take away his fear and any concern he has for the opinions of others, then give him a dragon's head and wings, make him immortal, and you have a calerre. They've been with me since college, and I love them with all my heart. This particularly story concerns a calerre who'd just come to the planet of Gideon. It's a great start. The problem is, I had no idea where to go with it for the longest time. Suggestions are deeply appreciated.

The Diary of Jonas Kelly: Chapter One

Patrick Mulvany

Jonas Kelly is a kid who has nothing to lose, or so he thinks, and almost loses all when a gang of interstellar mercenaries come out of the stars and take him on a whirlwind firestorm series of adventures. But the Galaxy is a dangerous and Treacherous place... It is here, that the saga takes root.

Earth 101-chapter 2

Galit Oren

The second chapter of this story... Don't know when there will be a 3rd chapter, but hopefully someone will give me some kind of inspiration. :)

Diaspora #1

James Hebda

This is my first and, so far, only written work on the galaxy of Diaspora


Aron Zell

Anohter short story dealing with the Mars/Moon independence war. Something new shows up. Will it help the colonies or help Earth?

Head Hunters, Inc. Chapter 2

Aron Zell

Second chapter about a guy, a thing and a girl