Inhabitability Chapter 7

Christopher Heisserer

Existential space travel is rarely fun.


Elizabeth Barnett

Don't ask what the point of this one is. I rather enjoyed it... hope you will too.

Faerie's Curse

Cullen Groves

The human search for a new home leaves the lives of the volunteer cosmonauts, the Companions, shredded on their return to a much different Earth.

The Blog: May - June 04

Harald Thingelstad

Our space traveller socializes, complains, celebrates a birthday, and even gets into a discussion.


Aron Zell

Anohter short story dealing with the Mars/Moon independence war. Something new shows up. Will it help the colonies or help Earth?

A New Planet Part One

Sarah-Jayne Briggs

The follow-up to Sakante (I hesitate to use the word sequel because I plan more stories after this one). Kit, Retro, Nira, and the other survivors from Sakante have been frozen in stasis in part of the ship that has broken away from the main area. They land on a green and blue planet which has what look like all of the humans who died on Sakante inhabiting it, including Tash. What is this planet, and what is its purpose? Who are the rulers, and what do they want? (Please note – because this story is so long, it’s being split into two parts)

Letters to the Night

Jessica Arnold

A series of letters from a future that wasn't too different from our world now...with one glaring difference.

Star Man

J. Meyers

A poem...

The Battle

Jesse Harber

This is my first EVER foray into Scifi writing. Hope it's enjoyed. It will be expanded apon, I swear. I'm thinking of making it into a full, 10-page-or-so story.

What Didn't Kill the Dinosaurs, Chapter One

Kathy Morten

I wrote this in class with the help of a couple of friends. Hannah, Connie and Becky were my inspiration for the main characters! The task was to write a stroy involving time travel.

A Silver Moondrop

Nina Jones

Set in the far future. The Human race is slowly assimulating all others in the galaxy. Gods help everyone. Chapter 1.

White Lies

Winona Nelson

Art-jackers take control of the most famous aesthetic spacecraft in modern history, leaving only one survivor.

The price of duty

Nicolas Urban

Once, humans have created gods to fight their fears. In a dark futur, they will hunt them to get their powers, and this will lead to a war, and this novela tells about a part of its end.

Burnt Earth ch. 4: Zaal

Erik Hansen

We meet Zaal, heir to the agross Armada.  He has a nasty disposition towards humanity as well as his father.

Burnt Earth ch. 1: Vultures

Erik Hansen

Cobar leaves his hovel in the desert to search for meat, but finds something he did not expect.


Ethan Childress

Motherhood is always a big responsibility.

Chapter 3 (The Wall of Prophecies)

Christopher Sillett

The Group travel to Orien where Kristena meets the priest and is taken to the wall of prophecies.  Meanwhile, the rest of them discover how far away from home they truly are.As with the other chapters, this is the uneditted version.


Sarah-Jayne Briggs

Earth has long been destroyed by an alien race called the Sassos. The humans escaped on a ship called the Sakante (which means Hope in the language of the Cashar), along with an alien race called the Cashar, which are a humanoid race. Tash and her older brother Kit are two human teenagers born on the Sakante. Their parents were killed in a raid by the Sassos, and now Kit takes care of Tash. However, someone is sabotaging Sakante. Is it an enemy, or someone much closer?

Search for Freedom

Sarah-Jayne Briggs

The Earth has been attacked by an alien race, and most of the humans have been captured. A small group of humans has escaped capture in a spaceship, the Arabian Star, to find a new home and a way of freeing the other humans. Their only hope lies with their ability to work together, and a telepathic race of aliens who are helping the group for reasons of their own

The End

Kristina Cookson

I had fun with this one. It was my final project for my creative writing class senior year. Two young people in love, such a beautiful thing, well, until things get in the way of it. Well, love can never be perfect, now can it?