Kiran's Hunt

Danica Benson

The Devil Tree

Adam Hunt

The lavish court in which I have grown has taught me many things, yet there are still things I have to learn: the ways of a woman, coping with the abilities that are beginning to surface, and the secrets of my occult birthing. As it were, however, the needs of a near defenseless people have kept me from unearthing the truths behind such things. The duty to which I must attend is the eradication of a beast that has tormented a small village just below the citadel I occupy. Little did I know that the horrid encounter I would have with this beast would cleave the shell that hid my enigmatic past; each piece I uncover tells me of the calamitous place in which I stand. And each further step I take, the gravity of it bears down upon me.

Foundation of Soldiery

Chadd Las Casas

A young dwarf learns what it means to grow up, and he that skill with a sword is not all that is required of a warrior

Ceddhwyan's Journal (pg 1)

Lisa Sanders

And yet another from a roleplaying character. This story of Ceddhwyan (for those who don't know the old brit phonics, it's Keth-hwi-on) was inspired by Stephen Lawhead. If you've read his stuff, some aspects might seem similar. But if you've ever wanted to read some else's diary, here's your chance!


Mona Germain

Inspired by a little hut made of natural material.  A great eye seeks fairy trolls!

A Meeting of Two Worlds . . .

Kimberly Meisel

This was an urge of the moment thing; not my best, but I like the ending, and 'twas fun to write! CC welcome and appreciated.

The Young Foxes

My first experiment with present tense, this was originally a historical fiction piece I wrote over a year ago set in post- Roman Britain, inspired by a scene from Rosemary Sutcliff's 'The Lantern Bearers.' With some change in names and details, it fit wonderfully into my fantasy world. The potential difficulty is that the political background to it is rather complicated, so I'll try to outline the basics as clearly as I can:- The region where this all takes place is called Tabid-Ar, a vast wilderness north of most settled nations. Semi-nomadic (& semi-Germanic/Celtic) tribes share the land with creatures both mundane and magical.- The main characters are Scyldjmen from Scyldja, and their two main enemies are the Ridilaun, led by Sworran Daor, and the Barrans, led by Regin.- Scyldja has managed to hold an advantage in the past years by commanding the fear and loyalty of many lesser chieftains, but recently the Barrans launched a ferocious invasion of their territory. Vorgremar, the Scyldjman chief who declares himself High King of all Tabid-Ar, found himself in a dangerously delicate predicament and eagerly bought peace...but oh, at such a cost...

To Wake In A Prophecy. Chapter 3: My Son.


Again i shall point out the obvious, this is Chapter 3 of my current story, or my current craze. Eventually i will create some other story, and leave this one for a while. I already have over four storys in progress... enjoy.

Ode to King Arthur

Kate Inquisition

This isn’t anything much, an ode to King Arthur done in English class. (12-18-02) I must give much of the credit to Ashley Burdo and her tri-forces for the first paragraph, I did the rest alone. It’s not poetic or anything, but I found it inspiring nonetheless. It’s pretty standard, yet I used a lot of Stephen R. Lawhead’s terminology.

Greyraven Tales: Mystique - Chapter One, Part One

Chris 'Araloki'

This is the first part of my newest story about my fav character; Drake Greyraven. I don't know where the heck I got the inspiration from for this one, except that I remember having a dream the night before about Drake being chased through a dense wood, pursued by silouettes of four-legged men. When I woke up the next day the words just flowed onto the page. I blame the medication ^^

Jude Ch. 3

Ruth Monster' Browne

Gorillaz: Fire Coming Out of the Monkey's Head/ Coldplay: Politik/ Guano Apes: Lords of the Boards/ ^_^

The Elven King

Matthew Wainwright

A poem which speaks of one of the great Elven-kings of Erun, who has now passed away.

LPK Chapter 9

Michelle Brooks

Marlow 'transports' the troupe using her magic to a safer location, but are greeted by the very hostile Amazonian, Vesta.

Syrus: Hunter & Prey

Daniel Peak

Three years have passed for Syrus and Zeara, and In order to survive the frozen wilderness Syrus must find a sanctuary to defeat the onset of another harsh winter.

hoplite honour

Sinisha Djuricic

The unbreakable spirit... Does it exist? Enjoy and put comment for improvement

Fallen Warrior

Mike Theodorsson

This story is one I wrote per request a while ago. It is quite short (I am afraid I got a bit lazy at the end) but has some interesting elements in it. It is based off a picture made by an artist here at Elfwood.

Eternal Moon-fifth chapter

Laura Boyd

Yeah, another chapter. It's alright, I guess. I just don't like it quite as well as my other chapters. Tell me watcha think. :)

The Thief

Joseph Paquette

A short story about four gamblers, a thief and a duel. I finally decided to seriously write when my English teacher gave me 100% on this story.

Spear of the Gods

Mark Sherry

I felt like writing something a little grim, in which everything on the planet snuffs it, and this is the result. Where will YOU be August 7, 2006?

Three Knights

Chris Watson

Three knights go to loot a dragon's hoard, and then argue about who gets the treasure.  I wrote this over ten years ago, and to be honest, I don't think I could write something like it again.  Not that I was particularly skilled back then.  I just thought differently.