Beast Rider

Holly Hendry

Something i started writing for an original writing piece at school and further continued at home. Not finished yet but its looking hopeful.

The Mind-Reader: Cassandra's Tale

Nadia Vélez

In Terra, there are a few gifted ones, usually girls with genetic mutations that enable them to have special abilities. Most of them are outcast by society even though thay are ruled by them. This is the story of one of them who played an important part in the battle against the Unknown Evil even though she was not aware of it.

The Dream Lesson

Clarke Bisby

A story about a girl and her dream... That turns out to be a lesson she'll never forget.

I.S.I.S (Part 1)

Francis Martel

A group of elite imperial troops are sent on an undercover mission to unravel rebelious plans from a frontier duke.

Shroud of Deception, Chapter One

Steven McClellan

Well, here's the first chapter in the Shroud of Deception book, first book in my Realspace series. Enjoy. :)

Blue Plate Special

Amy Williams

A cold November night in a less than hygenic diner; Fiona clad in her usual black atire and attitude ponders violence over coffee... a funny twist at the end. Written 2002?

Something Special

Robyn Petrik

I think this is the first poem I wrote, around 7 years ago. Seems to be a reigning favourite...

One Special Moment

C. Raynor

Ever have a time when you wish time would stand still? A poem on such a time

Fynn - Chapter One

Anya Dolgopolova

This is the action/adventure chapter one of a story about two very special teenagers (16-year-old Hallie Brimes and 17-year-old Fynn Budford) who are always on the run from organizations that want to use them to achieve what they think is right. I hope you enjoy it :)

The Forgotten Legacy(P2)

Daniel Lix

Raye 'Hunter' Austen, a corporate trained field agent is teamed together with the cybernetic field agent known as 'Tiny' and the enigmatic man in the suit dubbed 'Smith' for their upcoming assignment against the resistance faction known as the Stone Forge.

Someone Special

Dawn-Earth Maloney

Inspired by another's poem, and by someone special to me... yet so very far away... Hehe, the shape of it reminds me of a Hershey's Kiss chocolate candy ;)

Surrender ~poem~

Erica Martin

Well, let's see, this poem is about being yourself, standing away from the crowd, no matter what the cost. And it's kinda a life story....remember children....being different is FUN! :-)

The One

Stacy Goll

A poem of that special person in life.

Someone Special

Michelle John

I wrote the first draft if this story in college, but I cleaned it up earlier this year.  This one is a little more horror-oriented.  It is my attempt at a ghost story.


Megan O'Neil

There they SYFC; They are all teens and they all carry guns. They are a government agency that tracks and imprisons or kills scientists who had genetically engineered babies and switched them into families. There are hundreds of these scientists and they all follow one leader, although no one seems to know or is willing to say his name. No one yet knows why or how the scientists did this, they only know now that the mutants in their control are robbing warehouses and factories for the scientists. Because of this, the government must keep it a secret that all the agents of the SYFC are some of these mutated children...(right, so that's going on the cover of the back of this book if it becomes O.o)

Our Night

Heather 'dragon princess' Smith

Its amazing when your imagination can come to life...