IX: Enmity

David Lee

X: And Then There Were Four

David Lee

Embracing the Wind: XII

David Lee

Where's my Prince?

Christine Myers

Every women deserves a prince.

Of Players and Poets: 1

Lauren Christine

my new story, hopefull MUCH more organized than SOAQ, which has been respectfully retired. Enjoy! and OMG!! lol, ty liz i hadn't thought of that... no, 'player' is refering to a harpest... music playing... not 'playa' lol ^_^

Action Scene

E. Hanna

The title really says it all. This is a cool vision I had in my head but couldn't really fit into a narrative. Perhaps one day it will be a chapeter for something.

Rhyme in my book

George Chang

So...no titles for this one, for there isn't supposed to be one...there are exactly nine syllables in each line...

Beauty and the Beast

Grace Miller

The mysterious Master of a castle adopts a child and raises her on his own. A twist on a classic tale.

Beauty and the Beast Chapter Three

Grace Miller

A young girl adopted by the mysterious Master of a secret castle grows up and longs for a life of freedom outside the castle walls. A twist on the classic tale.

Beauty and the Beast Chapter Two

Grace Miller

A young girl adopted by the mysterious Master of a secret castle grows up and longs for a life of freedom outside the castle walls. A twist on the classic tale.


Natasha McAuley

I wrote this in Hair care class. It was to prove to my friends that i can write something thats not depressing in anyway. I dont like it.

Sacrificial Spell

Bryony Stubbs

A chant I wrote for a drama thing. I got to be sacrificed! Tee hee hee. Anyway, I feel it's fairly self explanatory.

Beauty and the Beast, 3-5

Carmel Shachar

A non-traditional uptake of Beauty and the Beast. The narrative is a bit strange and rare. Come check it out! Here Beauty and the Beast get to meet... true love? True hate? You decide!

Slippery Blades, Ch 3

Carmel Shachar

Well we have the three main characters. Now we send them off to do stuff cause otherwise this would be boring!

Beauty and the Beast, 24-25

Carmel Shachar

C'mon all my male readers, judging by my guy friends if they had the power to be invisible they'd do something similar to what the Beast does. But first... do you believe in Breakfast?


Leah Cerveny

Few people use magic, even less use it for good.


Chloe Gill

Okay, so the story behind this... I just found this on my computer and decided to upload it. It's some spell thing I must have written ages ago. I don't know why I bothered to upload it, really. I was inspired by an actual spell of which the first words were 'Hail fair moon, ruler of the night' and that is what it's built around. It is about my faith in Paganism and the gods of beyond.

Witch's Chant

Anne Milne

A spell of general chaos cast by the witches for no reason inperticular, maybe they were bored


Charlotte Geier

Imagine you are atop a lonely hill in the middle of the desert just at moonrise. Suddenly you are transported into a realm of myth and magic. You fall under a deep spell...


Charlotte Geier

High on a hill somewhere in mythical Greece, stands a lifeless old tree. Somehow its form seems to contain the image of an old woman. Passing below its leafless limbs is a well-worn pathway. A rounded stone seat fits into the spreading roots, and a dried-up water pool shares space with the stone. Was she enchanted? What enchanter has changed these forms? A fellow Lothlorien artist has illustrated this poem with one of her drawings. Please visit Joumana's gallery to view her wonderful rendition! http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/lothlorien/artists/joumana/joumana.html