The Spider's Treachery

Dalyn Walton

This is the second chapter of my Battle school story. I've choosen not to switch characters around anymore, the ones you saw before are the ones you get now.

The Conquerors

David Daumit

Based on a real life incident, this story will hopefully offer you some chuckles at my expense (better at mine than at yours, huh?).

Little Miss Muffet Remix

Mae Proudfoot

Little Miss Muffet remix. I didn't write the first part (duh) but the second part mine. Again, there's a moral to the story....

Dreams of Night

Rhonda Jezek

I just finished typing this and haven't even proofed it yet but I thought I'd stick it up here anyway because it's a happy story and I so rarely write those.

Spider Queen

Rachel Hassett

Another poem from Avalon's perspective; she wasn't particularly happy at home, and sometimes ventured closer to the mortal world, into what she calls 'other layers' of the island. In this one she's remembering a priestess she knew in one of these other layers. Think Mists of Avalon, if you've read it.

The Horde of The Spider God

David Southam

This is a sample of my planned third novel, The Dark Alliance, from my first fantasy saga. The Wrathstone Saga is to be the first of three trilogies, chronicling the recent history of my fantasy world, Lahn. The Wrathstone saga tells the story of a young man named Rick, an orphan from the quiet town of Povelstone, who, after finding an ancient evil artifact called the Chaos Medallion, finds himself pulled into a tale of wizards, dragons and all things nerdy. Rick finds out, much to his dismay, that he is in fact the 'Godgift', prophecised by the Gods themselves to become a mighty wizard called Al Caiatar, the Etherlord, the only one who can stop the coming of the God of Chaos, Nahgaroth, and of course, save the world of Lahn. In this excerpt, he and his loyal companions have found themselves under attack by a swarm of Enrath, akin to giant spiders, but altogether nastier. Enjoy! Note: The term 'Shimzera Muros! Shimzera Raiadar! Halla ken far indigar Al Caiatar!' does not have an exact meaning, and cannot be translated into modern speech. They are simply fictional 'words of power', used by wizards to invoke magic.

Chapter 2???

Jason Hartsfield

Well, this is the continuance to my Chapter 1??? Although you probably wouldn't know it yet, due to the completely unrelated characters. I hope you guys enjoy this one, and visit Thomas J. Gibbs site for a view at Gabriel, Lark, and Sylvee.

Of Dreams Spent and Overused Breaths

Diana Moon' Schmuckal

I was trying to be surreal and a spider on my window sill (who was trying to eat a moth) inspired me... ...(the moth survived ^_^)

When the Shadow Speaks Part1/ Chapter 1

Leigh Me

The firey spirited Bregita wakes from another haunting dream in which she is called to save the sorceress queen Dirwan from her royal captor. But what is the source of the dreams? And why is she compelled to follow?

When the Shadow Speaks Part 1/ Chap 4

Leigh Me

Bregita and Geoffrey, with cunning and a little brute force, fight their way through to reach the queen's cell only to find out that she...



A (quite) short story about a Teeraal, an ancient spider like demon, and being tormented by one.

Beautiful Cage

Terra Turner

Short, cliched but a reflection on the way so many fantasy lovers seem feel: trapped

The Fiddle Back

Charlotte Williams

Dont try to Understand this Poem, Just Read it.

Magic Institute of Promise Chap 1

Sandra Lindblom

Magray are getting ready for the most horrible thing in his mind. A jobinterview as a teacher.

Fiery Dream World

Amy Murrpau' Chonko

This is my world and despite what you all may think it does exist...on the astral plane however

Stories from the World Below: Part 01, The Ritual

Karen-Birgitte Borud

This story was, when I started writing, set in the Guild Wars universe, mostly because I didn't bother make my own universe there and then. However, in 'Guild Wars: Eye of the North', an expencion pack that was released shortly after I started writing, the cavesystems I had made for my people were suddenly inhabitated by a race called the Azura. I got so angry I pulled the story right out of GW and changed all GW related names, and now there is no trace of GW left. Which I guess might as well be a good thing, because as a fanfic I couldn't post it here.

I Spin the Illusions

Heather Martin

A typically depressing poem. Fairly light, compared to my norm.

Something In Common

Christina Lovse

In a dimension of nightmares there are diseases more terrifying and cripling than any we have on Earth. In this story two young lovers encounter one of these horrors...and find in

VR: Chapter 1: A New World

Gregory Wollf

Taking place in the future, science has lead to the creation of safe Virtual Reality. In its first large scale test run many people enter this virtual world and live in the Matrix like fantasy world for as long as they are able. They can enter as humans, orcs, trolls, faeries, dragons, and a large host of other beings. This particular chapter continues of the prelude and introduces two important characters, Lord Silverblade, and a new person to the world who enters (to his dismay) as a giant spider. You are also introduced to the current political atmosphere of 'the game'.

Trapped in a Moment (part 1)

Gregory Wollf

The happy life of a woodland fearie meets crisis when she finds herself at the mercy of spider intent on eating her. I was thinking in five different planes of reality when I wrote this thing so I'd be interested to hear how my readers interpret it. I'd like to persue publishing this story as well, so any comments about how to make it better would also be appreciated and honorably mentioned.