The Spider's Dare 1: The Spider's Dare

Seth Borer

I have this in poem form, and now Im changing it to story form, hence stanzas.

Stout and Hollow, The Curse of the Spiders: The Spiders March

Chris Wickham

This is a story I have been writing recently. In the first chapter, two elves called Stout and Hollow are face d with the difficult task of fighting off some spiders that have been driven mad by a new evil.

Izumi Chan!

Dan Netzel

A little girl saves the day! Dedicated to my nieces who will save the world one day.

Spiders In The Lemon Tree

Holly baby' Davidson

wow..this is depressing....i was in an odd little mood when i wrote this....haveing gone through a problematic week with my friends....yeah well enjoy

The Spiders

Rasmus Boserup

A story about a insane man, who thinks that spiders will soon take over the world.

The Strangest Things

Holly Burpo

This story had three of what I consider 'inspiration points'. The first was the spider-ball-thing, which is hard to explain but I had to write a story about it and how it was 'beautiful.' Second was Leila Harton- taken from Leila Barton of Sorceror Hunters, and third was the line Leila says about roller coasters.

The Horde of The Spider God

David Southam

This is a sample of my planned third novel, The Dark Alliance, from my first fantasy saga. The Wrathstone Saga is to be the first of three trilogies, chronicling the recent history of my fantasy world, Lahn. The Wrathstone saga tells the story of a young man named Rick, an orphan from the quiet town of Povelstone, who, after finding an ancient evil artifact called the Chaos Medallion, finds himself pulled into a tale of wizards, dragons and all things nerdy. Rick finds out, much to his dismay, that he is in fact the 'Godgift', prophecised by the Gods themselves to become a mighty wizard called Al Caiatar, the Etherlord, the only one who can stop the coming of the God of Chaos, Nahgaroth, and of course, save the world of Lahn. In this excerpt, he and his loyal companions have found themselves under attack by a swarm of Enrath, akin to giant spiders, but altogether nastier. Enjoy! Note: The term 'Shimzera Muros! Shimzera Raiadar! Halla ken far indigar Al Caiatar!' does not have an exact meaning, and cannot be translated into modern speech. They are simply fictional 'words of power', used by wizards to invoke magic.

The Spinner

Chelsea Castonguay

A short story about a girl who spins shirts from spiders' silk

The Cat Lady

MacKay Wilford [blue]

I created a character named Zephan who is half spider demon of some kind. Maybe I'll try sticking up the story that explains what he is. Y'know what? I will. Right after this. Aaaaanyway, HE wrote this piece -- he's a writer, of sorts, even though he's never published a book and edits, instead...

Where darkness lies

Sara Egger

This one comes from my fear of spiders. Sometimes I have the impression they're every where! I wrote this in my latin class. *update* : corrected some of the typos (I hope all of them!) and also added a few stuff

Something In Common

Christina Lovse

In a dimension of nightmares there are diseases more terrifying and cripling than any we have on Earth. In this story two young lovers encounter one of these horrors...and find in

DTW:Chapter Five

Sabrina Stanphill

Abominatio II

Andrew Winters

The second of the series. I plan on writing thirteen, because it's such a nice number!

Spider Canyon

Ross Lovell

To the far East of Titus beyond the civilised lands lie lands of dangers and untold hazards. This is just but one of them.

Aisha's Childhood pt 1

Amy Hanna

In an online RPG I'm in, there is an event called Chibi Week, after the Japanese term that refers to a style of anime in which characters look like children. The goal is to tell a story about your character's childhood. Aisha is my character, a half-demon, half-shapeshifter. Her shapeshifting form is spiders. Basic plot: Her mother gave birth to Aisha to take revenge on the shapeshifters, since a long-time rivalry has existed between demons and 'shifters.

Lala, the Unbeweavable Spider

T. Tyndell

I enjoy making up stories for my daughter. She really liked this one, so I wrote it out for others to read.

A Puppet Show

Danielle Robinson

A strange poem...


Holly baby' Davidson


The Spider's Dare 2: The Spider's Name

Seth Borer

Part two. . .cause I wanted to get it up. I think this one clashes with the first, but that's not a bad thing.

The Spider's Dare: Full Poem

Seth Borer

This is the poem, don't read if you want the story to be a complete surprise. There are many blatant hints in the poem about what will happen.