Silver Sky Ch.1--Silver Sky

Lora Sigmon

This story is set in a post-apocolyptic world, where most of nature has been decimated by man's stupidity. It centers around a young man who was cursed by the ancients for the role his forebears played in the destruction of the Earth. Any living thing that touches him dies instantaneously. The other characters are a seasoned war veteran, a maid/spy that is none to friendly, a fallen tyrant, and *just not in this chapter* a talking camel.

To serve and protect

Anne Vea

What if the tales are true and the human race share this planet with other creatures of a more dark and mysterious nature? would they step up to do their duty if this planet was in peril or would they look the other way? Of course not! Enjoy.

Lie vs Lie

Samantha Holloway

a little gritty-universe scifi for you here, just for a change of pace...

A Trillion Nodes for Emily, and She Wanted to be Me

Sarah Barton

A mysterious red-headed woman walks down a long corridor of frozen coffins, as a helpless prisoner of war watches, paralyzed, from within.

Trench Coats and Love Notes - Part VII

Glo Bug' Bowden

And so we come to the falling action from the climaxing of Part VI. Here we meet two of my favorite characters; Rook and Hoodwink. :) Hmm hmm hmm, delightful.

Destined - Chapter 1

Louise Lau

Following the prologue, Leyn embarks on her journey, and we meet the lumus!

Silver Sky Ch.2-- Ghosts of a Glorious Past

Lora Sigmon

This is, as the title implies, the second chapter of silver sky. I won't really go into detail about what happens but the camel talks in this chapter. If anyone who knows me recognizes some of the conversations that take place in this and future chapter comment and tell me!!!

Chapter 13, Plots Thicken pt 2

Melissa O´Dowd

Ah! Help has arrived... sort of

Wings: Chapter 12

Jennifer OConnor

The Queen gets shot at, Gwen saves the day (or at least the Queen's life) despite a hangover.Eldin doesn't thank her.  Ingrate.Wow.  I totally forgot I even wrote this scene.  Junior High seems forever ago.

Wings: Chapter 14

Jennifer OConnor

The nuclear weapon of the Elven world.  Well, kinda.  Okay, so maybe not at all.Still, it's about time the Queen actually did something. 

Trench Coats and Love Notes - Part VI B

Glo Bug' Bowden

I'M NOT SUICIDAL, I PROMISE! Wow...sorry; I had some pretty worried friends after this. :S Anyway, so the story continues. I really would have rather not split it, since I think the story builds better without a break there, but hey, gotta make it fit the size limit, so there we go. P.S. I'm sorry if I went a bit overboard with detail on the end. I started having a wee bit too much fun describing stuff. ^_^'

Santa Claus, Medieval Secret Undercover Agent: Episode Two--- Electric Boogaloo!

Paul Doyle

More plot this time! (Thanks, Laurel Biles!) The laughs are still there, I fervently hope, as the silliness introduced in Episode One unfolds . . . More faithful to Thomas Abrahamsson's 'Old Man' pic than Episode One. Enjoy reading! The title has been inspired by that 1980's urban dance drama thingy, 'Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo.' A great title, right up there with 'Sorority Babes at the Slimeball Bowl-a-Rama' and 'Metalstorm: the Destruction of Jared-Syn'!

Pheinixfall - Chapter 2

Michael Ness

An extremely Dark High-Fantasy with some overtones of Steampunk floating around in it with a smidgeon of Gothic style here and there.

Sweet Revenge-2

Tasha-Ann Torres

The second part to the story I kind of just started this year. This story is the one I've worked on the most so I hope you all like it! Please leave a comment! It would be appreciated to know if I can improve or if its good the way it is.

The Base Part 1 Chapter 1

Raychel Pekoe

Here is chapter one; a whole bunch longer than the prologue. excuse the raychelspeak in the title but hey, i'm me. um yeah this is the first chapter you meet the character yadda yadda yadda

Trench Coats and Love Notes - Part VI A

Glo Bug' Bowden

This is perhaps my favorite part of Trench Coats so far as I have writen. (Well, this and Part IIX, which I have just finished.) It's a bit longer than the rest, but I hope it has you all so captivated that you won't notice. *wink* In fact, it's so long that I had to split it into two parts to upload it! :-S The BLT reference is because these three friends and I formed a singing group called BLT. -- it's kind of what drew us together. I want to thank the mods for featuring this story. But before you read it you should probably go back and read the other parts. This part of all of them is full of spoilers and will destroy the suspense of the story if you start here! Oh, and if you decide to read, please comment. I like to know what you think, even if it's as short as 'I love it!' 'I hate it!' 'Give me cookies!'

Wings: Chapter 11

Jennifer OConnor

Secrets revealed, awkward moments continue.  Not exactly kiss and makeup for Eldin and Gwen. K'ree learns silence is not a virtue.All early morning people like Elkannah should be shot.With a tranquilizer.  

Wings: Epilogue

Jennifer OConnor

Ta-da.  The end.   The real end.  And nothing but the end.It took me five years to find a stupid floopy disk with my story on it from 9th grade.  I was packing my stuff (moving from home to my apartment, yay) and voila!  For some reason the floppy was in my bin of old stuffed animals.  Huh.  Wings was written when I was 13 and 14, so (hopefully) it's not my master creation.  But I enjoyed writing it.  Hopefully some of ya'll out there will have as much fun reading it. 

Wings: Chapter 15

Jennifer OConnor

Yet another betrayal.  Some Eldin action, though.  ^_^Wow.  I was sure original at 14 *sarcasm alert*

Wings: Chapter 13

Jennifer OConnor

In the heat of battle, the enemy must become cats.  I'm not quite sure I understand what I was thinking then either.Remember: written quite a while ago.  I was young.  Inexperienced.  Didn't like commas.