Chapter III

Sara Drakos

chapter iii to the elements story.

Dentures, Magic 'n' Things: Beginning

Erin Luce

Dentures, like many things, can be easily misunderstood. This is the story of one person's quest to understand them, as well as himself, his family, and the reason why some animals have perfect teeth. Quote of the dentures: 'Be true to your teeth, or your teeth will be false to you.' –Anonymous

The Mole Who Could Fly

Elizabeth Hartwick

This story I wrote for Chemistry of all classes! The story is about a talking mole who experiences something extraordinary

The Dance

Heather Nicholson

some dreams just need written, but can't be explained

Chapter 1 of the wars in heaven

Daniel Beck

now we get to the story itself... This story is about an angel who finds himself in the the middle of the greatest of all struggles... The war in heaven.

Quest for the Atrium: Ch. 1

Beth Master' Lewis

This is the beginning of a long quest to find the eternal temple, the Atrium, and wreak vengeance on the Char(fire spirits), by several different characters. Introduces Arven Hunter, the nymph Sayinti, and the darkmage Kariscus.

The Banshee

Caitlin McKnelly

Shattered Innocence

Cassandre Hickinbotham

A woman who has lost her daughter to a horrible crime pours out her heart about the death of that child's spirit.

White Mushrooms

Aaron Robinson

Assuming I have done everything correctly, this story should have an illustration. If not, feel free to advise me on what I may have done wrong. The image was taken from a public domain source (here) and edited by me in Photoshop.


Kacie Goodwin

A poem about the ghost of a young maiden/princess, who is cursed to walk the halls of her fallen castle ruins alone and waiting.

Caestin, intro


As this world Enters its darkest hour, Three ladies appear, With Love, Spirit and Honor. Three roses that bloom in the darkness. But ne'er shall a rose, Remain only a flower...

Pink-ish Blue-Yellow

Ella Kaminski

I wrote this at 1am at night. I know it is not the best, but take in account that I created it in 10 minutes huddled a dark corner of my room. I do not know what came over me or inspired me to write it, but all I know is that when I put my pen on the paper, it just started flowing from me.


Laura Chase

... is a Tanka (longer version of a Haiku) that I wrote as an English project. I was thinking of someone like Cyrus or Glenn from Chrono Trigger.

The Last Sword

Paul Mather

A holy warrior, cast out of his order, seeks to destroy the evil which has slain his old comrades.

The Rose of Celestial Wisdom *New Edition*

J. Coates

I was searching for a name for a character in a story of mine when I came across a site of names from India, and well they captured my imaginations and I was immediately hit with this story. I spent a few days looking over the old story and getting help from a few friends to make this old story even better. I like it now so much better. Thanks in advance to any who takes the time to read the new version of this short tale.

The Water Nymph

Jacqueline Tanner

This was the first fantasy writing i ever wrote. I was probably inspired by something i read or saw at Elfwood, as i am constantly. There is still something that annoys me about this poem, but when i go to change it i cannot seem to find it... hehe oh well.

Shifters Apart

J Taylor

Based upon the experiences of co-located kin; those who live here in the physical world, but also in the spiritual plane. Opinions are very much appreciated on this piece.

Seeker Trials Traveling Companions Part 2

Jeff Wold

Seeker is going to set out on his first big quest. He sets off into the woods, and finds some good company!

The Asylum of life

Kazz Leer

A poor spirit/ghost wanders through an 'Asylum' commenting on melancholy sites.

Live by the sword - die by the sword

richard laws

Live by the sword, die by the sword - an adage still applicable today. This story picks up at the end of a chain on events, as the hero prepares to commit ritual suiside helped by his father-in-law and overseen by the ghost of his dead wife.