Chelsea Doop

this is one of the few poems that i've written. its a poem about a ghost woman recounting centuries in a void because of a sacrifice she made... just read it. you'll find out.

The White Place

Damon Sasi

Names have not been changed, as I have permission to use them. In loving memory to my friend, Harry Narkes, 1988-2004. ALWAYS WEAR YOUR SEATBELTS.

Tears of the Unicorn

David Boyd

This is the first chapter of a story I've been working on for awhile. Enjoy.

Old Man Autumn

Hayley van Gelder

Autumn is my favourite season of the year and here's why . . .

That Which Was Hidden: Chapter 3

Beth Master' Lewis

Slight little twist of the story.... nah, not going to tell you. Read it and find out for yourself! Again, I think it's a little rushed... I don't seem to be able to write moderately paced stories at the moment. Enjoy!

Adelaide's Guard

Matthew Herbert

Don't go into the woods at night. Especially if you're a beautiful young maiden.

Natalie of Earilondra Part 3

Carley Gee.

The (rough draft of the) first part of my many-part story of Natalie, a sorceress in the distant future: a future of dragons, elf hierarchy, and magic. In this part, the future is introduced, and Natalie begins the pursuit of her destiny.

Natalie of Earilondra Part 2

Carley Gee.

The (rough draft of the) first part of my many-part story of Natalie, a sorceress in the distant future: a future of dragons, elf hierarchy, and magic. In this part, the future is introduced, and Natalie begins the pursuit of her destiny.

Silver Sky Ch.1--Silver Sky

Lora Sigmon

This story is set in a post-apocolyptic world, where most of nature has been decimated by man's stupidity. It centers around a young man who was cursed by the ancients for the role his forebears played in the destruction of the Earth. Any living thing that touches him dies instantaneously. The other characters are a seasoned war veteran, a maid/spy that is none to friendly, a fallen tyrant, and *just not in this chapter* a talking camel.

Tower of Death

David Mountney

This short story is actually an event that happens in one of my books. Unfortunately I have not got this far with the story so this has become my goal. Even in final copy this document is only a draft for future events in my book so thing may change.

spirits fof the mountains

joshua hamilton

a poem about the mountains

Untitled - Chapter One

Kim Moffat

This is a story about the paranormal and some teenagers that are influenced by it.


Hayley Boot

This is a short song from the world of the Realm, the second land I have created (and by far the nicer). Lidaen is the name of a Holy city; Raen is a forest in the Realm; and Kyraella is the plural of Kyrael, the title taken by the current member of a long line of warriors, chosen by fate and trained as warriors, magicians, healers, and general all-round good guys. If I ever wrote a big book, it would be about them. Verse 2 is translated in full in verse 3.

The Horde of The Spider God

David Southam

This is a sample of my planned third novel, The Dark Alliance, from my first fantasy saga. The Wrathstone Saga is to be the first of three trilogies, chronicling the recent history of my fantasy world, Lahn. The Wrathstone saga tells the story of a young man named Rick, an orphan from the quiet town of Povelstone, who, after finding an ancient evil artifact called the Chaos Medallion, finds himself pulled into a tale of wizards, dragons and all things nerdy. Rick finds out, much to his dismay, that he is in fact the 'Godgift', prophecised by the Gods themselves to become a mighty wizard called Al Caiatar, the Etherlord, the only one who can stop the coming of the God of Chaos, Nahgaroth, and of course, save the world of Lahn. In this excerpt, he and his loyal companions have found themselves under attack by a swarm of Enrath, akin to giant spiders, but altogether nastier. Enjoy! Note: The term 'Shimzera Muros! Shimzera Raiadar! Halla ken far indigar Al Caiatar!' does not have an exact meaning, and cannot be translated into modern speech. They are simply fictional 'words of power', used by wizards to invoke magic.

(3) Monster Myth

Kathleen Quinton

The third myth I created for my mythology final. Speaks of a man turned monster by a pure sword.

Heart of Atirien, ch1, pt2

Terese Mörtvik

This is a story of heroes, reluctant and voluntary. This is a story of love, lucky and unlucky. This is a story of fate and being all that you can be, whether it be easy or not, whether it seems right or not. We are who we are and will always be, in life, in death and beyond.

Poem: Elements

Athene Grele

This is just a random little poem about spirits. I dug it out of last year's school notebook, revised it, and decided to post it.

In Between Time (ch1 incomplete)

Nick Tremblay

Behind every door lies heaven. Under every rock awaits hell. Gods, Demons, Angels, Faries, and Spirits all walk amongst us. They have their own business they attend to and what better meeting place for everyone to talk shop at then Earth?

Song of Fornever Pt1: Prologue

Jesse Whisper' Cloutier

The tale of a vampyre who being so consumed by his lust for blood is afraid of entering an eternity where he will not be able to drink his fill and will be forced to live in the shadow of his addiction... he takes some very desperate action. you'll have to read to discover anymore than that! tell me what you think.

The Gathering

Caitlin Swinford

This poem just appeared in my head. I do not know where it came from, but it is very seasonally appropriate. During Samhain, the veil between the spirit world and ours is thin. This is just an image in poem form.