The Driad

Denisa I.

About driads sharing life and death with their trees


Dave McGrogan

A poem about spring and faeries and, in a roundabout way, what I think life is really about.

The Wake of Winter

Brittany Dulay

This is the new version of my story 'Winter's Awake' and in my eyes it is a lot better. It tells of a story of how Winter (the season) is shunned by the world when it comes. In the end though, tears only create a beauty…A beauty between two…

Sweet dreams, Selonia.

Amy Kilpatrick

A mischevious Unicorn and its rider, and elf, are making thier way towards a spring...


Alana Poirier

A somewhat sad/nostalgic poem about what might happen if Spring and Autumn were to be personified into lovers...

Spring (poem)

Martijn der Kleijn

An ode to spring...

Spring Shower

Meghan Nowosad

Just a day is the life of a Faery I think. A day where it rains anyway ^.^

The Wood King's Revolt

Adrian Wood

Of the mulish king of the woods and the blossoming of spring...

Celebration of Spring

Taelor Skinner

This is a poem about spites celebrating spring,simple as that.This too should be to Jenn,but then everything should because I started seriously writing again because of her.I can't put the first poem she saw on here because it would be considered Fanfic.It's about Earendil and I could email it to you if someone cared so much to ask.

Mel's Haiku

Michael (Amujr) Upchurch

No, I wrote them, not Melissa. I wrote these when I was thinking about a letter I had been writing her which I lost. She likes dragons a lot, by the way. We won't go into further details here. I should probably email her to check this new stuff out, huh?


Gracia Soria

The war has come... why?

Spring Rains

Alexander Damien

This is the short piece that I ended up writing for the Seasons Change contest in the community that I mentioned in the unfinished Superhero Stuffs piece. I liked it, and am trying to write a novel based on it, but it's going pretty slow. I hope you like it, I think it's interesting. XD


Kate Frizzell

I wrote this one day... don't remember when... ... ... hmm. All well. Very first entry! Enjoy! *mutters to self* Horses don't taste any better than unicorns. *springs on a rabbit* Meow! *steals rabbit from me* Hey! *growls* That's mine! *runs after Butterscotch, screeching*

The Seasons

Aira Stewart

Wow the gremlins in my head must have been wearing fairy wings latley! It's so strange for me to be writing happy little fairy stories! Oh well, enjoy and plz comment!

The Citadel, chapter one

Louise Boucher

The first chapter edit for the new version (I think its about version twelve of the story or version three of the New Version which is a bit of a radical change from the Old Version - The Road to Ennion is based on the Old Version and my note there expalins a little about the change in the story). Its different from what was here before because I'm keeping Rhonwyn's entrance back a little as I've decided it would be more like her to turn up when she choses rather than because they call her (Rhonwyn is the central character of the story but if you don't know who she is don't worry too much, all will be explained when I publish the next couple of chapters). This is mostly Haydain because he deserved a proper introduction, he's my current favourite Citadel character and he really shapes the plot in the first part of the story so it helps to understand more about him and his ideas at the start. Please leave a comment, go on :-) If you want to discuss this chapter with me or ask a question about it then post a message in this journal entry.

The Gentleman and His Ladies

Janell Poulin

How the core of the Earth formed and seasons and other small things in legend/myth form.

The Dawning of Spring

melissa canaway

it's just a poem about spring, as it's name implies.

The Tree and He

Mary Parker

Some things never change, but some do. In times of peace or war, with strength or without, a cycle continues always in time.

Four Seasons

H. Myer

It's not what I envisioned when started writing, but the personification worked out okay.

Tale of Snowdrops

Hannah Smith

I got the idea for this from an old nature myth. It will probably be reformed later into something that rhymes, but dont hold your breath...